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a weeks news dated - December 22nd 1933


  On Saturday evening the annual supper and "share out" of the Peacock Hotel Sick and Dividing Society were held at headquarters, about 50 members partaking of an appetising repast provided by Host and Hostess Dobb. Mr. G. Weston presided at the meeting which followed, the "share out" amounting to £1 2s. 6d. per member. The Society was stated to be in a flourishing condition, and the officials were re-elected as follows:- President, Mr. G. Weston; vice-president, Mr. A. Horton; secretary, Mr. F. Dyment; treasurer, Mr. F. Dobb. A vote of thanks to the Host and Hostess was proposed and seconded by Messrs. Bonser and Allsop (two members of the Committee) and Mr. Dobb suitably responded.


  Below are extracts from the Committee minutes presented at the monthly meeting of Huthwaite Urban District Council.
  Gas and Water Committee.- The lighting of Sutton Road was considered, and it was resolved that the public lamp be removed to a suitable position opposite to Beech Avenue.
  Roads and Buildings Committee.- A letter was read from the County Education Committee stating that they had given their approval to the proposal that an application should be made to the Board of Education for sanction to the sale of the School site, Beech Avenue, for the purpose of housing developments, the result of which would be reported to the Council in due course.

Chesterfield Road Houses.

  The Architect reported upon the completion and occupation of 32 houses in connection with the Chesterfield Road scheme, and also upon the progress with the remaining eight houses and the street works and sewers.
  A letter was read from the Mansfield Town Council inviting delegates to a conference of local authorities to discuss the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1932, and it was resolved that the Chairman of that Committee (Councillor J. Potter), Councillor E.H. Lowe, the Clerk and the Surveyor be nominated to attend the conference.
  The County Surveyor wrote stating that no further funds were available for carrying out improvements to Sutton Road during the present financial year, but that the matter would not be lost sight of when considering the estimates for next year. He also stated that Blackwell Road had been resurfaced, and enquired as to precisely what were the Council's requirements.
  It was resolved that the Surveyor prepare a plan showing the necessary widening of the road, and the other requirements of the Council, and that the Clerk write the County Surveyor with regard to the matter.

Damage to Fences.

  Cemetery, Pleasure Grounds and Allotments Committee.- It was reported that wilful damage had been done to the fences at the Skegby Road entrance to Huthwaite Park, and the Clerk was instructed to approach the police upon the matter.
  Health and Hospital Committee.- The Medical Officer of Health reported that during the past month five deaths (equivalent to an annual mortality of 11.7 per 1,000) had been notified, the mortality of the previous month and the corresponding month last year being nil. Six births - four males and two females - were registered during the month.
  A letter was read from the Ministry of Health drawing the Council's attention to the fact that the number of houses proposed to be erected in the first instalment of the five year plan was in excess of those necessary to accomodate the dispossessed tenants from the houses proposed to be demolished and that the rents and subsidies would be affected in consequence. The Clerk and Medical Officer having reported upon the matter, the Clerk was instructed to reply to the Ministry on the lines indicated.
  The provision of Section 2 of the Slaughter of Animals Act, 1933, and correspondence with the Sutton Urban District Council were further considered, and the Clerk was instructed to ascertain the intention of the neighbouring authorities in this matter and report at the next meeting.

Subscription to Orthopaedic Guild.

  The provision of fees payable under the Act was considered and it was resolved the statutory fees of 2s. and 1s. for new licences and renewals respectively be charged.
  The question of subscribing to the funds of the Mansfield and District Orthopaedic Guild for the current year was considered, and it was resolved that a subscription of £5 5s. be again made.
  Finance and General Purpose Committee.- The Clerk reported upon the position with regard to the negotiation of the loan of £4,000 in connection with the Small Dwellings (Acquisition) Acts 1899-1923, and the Sub-Committee was instructed to make an inspection of the properties and report upon the values of these for the purposes of the advances required.
  Public Library Committee.- The Caretaker reported that 1,272 books had been issued during the month as compared with 1,395 issued during the corresponding period last year. He also reported the gift of five fiction books by Mr. Rainsbury, of Main Street, and it was resolved that the hearty thanks of the Council be conveyed to the donor.


  In last week's paragraph respecting the New Fall Street Male Voice Choir concert, the name of Councillor Goodall as chairman was omitted.

  Two geese, two ducks and two cockerels were the prizes at a whist drive held in the C.W.S. dining hall on Wednesday and 112 people tried to win them. The proceeds were in aid of the Factory football club, and the winners were: Mrs. Jenkins (B. Winning); Mrs. Reede; Miss Bostock; Messrs. E. Smith; H. Mitchell; and W. Harwood. The M.C. was Mr. Keetley, assisted by Messrs. Daniels, Bond and Holland.

  Last night the Huthwaite Troop of Boy Scouts held their first annual Christmas gathering. Scoutmaster Golding had taken a great deal of trouble to make the event a success, and the Troop had a pleasant time in the Blackwell Road Schools. A capital supper was served to a good muster, and afterwards the Scouts enjoyed a programme of games, community singing and other diversions. Loyal assistance was rendered in the preparations by Assistant S.M.'s Newman and Harrison.

  On Monday the annual Christmas party on the Mothers' Union members was held in the Common Road Schools. There was a very good attendance, and a very enjoyable time was spent. A dainty tea was served by Mesdames Swain, Evans, Allsop and W. Hill, a Christmas cake having been brought by Mrs. Turner. Subsequently Mrs. Grierson presided and a two minutes' silence was observed to the memory of the late Mrs. A. Taylor, for many years a devoted member. Prayer was also offered on behalf of Mrs. E. Smith, of Sutton Road, who is still seriously ill. To the social programme contributions were made by Mrs. Grierson and Mrs. Shaw (solos), Mrs. L. Hill (extract from Shakespeare), Mrs. A. Evans (recitation). The accompanists were Mrs. Goodall and Mrs. Shaw, and there was also community singing. Good wishes all round brought the proceedings to a close, the members having a very successful year's work to look back upon.


  At St. Mary's Church, Sutton, on Monday, the Vicar (Rev. R.P. Tinsley) officiated at the marriage of Miss Olive Mary Haywood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ermald Haywood, of Douglas Road, Sutton, and Mr. Clarence Henry Herrod, of 66, New Street, Huthwaite. The bride was given away be her father, and wore a dress of blue panne velvet, trimmed with beige, with hat, gloves, shoes and stockings to match, and carried a spray of white carnations and fern.
  She was attended by the Misses Edith and Joyce Haywood (sisters) as bridesmaids, the former being dressed in figured marocain, with hat, shoes and stockings to tone. Miss Joyce Haywood wore beige satin, trimmed with Nottingham lace, and taffeta, and both wore buttonholes, of white carnations and fern. Mr. Ronald Blackburn (friend of the bridegroom) was best man. A reception was held at the bride's home. Numerous presents were received, and the future address of the newly married couple with be Searwood Avenue, Kirkby Road, Sutton.


  The funeral took place on Saturday of Mrs. E. H. Pickaver, of 64, New Street, Huthwaite. Born in what was known as High Houses, Main Street, and married 58 years ago, the deceased was the only daughter of the late Mr. Dewis Wilson, a framework-knitter. She was of a quiet disposition, and always ready to lend a helping hand in case of need. She passed through the hard times of the 1893 strike, and had seen many changes take place in Huthwaite. She had only slept away from home one night during 76 years, and made only two journeys to Mansfield. She was devoted to her home and children, of whom there were twelve, and eight survive - five daughters and three sons. She had resided at 64, New Street for 37 years, and spent her whole life within 300 yards of her birthplace.
  The last rites were conducted by her cousin, Mr. Alfred Wilson, and at expressed wish grandsons and nephews acted as bearers. viz.:- Messrs. Alfred Leslie Fitchett (Teversal), J.R. Slack (Sutton), Leonard Johnson (Pontefract), grandsons, Wilfred Turner, Luke Smith and Gershom Wilson, nephews. Prior to the interment a service was held in the Cemetery Chapel, and Mr. Wilson made special reference to her devoted attention to her children and home.
  The chief mourners were:- Husband; Arthur (son); Mrs. R. Johnson (Alfreton), Mr. and Mrs. G. Fitchett (Teversal), Mr. and Mrs. J. Slack (Sutton), sons-in-law and daughters; Mr. and Mrs. E. Pickaver (Skegby), son and daughter-in-law; Mr. Dewis Wilson (Mansfield), brother; Mr. J.W. Pickaver, Ada Slack, Elsie Slack and Mrs. W. Turner, grandchildren; Mavis Pickaver, great grandchild; Mr. J.C. Pickaver (Rotherham), brother-in-law; and Miss M. Bacon. Mr. Herbert Wilson (brother) was unable to attend owing to illness, also her grandson (Frank Fitchett) now with Stoke Football Club.
  Floral tributes were sent by the following:- To dearest Wife and Mother, from Husband and Son Arthur; Daughter Harriett and family; Sarah, George and family; Louisa and Jack; Ted and Maud; Brother and Sister, Nephew nad Nieces, Mansfield; Grandchildren, Jack, Jinnie, Ada and Elsie; Les., Laura, Alf. and Annie; Sister-in-law Harriett and family; Grandson Len., Pontefract; J.W. Pickaver; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford, Clay Cross; Mavis; and neighbours, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Allsop and Mrs. Herrod.


  That schoolboy boxing may be a thoroughly healthy and wholesome recreation was amply prove at the Huthwaite New Street Council Schools on Friday night, when the members of the school Boxing Club gave a capital display. In this respect Huthwaite New Street is one of the first schools in the county to follow the lead of the Nottingham City elementary schools, and the venture was attended with great success, and, incidentally, realised a useful sum for the school Christmas treat.

Ten Contests.

  The Club is run by Mr. V. Crompton (assistant master) who is well known as captain of Huthwaite Peacock Football Club, and Mr. F. Allsop (student teacher) who gained distinction as a boxer at Mansfield Grammar School. On Friday Mr. Allsop officiated as referee and Mr. Crompton as timekeeper, and assistance was also rendered by Mr. Brooks, of Sutton, the latest heavyweight champion of the Grammar School. There was a large and expectant audience, and there were present also Mr. H.A. Simpson (headmaster), several members of the staff, and Councillor J. Davies, C.C. (School Manager).
  There were ten contests, each consisting of three two-minute rounds, but the exchanges were, in some cases, so even that a deciding round had to be fought. All the bouts were won on points, but in most instances with very narrow margins, and the spectators were very appreciative of the skill and quickness of the contestants. There was naturally a good deal of energy displayed (the first couple broke the ropes), but the fighting was clean and good-tempered throughout.
  The bouts took place in the central hall of the School, and the results were as follows:- M. Sevens beat J. Chapman; H. Hollingsworth beat H. Gregory; H. Clarke beat H. Radford; D. Flowers beat J. Flowers; S. Hallam beat J. Parkin; J. Vardy beat J. Stainwright; L. Hallam beat C. Barsby; H. Keeling beat D. Hague; C. Hold beat J. Hardwick (Mansfield Grammar School); J. Bingham beat R. Marriott.

Skill and Stamina.

  One of the best contests was between Gregory and Hollingsworth, who were the smallest pair but showed remarkable skill and stamina. The Hallam brothers were quick and thrustful fighters, Stanley gaining a meritorious victory over a bigger opponent. The last pair were also the biggest and although Bingham showed good footwork and had some ringcraft, Marriot put up a sturdy resistance and there was little to choose between them.
  At the end of the programme the Headmaster said how delighted he was to see so many there. He could see that boxing was a very healthy sport. The lads had to be quick and sharp, and that was all to their good. It was very pleasing to see so many "grown-ups" come and take an interest in the lads, and the lads themselves like it too. On their behalf he wanted to thank Mr. Crompton and Mr. Allsop, who trained the boys two nights a week, and the trainers ought to be complimented on the work they had done.
  Mr. Davis, who presented the certificates to the contestants, spoke in high terms of boxing in connection with elementary schools. He advised the lads to go on with it so long as it was kept to its proper uses.


  Wednesday was parents' day at the Common Road Schools, when the children preformed their Christmas plays and dances to a crowded audience of mothers and fathers. The Nativity play "The Three Roses" was very reverently performed and much appreciated. The play, "Christmas Fairies" by Standard II. was much enjoyed and very well done. "Ten Little Christmas Trees," an action song by Class I. caused much amusement, and the percussion band by the babies, with their conductor, Joan Morton, was a new feature of the concert. Thursday was children's Day, when Father Christmas visited the school to give out the presents from his "Magic Tower." Carols and Christmas songs were sung and enjoyed, and the scene was a festive one with the sparkling Christmas tree and coloured paper caps worn by the children.


  The monthly meeting of the managers of the Sutton Schools was held at the office of the Correspondent at Sutton on Monday evening, Mr. G.G. Bonser presiding. Others present were Mrs. Burn, Rev. L.J. Stamper, Messrs. F.C. Sowter, J. Davies, T. Barnes, G.H. Barker and W.H. Cullen (Correspondent).
  A letter was read from Miss Morley thanking the Managers for their letter of sympathy in her illness, and the kind expressions of appreciation of her services.

Huthwaite School Site.

  With reference to the school site at Huthwaite, a letter was read from the County Director stating that an offer of £550 had been received for the land from the Huthwaite Urban District Council for housing developments. The Education Committee proposed to ask the Board of Education to approve the sale of the land to the Council.
  The Chairman observed that to go further into the matter would be flogging a dead horse.
  The Committee organising the treat for Sutton poor children wrote applying for the use of the Hillocks and Huthwaite Road Schools as in former years, and the request was acceded to.
  Mr. A.C. Smith, secretary of the Huthwaite Branch of the League of Nations, wrote asking for permission to run an essay competition in the Huthwaite Schools in connection with the League of Nations.
  The Chairman said he did not like interfering with the curriculum of the schools.

A Good Subject.

  Mr. Davies said the proposal was nothing to do with lectures. The subject of peace was quite a good one for the children to write about.
  The Chairman said it meant that the children must have some instruction on the subject as otherwise they could known nothing about it.
  The Correspondent said he thought authority would have to be obtained from the County Education Committee.
  Mr. Davies said from a moral point of view the proposal was a good one.
  The Correspondent said he thought it would be better to leave it to the Education Committee to say whether it was proper or not for it to be done in the schools.
  Mr. Davies said there had been several essays written in Sunday Schools and other places on the subject, and the idea was to try and extend it to the day schools, and try to inculcate into the minds of the children the ideas of peace.
  Mr. Sowter observed that he did not think there could be any great objection to the children writing an essay on the League of Nations. So far as he could see all parties were in favour of the League of Nations and surely it was a thing the children should be able to write about. It was a good thing to teach little children the wisdom of being peaceable towards one another.

Referred to Education Committee.

  Mr. Davies said the only thing was whether the Managers had power to grant permission.
  The Chairman said he thought they should refer the matter to the Education Committee. He appreciated it was an important subject. ....


  The Huthwaite Unemployment Committee are endeavouring to supply 175 parcels of groceries to the unemployed for Christmas, and up to Monday there were sufficient funds for 136 parcels. Towards providing the remainder a whist drive was held in the Library on Monday evening, and was well attendedd, a large percentage of the patrons being from Sutton. The M.C.'s were Messrs. T. Bradley and T. Pratt, and the winners were mr. G. Beastall; Mrs. Winfield; Mr. H. Turner; and Mr. H. Tarby, (after cutting with Mr. G. Reeves). Mr. Bradley thanked the gathering for their attendance.


  This week the new motor ambulance which has been purchased by the Sutton Urban Council was handed over to the local authority, and all who have seen it have been loud in their praise of the excellent vehicle which has been secured. It is up-to-date in every detail, and will be put into commission as from next week.
  Built to specifications prepared in the office of the Surveyor, Mr. W. Burn, the new ambulance has a striking appearance, and for comfort and convenience would be difficult to improve upon. The interior of the vehicle is splendidly fitted up, and is provided with a hot water heating system, whilst a wash basin has also been installed.
  There is accommodation for two stretchers, a pneumatic mattress being provided with one of the stretchers, and the special shock absorbers which have been fitted to the vehicle ensure easy riding. There are also arrangements for first-aid equipment and a locker stretcher, whilst the ventilation had been given special attention.
  The name of the Council figures prominently on the ambulance, together with the rest of the town, and the word ambulance, which can be illuminated at night, will give adequate indication of the work which is being done. Built upon an Austin chassis, the engine is one of 27 h.p., and the vehicle is fitted with hydraulic packs to enable easy wheel changing. There is a powerful electric alarm bell on the running board, whilst a reversing light, a fog light and traffic indicators have been fitted. It has been supplied by Caunt's garage, and will be driven by Mr. H. Lilley, who is an officer in the St. John Ambulance Brigade. On Wednesday the Chairman of the Council (Mr. A. Thompson) and other councillors took the opportunity of inspecting the ambulance, and were much impressed with what they saw.

"Random Shot."

  How many people know that forty years ago an order was made that no cemetery should be provided in the ecclesiastical district of Sutton-in-Ashfield (which includes Hucknall Huthwaite) without the consent of the Secretary of State for the Home Department? The Local Board of each place has provided a cemetery since then, Hucknall some years ago, but it was only this year that the Home Office became aware of the fact, and called attention to the old order, desiring an explanation. It is hardly likely that either cemetery will be closed because an order of which nobody knew anything was infringed.

Protective Equipment for Miners.

  The general adoption of protective equipment for miners, such as metal hats, gloves, etc., as a means of preventing colliery accidents, was one of the interesting suggestions made by Major H.M. Hudspeth, of the Safety in Mines Research board when addressing the Notts. Mining Students' Association at Mansfield on Saturday, at which many were present from the Sutton district. The lecture was on "Falls of ground research," which he illustrated with a film and lantern slides. ...

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