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About this Website

This website is devoted to my home village named Huthwaite.   It's all personally produced, financed and maintained online by one resident. Achieving recognition for voluntarily running a nonprofit community resource means it will keep upholding highest conformance levels in order to ensure safest family viewing for all future reference.

My initial intent was to clarify this areas vaguely understood ancient history. After compiling computer typed notes through early studies, entering a new millennium inspired a far more ambitious idea of publishing those on the emerging world wide web.   Having first placed our relatively insignificant locality upon the internet back in year 2000, my quest then really began.

Huthwaite Online 2000At the time, few people could foresee any great desire for owning a personal computer, let alone the need of internet access. However, pages produced under this original website banner did attract international interest from many relocated readers already using the latest IT to keep in touch with distant friends and family. Their ability to contribute ancestral photographs sharing genealogy roots from a formerly named Hucknall-under-Huthwaite added to local memories and images being gathered, all greatly helped picture early 20th century industrial developments, while trying to fully explain previously known Dirty Hucknall origins.

You will doubtless be aware of the rapid technological advancements made over recent years, ever since faster broadband started replacing old wired telephone networks. Improved picture quality and wireless download speeds were one reason the Huthwaite-Online website has been redesigning several times. Upgrading my HTML and PHP programming levels to meet latest W3C standards has vastly expanded the number of pages and topics covered, but presentation did leave behind a costly trail of discarded alternative addresses up until finding one affordable and highly recommendable UK host provider.

This latest 2018 revision proved to be a lengthy complicated challenge I never wish to repeat. The reason for it allows some smug reflection upon those scoffed predictions of a computer finally gaining place in the average family home.   There's big screened desktop and faster laptop computers, although analysis shows use of multiple smaller mobile devices with WiFi everywhere. Through vastly increased popularity, you're most likely able to read this on a pocket sized smart phone.

Written 24 Oct 11 by Gary Elliott         Updated Revised 13 Aug 18