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Huthwaite Online

About this Website

This website is devoted to my home village named Huthwaite.   Huthwaite-Online is entirely produced and maintained by one resident, but strictly designed to fully comply with all legal and W3C guidelines ensuring safe viewing for all future reference.

Updated design divides many interlinked subjects beneath three book titles.   This areas history humbly emerges through ancient association with Hucknall. Chapters are interwoven through a Huthwaite Gallery where photographs witness comparison of 20th century rapid growth.   A newer Village Portal provides directories for updated listings covering all current amenities and services.

The idea of trying to clarify this areas vague ancient history was initiated from around 1990. It was sparked by sharing interest as a shattered Huthwaite community reflected times prior recent mass closures of both major coal and hosiery industries.   Local beliefs were still based upon pioneering work of our esteemed town historians. But long after they'd satisfied curiosity and pride of settling families who began populating Hucknall Huthwaite well over a century before, there always seemed to be some confusion behind origins of the dropped Hucknall naming. Proving my own long held theory was difficult, which prompted much deeper research.

Gaining a bigger historic picture meant slowly discovering broader influential reference material. Gradually collecting those shared photos also combined existing main interest in future computer technology. Use of the internet, although still in its infancy, already showed huge potential approaching a 21st century. And leading Huthwaite into a new 3rd millennium realised my personal quest.

A Personal Quest

Asserting our relatively insignificant locality upon the emerging World Wide Web was an ambitious leap, especially when few could foresee need or desire to ever own a personal computer, let along pay for home internet access. However, several good reasons for publishing online would be realised, and the resulting website assured right path towards a personal quest starting year 2000.

Huthwaite Online 2000

Purchasing the original descriptive and now fully established web address, next guided visitors to a few pages under this first banner. International readers helped show how Hucknall Huthwaite genealogy roots have extended all round the world, and sincere thanks are offered acknowledging all contributors who've been able to add increasing interest and subjects over all these years, by sharing family photos, documents and memories.

Reason behind presenting this challenging and long overdue 2018 revision, may allow some smugness in recalling predictions being scoffed, of when a computer would be found in the average family home.   Not just big screened desktops or faster laptops however, because finding WiFi pretty much everywhere, updated layout subtlety invites multiple smaller mobile devices. They may steer all ages towards popular social media sites before bettering chance you're reading this on a pocket sized smart phone.

Written 24 Oct 11     by Gary Elliott       Updated Revised 04 Nov 18