About Huthwaite Online

This website is simply devoted to my home village named Huthwaite.   It is all personally produced, entirely financed and maintained online by one resident who simply set out to clarify and update this areas vaguely understood ancient history for all future family reference.   Being voluntarily run as a nonprofit community resource means it will continue upholding highest conformance levels to ensure safest viewing and privacy.

The idea of turning computer typed reference notes into a website became ambitiously realised back in the year 2000.   Later carrying a heavy laptop around listening to elder residents, most thought it would be more appropriate to publish a book instead. But reading the works of past local historians only showed how little had been documented regarding Huthwaite, so my research never did seem entirely complete.   And, despite few people foreseeing any regular use of an expensive Personal Computer, let alone adding home internet access. these pages can not only be updated in light of new evidence, but design, programming and artistic license has continually pushed my interest and existing IT skills.   Entering this 21st Century plus a 3rd Millennium truly asserted my future quest.

Original 2000 BannerEarliest pages published under this original titled banner did ambitiously first place our relatively insignificant locality upon a newly emerging World Wide Web.   Surprisingly, it attracted international readers already familiar with this latest IT, through keeping in contact with distant family members. Their family photo's helped picture times of past industrial developments, as I tried to better explain their Dirty Hucknall related origins.

Website layout has seen several major revisions. Firstly it improved picture quality when faster broadband replaced telephone wired networks.   Upgrading W3C HTML and PHP programming standards vastly expanded the number of topics now covering hundreds of pages.   That did leave a costly trail of discarded alternative addresses, until finding one affordable and very reliable UK host provider.

This 2018 revision may nonetheless now smugly reflect upon those scoffed predictions of a computer finally gaining place among the average family home.   Not just larger screened desktop or laptops however, because now there's multiple smaller mobile devices and WiFi everywhere. Smart phone technology has become the latest must have gadget, which is main reason behind this latest design.

Written 24 Oct 11 by Gary Elliott         Updated Revised 14 Feb 18