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a weeks news dated - December 8th 1933


  In the report of the Sutton Road Methodist concert last week, the dancing girls were erroneously stated to be the New Street School Troupe. They were, as a matter of fact, private pupils of Miss Gill.

  Mrs. H. Ensor, of 68, Sutton Road, is at present a patient in Nottingham General Hospital, having undergone an operation. Mrs. Ensor takes part in many Parish Church activities, and a large circle of friends will learn with satisfaction that she is making a good recovery, and should return home within a fortnight.

  A serious accident has befallen Mr. Tom Blow (22), who is employed at Derby Wagon and Carriage Works, his home being at 49, Lime Avenue, Huthwaite. While at work on Thursday, his right foot was crushed and severely lacerated, and he was taken to Derby Royal Infirmary and operated on the same night. A telephone message was received at Huthwaite, and his father, Mr. C. Blow, set out at 10 o'clock at night and by means of a roundabout journey by 'bus and train and some walking, arrived at the Infirmary at three o'clock on Friday morning. The chief injuries were to the toes, all the nails having been taken off and the toes badly damaged. Frequent visits have been paid to the patient during the week by members of his family, but there is a probability of his remaining in the Infirmary for some weeks.

  Commencing on Saturday, a three-days' visit was paid to the Sutton Road Methodist Church by the Rev. Harry Davis, of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago. On Saturday a Circuit Council meeting was held, after which delegates and friends sat down to a public tea, which was in charge of Misses Bowler, Fidler, Ball, Elliott, Speed and Mr. E. Robins. Later in the evening an open rally was conducted, and a lecture given by Mr. Davis on "American Sunday School Methods." Sunday School workers, teachers and others interested in the subject from the local area had been invited to the lecture. On Sunday the Rev. Harry Davis, who is an excellent singer, as well as a speaker, conducted three services, and contributed solos. A solo was rendered by Mr. John Weston, who was also the organist. There were very good congregations and special music was provided. On Sunday there was a good attendance to hear the Rev. Davis lecture on "Fallen Angels," the Chairman being Mr. E. Lee.


Notice is hereby given that application is intended to be made to the Board of Trade by the Huthwaite Urban District Council (the said Council and the Huthwaite Urban District being hereinafter respectively referred to as "the Council" and "the District"), whose address is the Public Offices of the Council at Huthwaite in the County of Nottingham, for a Special Order (hereinafter referred to as "the Order") under the Gas Undertakings Acts 1920 and 1929 for all or some of the following (amongst other) purposes (that is to say):-
  (1) To empower to Council for the purpose of obtaining a supply of gas in bulk from the Derby Gas Light and Coke Company at the Blackwell Colliery in the parish of Blackwell in the Rural District of Blackwell and the County of Derby under any agreement entered into by the council with the said Company to exercise within and without their limits for the supply of gas in respect or parts thereof lying between the said Blackwell Colliery and the junction of Common Road and Main Street in the district the powers with respect to the breaking up of streets for the purpose of laying pipes and for the protection of pipes when laid conferred upon them by the Hucknall-under-Huthwaite Gas Order 1903 (hereinafter referred to as "the Order of 1903") or to be conferred upon them by the Order, and accordingly for the purposes aforesaid to open, break up and interfere with, whether temporarily or permanently, all such roads, streets, pipes, sewers, streams, bridges and railways and wires, apparatus and appliances as it may be necessary or convenient to interfere with, and to utilise any gas so purchased in carrying on their gas undertaking.
  (2) To make provision for the cesser of the present method of calculating the price of gas supplied by the Council and for substituting for a charge per thousand feet of gas a power to charge for thermal units supplied in the form of gas; to make provision for a declaration by the Council of the calorific value of gas to be supplied by them and as to charges for repayment meters; to suspend the obligation to make such declaration for such period as the Order may prescribe; to provide for the measure of therms prescribed, variation of calorific value, adjustment of consumers' burners, and the pressure of gas.
  (3) To confer upon the Council further powers and enact further provisions for the better regulation of their undertaking including powers and provisions as to the provision, sale, letting for hire, fixing, repair and removal of gas meters, lamps, stoves, engines and other apparatus and fittings and the exclusion of the same from liability to distress, etc.; the supply of gas to owners and occupiers of premises within their limits of supply abutting upon streets, etc., outside such limits; the laying of pipes for ancillary purposes; the entry into premises to which a supply of gas is laid on and into unoccupied premises; charges for special readings of meters; the inspection and testing of meters; the period of error in defective meters; the notice to be given to the Council by consumers before removing and when discontinuing the supply of gas; power to refuse supply to persons in debt for other premises; the mode of cutting off supplies; the recovery of expenses of reconnecting discontinued supplies; the prevention of the improper use of gas; the removal of fittings where the gas supply is disconnected; the making and enforcement by the Council of specifications in regard to the construction and placing of pipes, etc., between mains and meters; provisions as to charges for a standby supply of gas where consumer has a separate supply of gas, electricity or other form of energy; anti-fluctuators for gas engines; the provision of a valve where high pressure air or other gas is used; and the service of gas demand notes.
  (4) To authorise the Council to borrow money for the laying of mains for the purposes of obtaining the supply of gas in bulk referred to in paragraph (1) of this Notice and for the other purposes of the gas undertaking and the repayment of the costs and expenses of and in connection with the Order and to charge the moneys so borrowed on the revenue of the gas undertaking and the general rate and general rate fund of the District; to provide for the raising and payment off of moneys borrowed under the powers of the Order and for the periods of repayment; to empower the Council to provide a reserve fund in respect of the gas undertaking; to make provision as to the investment and application thereof and to amalgamate with such reserve fund any existing similar fund of the gas undertaking; to make new provisions as to the application of any surplus revenue and the method of meeting any deficiency on revenue account in relation to the gas undertaking and as to the accounts to be kept in respect of that undertaking; to make new provision as to the return to be made shewing the provision made for the repayment of gas loans; and to enact other financial provisions including authority for the establishment maintenance and application of sinking funds, the reborrowing of money, the application of money borrowed, the protection of lenders from enquiry, Inquiries and expenses, Receiver, etc.
  (5) To provide for the application of the provisions of section 265 of the Public Health Act 1875 to the Council in regard to the gas undertaking; the recovery of demands penalties and expenses and the inclusion of several sums in one summons.
  (6) To enable the Council to exercise all such provisions as may be necessary or convenient for giving effect to the purposes of the Order and to confer upon them all such other provisions as are now usually conferred upon local authorities in connection with the supply of gas.
  (7) To vary or extinguish all rights and privileges which would or might interfere with the objects of the Order and to confer other powers rights and privileges.
  (8) To incorporate and apply, with or without amendment or modification, all or any of the provisions of the Land Clauses Acts, the Gasworks Clauses Acts 1847 and 1871, the Gas Undertakings Acts 1920 and 1929, the Public Health Act 1875, and the Acts amending those Acts respectively; and to repeal alter amend or re-enact with or without amendment or modification all or any of the provisions of the Order of 1903, and any other Order or Act relating to the gas undertaking of the Council or to the Council in respect thereof.
  Any local or other public authority, company or person desiring to bring before the Board of Trade any objection to the draft Order may do so by registered letter addressed to the Director of Gas Administration, Board of Trade, Great George Street, London, S.W., and despatched on or before the Tenth day of January, 1934.
  Any such objection shall state- (a) the specific grounds of objection; and (b) the omissions, additions or modifications asked for.
  A copy of the objection must be forwarded to the Clerk to the Council or to the undermentioned Parliamentary Agents at the same time as it is sent to the Board of Trade.
  Printed copies of the draft Order have been deposited for public inspection at the offices of the Council at the Public Offices, Huthwaite, and with the Clerk to the Peace for the County of Nottingham at his Office at the Shire Hall, Nottingham.
  Printed copies of the draft Special Order may be obtained at the Public Offices of the Council at Huthwaite and the Offices of the undermentioned Clerk to the Council and and Parliamentary Agents at the price of one shilling per copy.
  Dated this Sixth day of December 1933, E. BERTRAM HIBBERT, Clerk to the Council, 45, West Gate, Mansfield.
LEWIN GREGORY, TORR, DURNFORD AND CO., 2, Millbank House, Westminster, S.W.1., Parliamentary Agents.



FOR SALE. VACANT POSSESSION.- "Mayfield," Blackwell Road, Huthwaite, Double-Fronted House, Main Road, Two Reception Rooms, Three Bedrooms, Bathroom, Garage, Electric Light, all Modern Conveniences.- Apply H. Heath, George Street, Huthwaite.

Dog at Large

  Robert Caylow, of 6, New Fall Street, Huthwaite, was charged with having allowed a dog to be at large on the night of November 19th and was fined 7s. 6d. in his absence.
  P.c. Turner gave evidence of finding the dog on Sutton Road Huthwaite, where it was barking and disturbing the neighbourhood.

Dog at Large

  Two hundred Sutton hosiery workers are idle as a result of the dispute with regard to the new price list for the five guage full fashioned section of the trade. Most of the men are from Messrs. L. and R. Morley's factory, and the others are from Messrs. F. Tudsbury and Sons, Messrs. Briggs and Greenwood, and Messrs. G. Walton and Sons. They have been idle for a week now.
  It is understood that no real move towards peace has yet been made. The Hosiery Workers' Federation have made a new price list, which has been submitted to the owners, from whom no reply has yet been received.
  It is thought the efforts will be made to get both parties together to discuss the position.
  Apart from those engaged in the fine guage section of the trade, no other hosiery workers in the district are likely to be affected.


  House building operations are again very much to the fore in Sutton and the surrounding districts. Important schemes are going forward at Sutton, Kirkby and Huthwaite, and it should not be long before the old people for whom special arrangements are being made are able to take up their abodes in new and up-to-date dwellings. Good progress is reported in connection with the bungalows at Station Road, Sutton, whilst sanction has been secured by the Kirkby Council to go forward with their programme. In addition, various areas, where there is old property are to be cleared, and, as it will be necessary to re-house those who will be disposed, there is likely to be considerable activity in the building trade for some time to come. This is a condition of affairs which will be welcomed by those who will thereby secure employment.


  On Tuesday a serious accident occurred to Kenneth Bramley, of Main Street. He fell down stairs and broke his arm, and was detained at Mansfield Hospital, where he was taken for treatment. Bramley, who is 14 years of age, attended Mansfield Grammar School, and was formerly a member of the Parish Church choir.

  In connection with the local Welfare Adult Education Classes a concert was given in the Drill Hall on Tuesday evening. There was a good audience, and the chairman was Mr. H.L. Featherstone (organiser). A high-class programme was given by a visiting party of artistes, comprising violinist, elocutionist, pianist and male quartette party. Local arrangements were made by Mr. T. Bradley (Secretary).


  In aid of the new organ and Church renovation fund, a two-days' bazaar was opened in the Huthwaite Sherwood Street Methodist Schools on Wednesday afternoon. There was a good attendance for the opening ceremony, the accompaniments to the opening hymn being played by Miss Joan Allsop. The Rev. J. Hooley (Alfreton) offered prayer, and Mrs. L. Hill, who presided, remarked on the growing unity of the religious bodies.
  The bazaar was declared open by Mrs. A. Tomlinson, and a solo was rendered by Miss Dorothy Allen, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
  There were nine stalls, a curio exhibition, cafe, a fortune teller and various side shows, and later in the day business was brisk, and concerts were given by Miss Allens' juvenile choir. All the stall holders were dressed in Dutch costume, as were Miss Barbara Farmer and Master Graham Fidler, who presented a bouquet to Mrs. Tomlinson. The excellence of the arrangements was due to the organising ability of Mr. Norman Evans (secretary) and committee.

Huthwaite Operetta and Choral

  At the United Methodist Church, Huthwaite, a Japanese operetta, entitled "Princess Ju-Ju," was given to a crowded audience. The principals were Miss E. Bailey, Messrs. W. Paling, R. Boot, R. Green, S. Paling, H. Coupe and N. Evans. Dragon fly and spirit dances were done by children. Mr. S. Paling produced the operetta, and Miss Nora Straw presided at the piano. ....

Sutton Council and Gas Supply.

  "Random Shots"; "After occupying the attention of Sutton and Huthwaite Councils for some time in committee, the subject of the supply of gas to Huthwaite on Tuesday blossomed out into an open and full-dress debate at the meeting of the Sutton Council. Even though Huthwaite are at present taking their supply of gas from Sutton, it appears that some details of the agreement - not yet signed - are not such as meet the approval of the members of both Councils. Through some misunderstanding, it is found that the present main will not convey as much gas as was at first thought, and Huthwaite are requiring more than was anticipated."
  "The difficulty of the situation arises from the fact that Huthwaite had undertaken to bear a portion of the cost of laying an additional main when the supply reached a given quantity, but it is now found that the new main will be required at once. Whether Huthwaite will bear their share of the cost, or undertake to do so when the stipulated supply is reached was the question debated on the Tuesday, but, in view of a communication from the Huthwaite Council, they are unable to get much 'forrader' with the business. Of course, it means an additional outlay on the part of Sutton, but is also means an increase in the output at the gasworks. The difficulty, however, is not insuperable, and if a conference between representatives of the two authorities can be arranged, an honourable and satisfactory arrangement to both Councils should be arrived at without difficulty."

Sutton Town FC

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