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a weeks news dated - September 15th 1933


  On Saturday 15 members of the Assembly of God attended a young people's convention at Chesterfield. They were in charge of Mr. Frank Meadows (Sutton).

  The annual celery show was held at the Peacock Hotel on Saturday, when 16 sticks were staged. Conditions have not been favourable to celery, and it is greatly to the credit of growers that such good specimens have been produced and that they are doing their utmost to maintain the reputation of the town in this respect. On Saturday the premier award went to a member of a family with a long and honourable record in horticultural circles. Mr. Joseph Ward, senior, who won a prize of 25s. for a stick of fine colour and texture, which weighed 3lbs. 1oz. Next best were Mr. C. Bonsall, 15s., 4lbs. 2oz.; and Mr. A. Smith, 10s., 3lbs. 3oz., all of Huthwaite.

  Harvest thanksgiving services were conducted at the Sherwood Street Methodist Church by the Rev. J. Hooley, of Alfreton, on Sunday, Mr. W. Shepherd, of South Normanton, being unable to attend. Both the afternoon and evening services were well attended, and the Rev. J. Hooley preached appropriate sermons. Miss Doris Holland was the soloist, ..., all of which were given with real charm. The organist was Mr. N. Evans. The exhibits of fruit and vegetables were quite above the average, and the collections were up to the usual standard. A sale of produce took place on Monday night.


  Huthwaite Urban District Council resumed its monthly meetings on Tuesday evening, when Councillor F.C. Sowter presided over the following members:- Councillors T. Goodall, E.H. Lowe, D.D. Bonser, J. Potter, S. Allcock, A. Wilson, M. Betts, J. Iball, J. Peters, H.A. Simpson, W.E. Hancock, J.G. Wright, J. Davies and W. Clarke.
  The Clerk reported on certain enquiries he had made with regard to the proposed conversion of pail closets into the water carriage system, and on the proposition of Mr. Davies discussion on the matter was deferred to Council in Committee.

Slaughtering of Animals.

  A letter from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, enclosing a copy of the Slaughtering of Animals Act, 1933, was read by the Clerk who also read a circular letter from the Ministry of Health dealing with the Act, which imposed certain new duties for registration on the Council, and it was agreed that the business be placed on the agenda for the next monthly meeting, when the Sanitary Inspector would give a report on the matter.
  A letter from the Ministry of Transport with reference to the appointment of Traffic Commissioners asked the Council to submit the name and address of its nominee for the panel before November 15th.
  Mr. Lowe: I think I was selected last time, but I never heard a word from them. It was resolved that Mr. Lowe again be nominated.
  The Clerk reported that it was proposed to form a Nottinghamshire Urban District Council's Association, and he read a letter from the Clerk to the Kirkby Urban District Council (Mr. G.H. Green) on the matter. The letter stated that the Kirkby Council heartily approved of the proposal and a copy of the suggested rules, based on the rules of the Leicestershire Urban District Councils' Association, was enclosed.

"A Good Thing."

  Mr. Betts thought the proposed Association would be a very good thing and would help to protect their interests as a Council.
  Mr. Davies said the National Urban Council's Association already dealt with matters affecting urban councils in general, but a local Association would be more able to deal with matters peculiar to their own town. The speakers asked what the renumeration of officials of the proposed Association would be.
  The Clerk said nothing was said in the letter about renumeration, and he supposed the question would be dealt with at the first meeting. Mr. Betts moved that the Council become a member of the proposed Association, and Mr. Clarke seconded.
  Mr. Lowe: I think it would be better to send a delegate to the first meeting, and then decide after we have heard his report.
  The Clerk said the letter stated that if the Council agreed to membership to send names and addresses of delegates. There was no amendment to the motion, which was passed, and the Chairman and Mr. Davies were appointed delegates to the inaugural meeting.

Flash Lights and Candles.

  Mr. Clarke drew attention of the meeting to the poor quality of gas in the Sutton Road locality. Residents were using flash lights and candles to read with, and the speaker thought the matter ought to be dealt with.
  Mr. Davies said he had also had complaints of poor lighting which was due to insufficient pressure. The fluctuation in the pressure had been very bad during the past week. Mr. Betts said he had experienced the thing complained of.
  Mr. Simpson enquired if the complaints were all from one locality, or if there had been any from the lower parts of the town. It might be something wrong with just one particular pipe in the locality concerned that caused the poor lighting.
  Mr. Clarke: Residents of the Council houses in Cross Lane are also complaining of bad light.
  Mr. Lowe moved that the Gas Manager investigate the complaints immediately, and the meeting agreed.
  On behalf of the Huthwaite Council Hospital Committee, Mr. Clarke appealed for donations, stating that the Committee did not want to fall short of the anticipated £75.


FOR SALE.- No. 2, Douglas Road. Two Reception Rooms, Scullery, Two Bedrooms, Large Attic, Bath, H and C. Price £340. Legal expenses paid. Deposit £52. Rent 9s. per week.- Apply A. Farnsworth and Co., Columbia Street, Huthwaite.

TWO BLACK POLL HEIFERS. Close at Hand, for Sale.- Apply T. Antcliffe, Carnarvon Grove, Huthwaite.


  The wedding took place at St. Mary's Parish church, Sutton, on Monday morning of Miss Olive Jackson, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. J. Jackson, of 16, Canarvon Grove, Huthwaite, and Mr. Edgar Cecil Roberts, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Samuel Roberts. The Rev. R.P. Tinsley performed the ceremony, ... Mr. C.A. Wilders officiated at the organ ...
  A silk morocain dress, trimmed with pearl and crystals, and a veil of Brussels embroidered lace, lent by a cousin, Mrs. Scanes of London, were worn by the bride, who was given away by her uncle, Mr. Benjamin Jackson. ... In attendance on the bride were Misses Vera Roberts (cousin of the bridegroom), Edna White (cousin of bride), of Ripley, Ethel Burton (cousin of groom), Doris Walters (friend of bride), of Huthwaite, and a small maid, Miss Eileen Jackson (cousin of bride). ...


  Business at the monthly meeting of the Sutton Urban Council on Tuesday evening was transacted in remarkably quick time, half an hour sufficing for discussion in open Council, though the members were engaged for some time in committee considering various matters in regard to slum clearances. ...

Matter of Congratulation.

  Arising out of the minutes of the Gas Committee, Mr. Barnes said he thought they ought to congratulate themselves on obtaining 13,437 cubic feet of gas from local coal. ...

A New Ambulance.

  An invitation was received from the Sutton Nursing Association and Mansfield Hospital Help Committee for the members to attend the annual show and band contest to be held later in the month.
  The Clerk presented a letter from the Minister of Health giving formal sanction to the borrowing of a sum of £730 for the purchase of a motor ambulance and equipment. He would be glad, observed the Clerk, if the Council would pass a resolution authorising the borrowing of the money.
  On the proposition of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Briggs, a resolution to this effect was passed.


  On Saturday evening a dance in the Drill Hall was held by the Hospital Carnival Committee, and raised the proceeds on behalf of Mansfield Hospital to about £75 in all, a better result than had been anticipated. The dance had several attractive features, and was organised with the thoroughness which had characterised the carnival proceedings as a whole. There were about 250 present and the music was provided by an orchestra of 12 performers (Sutton Colliery welfare Orchestra) conducted by Mr. E. Oakley. The M.C.'s were Messrs. G. simpson and J. Barnes, and Mesdames Wilson Hill and A. Evans supervised the refreshments. During an interval the Carnival Queen (Miss Betty Oxley) and her retinue paraded the floor in ceremonial attire, and Councillor W. Clarke (secretary) presented to the Queen, on behalf of an anonymous donor, a beautiful bracelet as a memento of the carnival. Souvenirs were also presented to the Queen's attendants, and all present were thanked by the secretary for their attendance and support. Miss Sadie Dalton again provided a delightful solo dancing feature, being accompanied on the piano by Mr. A. Swindell. A spot waltz competition was won by Mrs. Wilkinson and Mrs. Swindell and several other competitions brought in useful sums to swell the proceeds.

Sutton Colliery   13  9  3  1
Titchfield Park 13 8 4 1
Pleasley M.W. 14 7 6 1
Mansfield Col. 12 7 4 1
Sutton Lawn 14 6 7 1
Nuncargate 12 5 6 1
Shirebrook M.W. 14 4 9 1
Huthwaite 12 2 9 1

Huthwaite U.D.C. v. Shirebrook M.W.- Played a t Huthwaite on Saturday. Scores:
Huthwaite:- T. Bradley, W. Woodhead and J. Lee, 27; H. Thompson, J.J. Smith and J. Nunn, 31; C.H. Coupe, T. Wilcoxson and J. Smith, 31; S. Hunt, J. Wilson and T. Thompson, 27.


  Home and away friendlies with non-match playing members of Huthwaite U.D.C. and the Welfare around great interest, but the Welfare proved too much for the Library Club. Scores:-
  Huthwaite.- E. Sparham, J.J. Smith and H. Thompson, 16; J. Lee, C. Manix and C.H. Coupe, 31; J. Harrison, C. Wilkinson and T. Bradley, 16; T. Wilcoxson, J. Nunn and S. Fox, 31.
  Welfare.- T. Oldham, H. Kenyon and Wright, 31; J. Nunn, D. Walvin and W. Vardy, 21; Wood, Smith and Stringfellow, 31; W. Slack, G. Harvey, 24.

  Huthwaite U.D.C. v. New Hucknall Colliery Welfare.- Played on the Welfare green. Scores:-
  Huthwaite.- H. Kenyon, J. Wood and H. Wilson, 31; T. Smith, C. Brandreth and W. Moakes, 11; J. Nunn, G. Harvey and S. Stringfellow, 31; J. Wright, W. Slack and C. Cooper, 31.
  New Hucknall.- J. Nunn, T. Wilcoxson and S. Fox, 21; S. Ensor, G. Wilkinson and T. Bradley, 31; J. Lee, C. Mannix and J. Harrison, 17; J.J. Smith, W. Reeves and H. Thompson, 24.


  The draw for the First Round of the knock-out cups in the three divisions of the Sutton and Skegby League has resulted as under:-.

Section 'A'

Teversal v. Spion Kop.
Blidworth Welfare Res. v. Ollerton Colliery Reserve.
Huthwaite United v. Huthwaite Peacock
Huthwaite C.W.S. v. Rufford Colliery Reserve.
Mansfield Colliery Res. v. Reeves Sports.
Mansfield Invicta v. B. Walton and Sons.
Mutton Hill Rovers v. Carsic Lane Utd.
Huthwaite Villa v. Selston Miners' Welfare Res.


  Huthwaite Peacocks' latest capture is Tommy Maddison from Mansfield Town, and he is expected to play for his new club to-morrow. He will be of the utmost value to the Peacocks in the half-back line, being an experienced and tireless player.

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