Huthwaite Portal

Location Introduction

2003 panarama

The village portal lists current amenities, shops, groups and companies within approximate 2.1 square mile coverage. A full Huthwaite addressing will reflect ties within Sutton-in-Ashfield. And a postal district area code NG17 2 does extend further east across that town.

Electoral Wards

Mapping out the Ashfield Electoral Districts finds a renamed Huthwaite and Brierley Ward housing an estimated 7,400 according to 2016 census. This again includes some Sutton streets, although its larger size is because a Brierley Forest Park and Golf Club fills in north area, while the entire southern meadows have favourably sited big Industrial Estates seeing in A38 Fulwood expansions.

Whilst inviting 21st century manufacturers and central UK depots, Huthwaite has seen residential expansion through the construction of several housing estates. At lower than average prices, commuters and companies are jointly benefiting from having quick easy access to J28 of a busy motorway.

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