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a weeks news dated - March 24th 1933


Twenty candidates from Huthwaite Parish Church were confirmed at St. Lawrence's Mansfield, on Tuesday evening. They had been prepared for the "laying on of hands" by the Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar), who was present at the ceremony.

Mr. A. Purdy, who is a well-known member of the Huthwaite Urban District Council Bowling Club, is lying in Nottingham Hospital with serious injuries sustained at Silverhill Colliery last week. It appears he was involved in a fall of roof, and his left arm is broken and badly lacerated, while there are other injuries to the body and severe shock. Mr. Purdy lives in Barker Street, and is employed as a stallman.

On Monday evening an "old time" dance was held in the Drill Hall on behalf of the National Deposit Friendly Society's Benevolent Fund. There were about 120 present, the M.C.'s being Messrs. H. White and H. Rodgers, and stewards were adopted, the music being supplied by Pem Darch's Syncopators, and the hall presented a very pleasing spectacle. Refreshments were in the capable charge of Mrs. Slack.

Mrs. Grierson presided at a meeting of the Mothers' Union on Monday evening, when the speaker should have been Miss Strachan (Stanton Hill), but she was unable to attend through indisposition. Mrs. H.A. Simpson gave a very interesting lecture on "The New Testament in Pictures," and received a cordial vote of thanks. Referring to the recent bazaar, the Chairman said that the Mothers' Union had never worked so hard and she paid a tribute to their secretary, Mrs. R.J. Brown, who briefly responded.

The Miners' Welfare classes on mediaeval history closed with the usual felicitations on both sides. The lecturer, Mr. F. Oakley, B.A., expressed his thanks to the members for the consistent manner in which they had attended, and the support and encouragement they had given him in every way. The Huthwaite class was one of the best he had ever had in his charge, and was one in which students always maintained a keen interest. Mr. Oakely remarks were acknowledged by Mr. S. Ensor, who, on behalf of the class, moved a vote of thanks to the lecturer for the instructive and enlightening way in which he had imparted his exceptional knowledge of history to the class. This was seconded by Mr. T. Bradley (secretary of the local classes). History is the favourite subject at this centre, and Mr. Lineker officiates as local librarian.

Enjoyable Event at Kirkby.

A revival of the annual staff social held in connection with the New Hucknall Colliery Company took place on Friday evening in the Bentinck Welfare Institute, and was a most delightful and successful gathering. The arrangements, which were complete in every way, were made by a committee consisting of the managers of the four collieries belonging to the company, with the addition of Messrs. S. Franks, E. Stirland and A.F. Roberts, the latter most efficiently carrying out the duties of Secretary.
  There was an attendance of approximately 200, who were, with one or two exceptions, entirely the clerical and official staffs of the four collieries, together with their ladies. Amongst those present were the following chief officials:- Mr. K.A.F. Fenwick, Director; Capt. P. Muschamp, Chief Agent; Mr. T. Day, Secretary and Commercial Manager; Mr. R.F.S.W. Edwards, Chief Engineer; the Managers of the four Collieries, New Hucknall, Bentinck, Welbeck and Annesley, viz. Messrs. W.H.B. Stevens, F.J. Aspinall, E.P.W. Muschamp and J. Platt, and Mr. D. Charlton, Chief Cashier.

Whist and Dancing

  Whist and dancing concurrently occupied the evening until the supper interval, after which two members of the office staffs gave excellent renderings of songs,... and Mr. Perry Hodgkinson (Welbeck) contributing as an encore.
  Between the songs the prizes were presented by Mrs. E.A.F. Fenwick as follow: Whist, Ladies, 1, oak clock, Mrs. L Searson; 2, pewter teapot, Miss M. Greensmith; 3, pair etchings, Mrs. Ensor. Gent, 1, Smokers cabinet, Mr. V. Booth; 2, Mr. M. Avery, case of fruit spoons and forks; 3, Mr. W. Hibbert, jacobean candlesticks. Spot waltz, Mr. and Mrs. A. Moore, lady's evening bag and gent's key container.
  The arrangements for refreshments were carried out by Mr. J. Langley, with a very efficient staff of helpers. Dancing continued until 1 a.m. to music by Mr. White's Morita Band, whose playing gave great satisfaction.
  The M.C.'s were: Whist, Mr. E. Stirland; dancing, Messrs. J. Platt and H.E. Wharmby. The function was voted one of the best that the participants had ever attended, and was so enjoyable that there is every intention of holding it annually.


The death occurred with tragic suddenness on Friday night of a well-known Huthwaite resident, Mr. Fred Hill, of 14, Newcastle Street. He had been to work at New Hucknall Colliery the same day, and went to bed in normal health, but soon afterwards was taken ill and died before midnight. A widow, one son and one daughter are left.
  The late Mr. Hill was 55 years of age, and belonged to an old Huthwaite family. He was born in the town, and except for a short period at Tibshelf Colliery his working career had been spent at New Hucknall, where he was foreman shunter until a serious accident to the knee disabled him, and for the last 25 years he had been the Company's checkweighman. He took little active part in public matters, being of an independent mind both politically and denominationally, but he had definite views, which he did not hesitate to express, on many topics. He always carried out his duties in a way which won for him the consideration and respect of his employers and associates. For many years he had been the secretary of the "A. B. Markham's Pride" Friendly Society.

The Funeral.

  The funeral took place on Tuesday, conducted by Mr. A. Wilson. A service in the Sherwood Street Church preceded the interment, the organist being Mr. N. Evans. Suitable voluntaries were played ... The mourners were:- The Widow; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hill, Miss Maud Hill (son and daughter); Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, Mr. and Mrs. William Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hill (brothers); Mr. G. Whittaker (Daybrook), Mrs. Stanley Whittaker, Mr. W. Fox (cousins); Mrs. G. Blood, Mrs. J. Thompson (Mansfield), Mr. and Mrs. G. Haywood, Mr. and Mrs. L. Humphrey, Mrs. G. Humphrey (brothers-in-law) and sisters-in-law; Mr. Bernard Hill (nephew).
  Personal friends were:- Mrs. March (Ripley); Mr. and Mrs. F. Wilkinson (Ripley); Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Richardson (Mansfield); Mr. Jackson (Belper); Messrs. Wm. Bostock (senior and junior), J. Newman, G. Newman and G. Spencer, J.P. New Hucknall Colliery was represented by Messrs. W. Jackson (undermanager), J. Hodgkinson (enginewright) and Ben Smith, J.P.
  The bearers were four colleagues at New Hucknall:- Messrs. W. Morris, W. Slack, G. Buttery and D. Bowler. Mr. J. Blant attended on behalf of the "Markham Pride Lodge."
  There were wreaths from:- Wife; Maud, Fred and Edith; John and Martha; Will and Libby; Tom, Agnes and family; Bernard and Nellie; George and Ethel; Will, Eunice and Florrie; Maud and George; Adeline and Nieces Ida and Irene; Stanley and Daisy; Florrie and Children; Mr. and Mrs. Buttery and Mrs. Lee; New Hucknall Surface and Underground Officials; friends and neighbours; Benevolent Fund (New Hucknall); Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Ida; Mrs. Nixon; his Three Pals; Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Alice, George and Evelyn (Mansfield); Miss E. Owen; Carrie, Annie and Hilda; Aunt and Uncle; D. Bowler, W. Morris, W. Slack and B. Black; Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson (Ripley); Mr. and Mrs. March and family (Ripley); and Mr. and Mrs. J. Jackson (Belper).


There was a decidedly optimistic note at the annual meeting of the New Hucknall Colliery Cricket Club held in the Institute on Monday evening. Mr. H.B. Stevens presiding. The balance in the bank was shown to have increased from £4 2s 4d. last year, to £17 1s 10d., and a new force was added to the club in the election of Mr. W. Jackson as vice-president.
  This year two League teams are being run, and new blood is being constantly sought, Mr. J. Watkinson having already got in touch with several promising cricketers. There is room for improvement in more ways than one.
  Last season's expenses totalled a penny short of £50. Against this gates amounted to £3 2s. 9d., the smallest being Clipstone (one shilling) and the largest Pinxton (13s. 8d.), none of the other matches made 10s., and the loss on the season was £5 5s. 5d.
  Chief sources of income were New Hucknall Colliery Co., £5; Welbeck Estates Ltd., £1; Huthwaite Wednesday C.C., £2 10s.; New Hucknall Sports Club, £3; New Hucknall Tennis Club, £1 0s. 6d.; Mr. H.B. Stevens, £1. Forty members at 5s. each brought in a useful £10, and the Christmas draw realised £18 10d.

Price of Admission.

  The performances in the field were below the average, no bowler qualified for a prize by taking 25 wickets, and no batsman scored a century, and except in one instance, nobody got anywhere near a century. It was decided on Monday to reduce the admission to twopence, and thereby make the tax-gatherer indifferent to the gate-money, and also encourage spectators when money is scarce. This suggestion met with complete approval, and should operate successfully.
  The practice of players not turning up when selected to play was discussed at some length, the chairman pointing out that this let the team down and lost the players prestige. It was decided that players offending in this respect must give an explanation. It should be mentioned that any young cricketers with batting or bowling talent will be welcomed by the club and assisted in every way to develop their abilities. Mr. H. Else (the groundsman) or Mr. Watkinson are anxious to give newcomers every chance, and it was agreed that all nights should be practice nights.
  The opening of the ground was fixed for April 24th.
  The following officials were elected:- President, Mr. H.B. Stevens; Vice-President, Mr. W. Jackson; Vice-Chairman, Mr. J. Thompson; Captain, Mr. P. Muschamp; Acting Captain, Mr. A.P. Bacon; Vice-Captain, Mr. A. Bird; Captain (second team), Mr. J. Watkinson; Vice-Captain, Mr. A. Vardy; scorer (1st team), Mr. A. Barker; second team, not filled; Secretary, Mr. V. Booth. Committee Messrs. J. Rawson, J. Watkinson, H. Else, groundsman; W. Worthington, H. Hodgkinson, J. Thompson, H. White, S. Meakin, A.P. Bacon, L. Draycott, A. Barker, A. Else, G. Reeves, E. Huskisson, A. Bird, T. Platte, R. Beighton and C. Colley; Umpires, Messrs. Rawson, Meakin and S. Maltby.


Mrs. J. Ensor, of Huthwaite U.W.O. Committee, arranged a whist drive in aid of the unemployed in the Drill Hall on Wednesday. The M.C.'s were Messrs. F. Oakley, B.A., R. Saxton, J. Haydon and H. White, and the winners were Mr. Cupit; Miss A. Chappell; and Miss Pratt; Mr. S. Hallam; Mr. W. Hallam; Mr. J. Bingham. The prizes were presented by Mrs. Slack and a pot of jam made 5s., being won by Mr. A. Betts, of Sutton.


A sportsmen's service was held in the New Fall Street Methodist Church on Sunday morning. Some spectators interest was lent to the occasion by the attendance of the New Hucknall Ambulance Division and the Huthwaite Company of Girl Guides, with their colours. The preacher was the Rev. E. Sellers, whose subject was personal discipline and the necessity of keeping fit. The congregation included representatives of the Huthwaite football clubs and of the New Hucknall Welfare and Colliery Tennis Clubs. After the service the ambulance men, in charge of Corps. Officer Murfin, Ambulance Officer Rallings and Sergt. Blow, dismissed at the Drill Hall, and the Girl Guides (Capt. Chapman) at the Library headquarters.


Yesterday.- Before Mr. A.H. Bonser (in the chair), Mr. W. Pickard, Mr. F. Hardy, Mr. T.E. Banks, Mr. B. Smith and Mr. C.H. Coupe.

A Case from Huthwaite

An interesting point was raised in a case at the Juvenile Court, when a 15 year old Huthwaite lad was summoned for cruelly ill-treating a horse by working it in an unfit state at Huthwaite on March 4th, and Geo. Robinson, of 52 Little Lane, Huthwaite, for permitting the horse to be worked.
  P.c. Turner said he saw a pit pony attached with another horse to a coalcart travelling up the hill on Common Lane, and noticing it was very lame he stopped the defendants. The youth said he had bought the pony from the colliery, and Robinson said the youth was only "trying it out."
  Inspector Sweeney, of the R.S.P.C.A., said he examined the pony and found it aged, in fair condition, but very lame and suffering from fever in the feet which rendered it incapable of work; in fact, it was cruelty to work it. Robinson said he bought the pony from the colliery company for £2; he was told it had fever in the feet and that was the reason it was sold. Afterwards he sold it to the youth for the same sum....
  The charge against the youth was dismissed, and Robinson was fined £2.


For the benefit of the Huthwaite Unemployed Workers' Organisation, a match was played between a team of unemployed and Huthwaite Villa Committee before a good crowd of spectators on Huthwaite Park on Thursday evening, when the Villa Committee were victorious by four goals to two. ....
  Play was pretty even throughout the game. B. Lee played particularly well for Villa, G. Murfin gave a fine display in goal. Thanks were extended to Mr. Spendlove, of Newcastle Street, Huthwaite, for taking charge of the game with the whistle. Teams:-
Huthwaite Villa Committee.- G. Murfin; B. Lee and B. Walters; J. Lee, J.G. Barnes (capt.) and I. Parton; W. Berresford, C. Wheeler, R. Cook, W. Moakes and J. Wilson.
Huthwaite Unemployed Workers' Organisation.- J. Shacklock; B. Whitehead and T. Stein; H. Lowe, R. Cowley and M. Herrod; N. Carrington, J. Wheeler, G. Reeves (capt.), J. Hunt and B. Allen.

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