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a weeks news dated - May 12th 1933


Council Issue Warning to Future Offenders.

  STRONG warning with regard to the action the Council will take in future with offenders on Huthwaite Park was issued at the monthly meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council on Tuesday evening, when four youths, who had been reported by the police for alleged misbehaviour on the Park, came before the Council. Councillor F.C. Sowter presided, and other members present were Councillors, J. Davies, E.H. Lowe, J. Potter, D.D. Bonser, W.E. Hancock, A. Wilson, M. Betts, J. Ball, J. Peters, H.A. Simpson, W. Clarke, J.G. Wright and T. Goodall.


  The Chairman told the youths that they had been reported by the police for alleged misbehaviour on the Park, where for some considerable time a great amount of damage had been done, and he wanted to impress the Council to stamp out this damage. If the bye-laws had been available that night prosecution would have taken place, and this would definitely happen if the police caught anyone damaging the Council's property in the future.
  "We want you to look upon the ground as your won," remarked the Chairman, "and to help us to look after it. If you do damage, money has got to be found out of the rates to make it good, and this will hit either you or your parents."
  Mr. Davis said according to his experience the damage done on the Park was due to nothing but hooliganism.
  "Certain people think that the facilities offered by the Council and the apparatus erected are nothing but scrap to fool about with," added Mr. Davies, "and the sooner this is stamped out the better. I can assure you," said the speaker, addressing himself to the youths, "that as soon as the bye-laws are put in the hands of the Council and the police that the Council will give every assistance to the police to carry out these bye-laws.

For the Children.

  "The Council are really fed up with the conduct on the Park, as must be any decent person, because it is an absolute scandal the way the apparatus is treated. We are having to repair some of it now at considerable cost. It was fixed there for the children, and there is a notice on the ground to this effect. The Council are going to take strong action against any offender in the future. No partiality will be shown, and as far as I am personally concerned we shall do everything possible to make offenders pay for the damage. It is nothing but hooliganism and we are going to stamp it out sooner or later."
  One of the youths said they were only sitting on the swing boat.
  Mr. Simpson said they could not justify their action. The swing boats, etc., were for children and children only. It was not dignified to see men using the apparatus, and they must know that they should not be on them.
  In telling the youths they might go, the Chairman asked them to bear in mind that they would not be brought there in the future. If the police caught anyone else it would be Mansfield for them, and the Chairman hoped the youths would take that as a warning and also tell other adults to keep off the apparatus.
  Three youths next came before the Council in connection with alleged damage to a goal post and crossbar on Huthwaite Park reported in a letter from the Secretary of the Huthwaite Football Club, who estimated the damage at 5s.

Council's Control.

  Mr. Clarke expressed the opinion that it was not a matter for the Council, and said that the youths had offered to pay for the damage, but the Chairman pointed out that the Council had control over the ground and only let it to the football clubs. These were anxious to help the Council to keep the ground in order, and he thought it was quite right that the matter should have been brought before the Council.
  One of the youths admitted doing the damage, but not deliberately, and the youths repeated their offer to pay for the damage.
  Mr. Davis told the youths of the warning that had been given to the other youths and said that damage on the Park could not be tolerated any longer.
  Mr. Simpson also pointed out to the youths how easy it might be for them to get involved in a police court case, although they might not be doing damage intentionally.
  The United Secretary, who was in attendance, said as they were no bye-laws in force at the time of the damage he was willing to let the matter drop, and the youths left the meeting.
  When the Cemetery and Pleasure Grounds Committee minutes were before the meeting, Mr. Clarke asked when the bye-laws would be ready, as people were still riding round the Park on bicycles and other offences were being committed.
  The Clerk said the bye-laws were in the printers' hands and would soon be available.


  Referring to a minute of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, which stated that it was considered there was no necessity for purchase of more bowls, Mr. Betts said he had been given to understand that there were only six pairs of bowls that were in proper order. The others required adjusting.
  A letter from the bowling green caretaker with regard to this matter was read by the Clerk, and stated that three pairs of bowls were not officially stamped, but for a few shillings these could be made to conform to the official standard.
  On the proposition of Mr. Betts, seconded by Mr. Wilson, it was agreed that they be done.
  Referring to a minute with regard to rent arrears, Mr. Clarke said he was under the impression that it was agreed to threaten the tenants in question with ejection if they did not pay off the arrears, and it was agreed that the minute be amended to this effect.
  The Secretary of the Huthwaite Whitsuntide Demonstration Committee wrote thanking the Council for granting the use of Huthwaite Park to the Sunday School scholars ar Whitsuntide, and also asking if the Committee could allow stalls on the ground and make a charge of these.
  Mr. Davies said he did not think they could allow a charge to be made. It was a public park and they had no jurisdiction in the matter.
  Mr. Iball: Is there any jurisdiction with regard to allowing stalls on the ground? The Clerk: No.
  Mr. Lowe: Cannot goods be sold on there?

Making a Charge.

  Mr. Davis said as a Council they could allow stalls on the Park, but he thought the question of making a charge should be deferred.
  Mr. Iball said he was continually receiving complaints of an ice-cream vendor from outside the town going on the Park when football matches were being played, etc.
  The Chairman said Sutton did not allow tradesmen on their pleasure grounds except on special occasions, and he did not think they ought to do so.
  Mr. Davis: I think we ought to confine the right - if we can call it a right - as far as possible to Huthwaite people, and not allow outside tradesmen on the Park. A number are complaining of this, and the Council ought to put its foot down and support our own ratepayers with regard to the selling of sweets, ice-creams, etc., on the ground.
  Mr. Lowe moved that the Chairman of the Pleasure Grounds Committee be empowered to allow local ratepayers to sell goods on the Park, and this was seconded. Mr. Peters: Why not make a small charge? Mr. Davies: That might be considered later.
  Mr. Wright: I think a charge ought to be made right away, because it will take a man a day to pick up paper after them. It was eventually unanimously agreed that local ratepayers be allowed to sell on the Park and that a charge of 2s. 6d. per year be made.

Orthopaedic Guild.

  The Chairman was re-elected the Council's representative on the Mansfield and District Orthopaedic Guild, on the proposition of Mr. Davies.
  The Chairman expressed the hope that the Council would do something to help the Guild in addition to making the annual subscription. Mr. Clarke supported the Chairmans remark.
  Mr. Wright was re-elected representative on the Mansfield Assessment Committee.
  A letter was read from the unemployed asking for permission to be allowed to play cricket on the Park, and on the suggestion of the Chairman, who said the ground was hardly fit at the present time, the matter was deferred.


  Well-known to many residents in both Huthwaite and Sutton for her cheerful disposition and kindly acts, extending over 20 years, the funeral took place on Monday of Mrs. Deborah Smith, High Street, Huthwaite, who passed away in Nottingham Hospital after six weeks in the institution. Mrs. Smith, who was 54 years of age, was born at the Railway Inn, Whiteborough. About 22 years ago her husband became the licensee of the Mapplewells Inn, and spent 14 years there before moving to the Old Trooper for eight years. They returned to Huthwaite only about six months ago. A husband, two sons and two daughters are left.

The Mourners.

  The Rev. W.L. Boulton held the first-part of the funeral service in the Parish Church, where two hymns were sung ... The mourners were Husband; Sarah, Donald, Mary and John, sons and daughters; Vic and Ivy, son-in-law and daughter-in-law; Mrs. J. Burrows, sister (Kirkby); Aunt Patience (Nottingham); Mr. and Mrs. T. Hinks (Sutton); Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith, Mrs. Palfreman, Mr. and Mrs. G. Waldron (Newton), Mr. and Mrs. E. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. A. Normanton, Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Smith, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law; Mrs. Coupe (Sutton), cousin; Mr. and Mrs. E. Stone (Huthwaite); Mr. and Mrs. H. Bishop (Sutton), nieces and nephews; Mr. and Mrs. Leach (Huthwaite), Mr. and Mrs. A. Sims, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Caulton, Mr. W. Storer, Mr. F. Bowler, Mr. Luke Osborne (Sutton). The bearers were six nephews; Messrs. B. Burrows, T. Herrod, G. Palfreman, Horace and Clifford Smith and Cyril Hinks.

Floral Tributes

  There were wreaths from the following:- Husband, Donald and Mary; Sarah, Vic and Little Jack; John and Ivy; Hilda and Harry; Ashley, Harriett and Family; Mr. Ted Oxley and Ada; "Trooper" Old Club Members; Ellen and Mrs. Aked; Mr. and Mrs. S. Maltby, Clarice and Miss P. Hill; E. Leader, S. Clowes and F. Clarke; Sarah, Lizzie, Tom, Cyril and Gerty; Mr. and Mrs. Leach; Mr. and Mrs. Coupe and Family; Mary and Family; Mr. and Mrs. B. Wass; Mr. and Mrs. Ancliffe and Family; Rosey Channel (Sutton); Mr. and Mrs. Waring; Nelly, Elias and Family; Mr. S. Clarke; Annie and Amos; Mr. and Mrs. Heathcote; Martha, Albert and Aggie; Mary Ann, Hannah, Francis and Wife; Sutton Trinity Cricket Club; Mapplewells Inn Club Members; Old Friends (Mapplewells Inn); Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Baker and Family; Soldier Jack and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Ellis and Children; Mr. and Mrs. J. Parr; Mr. and Mrs. T. Berry; G. and L. Murden; Digby, Ivy and Children; Bernard, Lizzie and Ivan; and Aggie, George and Dulcie.


  First team v. Pleasley (away): A.P. Bacon (captain), A. Bird, J. Shaw, S. Freestone, T. Vardy, L.B. Wheeler, W. Slack, F. Dobb, G. Dobb, J. Bradley, J. Goodwin. Reserves L. Oliver and W. Burton.
  Second team v. Pleasley (home): J. Watkinson (captain), W. Keeling, A. Thompson, C. Hill, R. Purseglove, C. Spencer, E. Dunn, P. Bostock, F. Adlington, S. Worthington, T. Grice. Reserves, N. Thompson and N. Bradford.


COLUMBIA AVENUE.- Two Popular Types at £580, and One at £486.
LIME TREE AVENUE, KIRKBY.- Four Popular Types at £485, One Parlour Type at £600, and One at £580.
EXAMPLE.- Price £485, Deposit £53, Balance as Rent 13s. 6d. per Week. Other prices in proportion.
Also for Sale or would Let, Superior Type Houses on Huthwaite Road. Prices £625 and £1,000. Inspection invited.
A. FARNSWORTH AND CO., Columbia Street, Huthwaite. Tel. 178-306, Sutton.


  Much sympathy had been expressed for the husband and family of Mrs. Elsie Booth, of Carnarvon Grove, Huthwaite, who was interred in Huthwaite Cemetery. She was the wife of Mr. Harold Booth, who belongs to a well-known local football family. He is a consistent and popular member of the Huthwaite C.W.S. eleven, and his elder brothers were formerly prominent in the New Hucknall Colliery team.
  The late Mrs. Booth, was was only 30 years of age, was a native of Huthwaite, and had been employed for nearly 15 years at the C.W.S. factory, where she was highly esteemed, both by the staff and by her fellow workers.
  She had been ill for six months, and for the last 12 weeks had not been able to leave the house, but her last days were cheered and brightened by the devoted attentions of her own family and by the constant enquiries of numerous friends.

The Funeral

  The funeral was conducted by Mr. Chas. Mann, senior, many manifestations of sympathy being shown. The C.W.S. Football Club provided two of the bearers, and sent a wreath, and a similar token was sent by the operatives. Previous to the interment a service was held in the Sutton Road Church, where the late Mrs. Booth was a member of the Sunday School in her earlier years. The hymns included "Rock of Ages," and Mr. Mann, in a sympathetic address, referred to the heavy loss sustained by her husband and family and many friends.
  The mourners were Husband, Harold; Mr. and Mrs. C. Fulwood, parents; Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. C. Fulwood, Messrs, George, James and Clarence Fulwood and Miss May Fulwood, brothers and sisters; Mr. and Mrs. S. Fulwood (Ollerton), Mr. and Mrs. E. Lynam (Marehay), Mrs. M. Fulwood (South Normanton), Mrs. A. Bradley (Belper), Mrs. M. Bradley (Belper), uncles and aunts; Miss E. Caunt (Denby), and Mr. A. Caunt (Kilburn), cousins; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Booth, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hill (Bilsthorpe), brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law; Master Ronald and Miss Connie Booth, nephew and niece; Mrs. J. Hall and Mr. G. Hall (Clay Cross), Mr. F. Holden (Welbeck), and Miss F. King (Newton), friends.

Floral Tributes.

  The bearers were Messrs. J. Hartley, C. Hassall, G.H. Walker (cousin), H. White, J. Shaw and J. Flowers.
  Beautiful floral tributes were sent by the following: Husband, Harold; Mother, Father and Family; Lizzie, Joe, Chris and Nelly; May and Gren; Bill, Lett and Ron; Charlie and Connie; Walter, Alice and Avis; Andrew, Clara and Children; Uncle Joe; Aunt Maggie; Aunt Patty, Ethel, Albert, Myrtle, Amos and Baby Desmond; Aunt May and Uncle Ernest; Aunt Diana and Uncle Sam (Ollerton); Uncle Jack and Auntie Annie (Belper); Frances, Fred and Ron; Mrs. King and Family; Mrs. Shaw, senior, and junior, Mrs. Dobb, Mrs. Dove and Mrs. Greatorex; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fisher; Friends of Newcastle Street; Mr. and Mrs. Hassall; Mr. and Mrs. T. Walters and Family (Sutton Road); Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hallsworth and Family; Winders and Staff of the Yarns Department, C.W.S. Factory; Players and Members of the C.W.S. Football Club.


GOSPEL MISSION ACCOUNTS, HUTHWAITE - December 23rd, audited and found correct by H. Holloway. Balance in hand 17s. 6d. A Gruby. -Advt.

The rain was a complete spoil sport on Saturday, There was a full list of fixtures in cricket, tennis and bowls, both League and friendly, but all had to be terminated after a start had been made. One thing, however, is clear, and that is a very large number of people have made preparations for taking part in summer pastimes of one sort or another.

The hymns for the Nonconformist United Sunday School festival at Whitsuntide have been selected as follows: "All hail the power of Jesu's name" (Gospel Mission); "How sweet the name of Jesus sounds" (Sherwood Street); "Sunny days of childhood" (New Fall Street Methodist); and "There is a book who runs may read" (Sutton Road Methodist).

Sunday School anniversary services were held in the Sutton Road Church on Sunday, the preacher being the Rev. H.R. Hackforth (Kirkby). There were good congregations, and the services were a great success. Ninety children were assembled on the platform, and, assisted by the church choir, gave a programme of children's hymns in a confident and pleasing style. They were directed by Mr. Wilson Hill, who had trained them for the occasion with his usual earnestness and ability. A feature of the proceedings was the sole singing of Miss Joan Hancock, aged 10, who made her first public appearance as a soloist. Her voice attracted the attention of the conductor a little while back, and Joan was selected for Sunday's solo, and at both morning and evening service she sang in a natural and unaffected style. An adult duet was twice rendered in the morning by Miss Doris Holland and Mrs. Clarkson, and in the evening by Misses A. Booth and F. Ball. Recitations were given by the following children, who had been prepared by Miss Horsey: Freda Robinson, Hilda Flowers, Hilda Thorpe, Betty Thorpe, Jessie Bacon, Olive Kirk, Edith Hallam and Jack Hodgkinson. The organist for the day was Mr. W. Ball, and the offertories were £11 10s.

Hucknall Huthwaite Local Board.

  At the first meeting of the new Hucknall Huthwaite Local Board the members present were Messrs. S. Watson, C.C. Betts, T.C. Birkhead, Taylor, Oxley, Stringfellow, Pilsworth and E. Burrows. Mr. Taylor was unanimously elected Chairman for the year. The appointment of Committees resulted as follow:- Gas and Water, Messrs. Watson, Burrows, Betts, Pilsworth and Birkhead; Highway, Sanitary and Finance, the whole Board; Cemetery, Messrs. Pilsworth, Stringfellow, Oxley and Betts; School Attendance (to meet with other parishes at Mansfield), Messrs. Watson and Taylor.
  Estimates for the current half-year showed an expenditure of £622, which included £113 for repayments in connection with loans, and the receipts were £481 14s. 8d., leaving £140 5s. 4d. to be provided. A general district rate of 5d. in the £ would produce £205, and this was accordingly fixed. Dr. Style reported that five deaths had occurred during the month, births numbered 19.


WITH their victory over Sutton Colliery in the final of the Stanton Hill, Teversal and Skegby Nursing Cup, Huthwaite Villa have ended in triumph a most successful season, which is claimed to be a record in local football history. In their first season of League football they have gained the championship of the Sutton and Skegby League (Division III.) and have won the League Cup as well as the other trophy mentioned.


  In the Nursing Cup Competition the Villa have played clubs in higher leagues than their own, but have never been daunted, and have won their laurels by consistently clean and thrustful play. The players have proved a thoroughly sporting set, who have always had the honour of the club in front of them. Every player has given of his best in almost every match, and no one has ever objected to stand down if it was thought a better choice could be made.
  In League football the club has scored 146 goals against 44, and in cup ties 55 against 11 making a total of 201 against 55. Of these G. Reeves has scored 66, and W. Cooke 38, each having several hat-tricks to his credit.
  A good deal of the progress of the club is due to the enterprise of the secretary, Mr. G. Barnes. He has realised the value of publicity, and by constantly foraging for new players has always had a reliable reserve handy when a vacancy had to be filled, or an emergency to be met. His painstaking efforts and unswerving interest have been important factors in the club's achievements.
  The loyal band of supporters (and the mascot) must not be forgotten. The Villa have been cheered on to victory, both at home and away, by a group of admirers of both sexes, who have stuck to them through thick and thin. At many away matches there have been more Huthwaite spectators than those of the home team.

Gruelling Games.

  Despite a season's hard work and some gruelling games, the Vila have still found time and energy to play for charity. Both regular players and the committee have taken part in games for the benefit of the Old People's Treat and have thus a claim to public support and consideration in every way.
  It is almost certain that next season the Villa will be elevated to a higher section of the League, and some of their players may be in leagues higher still, but whatever happens, their memorable first season should arouse pride and satisfaction in Huthwaite sport circles for a long time to come.
  The match between the Villa and Sutton Colliery was watched by representatives of Lincoln City and Coventry City. Subsequently Lincoln made enquiries in respect of W. Cooke and F. Brooks, and it is known that Sutton Town have already promised to assist the Villa next season:- L. Smith, Griffiths, Brooks, Cooke, Palethorpe and the three Reeves brothers, who during the past season have performed a good work in putting opposing goalkeepers on their merits.
  Villa's last match was against Mansfield Ivanhoe on Huthwaite Park on Saturday, when the home team ran out easy winners by five goals to two. Villa's goals were obtained by G. Reeves (2), E. Reeves, Hunt and Buxton and Hinchcliffe and Cooper scored for Mansfield.


  In the King's Bench Division on Monday Mr. Justice Finlay entered judgement in favour of the New Hucknall Colliery Co., Ltd., with costs, in their dispute with the Standard Tonnage Committee and the Executive Board of the Midland Amalgamation District, concerning the standard tonnage allotted to the company.
  The matter had come before the court as a special case stated by an arbitrator who had also acted in a previous dispute between the parties.
  In his first award the arbitrator found the company was entitled to 6.94 per cent. of that average aggregate sectional tonnage, which, with an allowance of 47,285 tons in respect of the special circumstances of their undertaking, gave the company an annual standard tonnage figure of 1,890,010 tons.
  Through a division of an increase in the aggregate tonnage the company's figure was increased later to 1,902,368 tons. Then in June and November, 1932, the company suffered two reductions of 78,579 and 13,578 tons respectively, after increases had been granted to other undertakings.


  In those circumstances the company went to the arbitrator again, and maintained that the method adopted by the committee in fixing their standard tonnage figure was wrong.
  In giving judgement, Mr. Justice Finlay found that the increased amount of the aggregate sectional tonnage should have been divided among the now special mines in the section, with the result that the company should have been given an increase of 23,237 tons. ...
  The solution was to be found in an intermediate view that the standard tonnage remained as awarded by an arbitrator until the circumstances warranted it.
  Judgement was entered accordingly.


  Huthwaite C.W.S. first team have completed a most creditable season's programme under the auspices of the Sutton and Skegby League, Division II. of which they are the runners-up. The team's record is as follows:- 24 matches played, 18 won, 3 drawn, 3 lost, goals for, 78, against, 25, total points, 39. It will be noticed on perusal of the League table that the goals scroed against C.W.S. are the lowest in the Division, and possibly are amongst the lowest on record.
  The team have also done well in the League Cup Competition, in which they reached the semi-final only to be beaten by the odd goal of three after five hours football against Mansfield Invicta, the champions of the division.
The individual records of several palyers reveal some interesting facts. R. Saxton, who is the oldest member of the team, has to his credit no fewer than 32 goals, Saxton has also proved a useful man in filling the position of right full-back, left full-back, and all positions of the forward line. Excepting outside-right.
  The club has also been ably served by H. Mills, of Pinxton (goalkeeper); A. Pegg, of Sutton (centre-half); H. Booth (right full-back) and A.R. Dallison (left full-back). Other prominent goal scorers include, S. Briggs, R. Jones, E. Dement and H. Brunt.

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