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a weeks news dated - December 22nd 1933


  On Friday the annual Christmas treat to the Blackwell Road scholars took place, about 230 sitting down to an ample tea of sandwiches, cakes and buns. The rooms had been very prettily decorated and the tea was served (after grace by the Headmaster) by the staff as follows:- Messrs. C. Bonsall (Headmaster), W.G. Thomas, G. Walker, E. Gunby, Mrs. S. Gascoigne, Misses Whetton, Belshaw and Lineker. They were assisted by Mrs. Bonsall, Mrs. H.J. Ensor, Mrs. Nicholls, Miss M. Ensor, J. Abbott, V. Beresford, and V. Boot, and several senior scholars.
  After the tea several carols were sung (unaccompanied) and the Headmaster extended seasonable compliments to the whole of the children, who departed each with an orange, a packet of sweets and a beaming countenance. The staff and visitors were thanked by the Headmaster for their help in so many ways.


  The scholars of the New Street School numbering 300, met in two sections for their Christmas festivities, the Juniors on Tuesday and the Seniors on Wednesday, all returning to school at 4.30. They were then regaled to a substantial Christmas tea. The rooms were attractively festooned and adorned, and candle lighting added a novelty to a gay scene.
  The children afterwards met in the large Central Hall, where, to the strains of suitable music, they indulged in the usual games, "Jolly Miller" and "A Hunting we will go" being first favourites. Leading the games was a band of teachers and friends, all intent on giving the children a good time. The Seniors gave two laughable farces and the Juniors a costume play entitled "Soup," all causing great amusement. The characters are set out below. The proceedings ended at eight o'clock, with "Auld Lang Syne" and "The King," the organisers were satisfied that each child had experienced something of the Christmas spirit and that the great festival had been suitably celebrated.
  The scholars who took part in the plays were as follows:- "Saturday Sensation," Joyce Parkin, Phyllis Barnes, Lillian Walters, Dorothy Rowe, Ruth Berry, Mary Cooper, Madge Cooper, Arthur Deakin, Reggie Coleman, Elsie Pickering, George Kirk, Cissie Shore, Joan Heathcote, Irene Rhodes, Eliza Adlington, Lee Clowes and Dorothy Bettison.
  "King of Barbason," J. Keeling, M. Stopps, M. Murfin, J. Keeling, A. Ellis, M. Harrison, M. Purseglove, G. Pemberton, F. Harper, M. Ford, J. Ward, H. Brooks, I. Mansell, P. Gent, H. Murfin, O. Dykes, J. Simmonds and D. Bramley.
  "Soup," M. Bailey, A. Morgan, H. Keetley, P. Caunt, N. Marriott, L. Neal, L. Williams and J. Vardy.


  At the Sherwood Street Church on Sunday the preacher was Mr. S. Mansfield. In the afternoon a children's carol service was held, the soloist being J. Hardwick.

  The Huthwaite Unemployed Workers' organisation, by means of a Free Gift scheme, have provided good concerts to unemployed of the district and, at the same time, have supplied vouchers of 3s. each to 126 unemployed. A total of 196 applied for vouchers, and the committee are anxious to provide the remaining 70 as soon as funds will allow.

  The following members of the Vicar's Catechism Class received prizes at his hands on Sunday:- Boys: W. Hardy, W. Lee, E. Reeves, E. Dickens, G. Wright, H. Ball, J. Jones, J. Parton, A. Havenhand, C. Evans, R. Tomlinson, R. Ensor, B. Ensor, H. Fitchett, R. Marriott, A. Weston, A. Beardall, L. Clay, R. Deakin and P. Robinson. Girls: M. Wilson, G. Wilson, M. Gascoigne, A. Dickens, J. Dyment, V. Stopps, M. Pilkington, J. Pilkington and M. Ensor.

  The Huthwaite Evening Institute members met on pleasure bent in the large hall of the New Street School prior to the holiday, being entertained to a social evening of games, dancing, competitions and other forms of amusement. Refreshments were served at the interval, and the proceedings were finished with the usual good wishes from the headmaster. The functions are a means of strengthening the friendships that are often made among the young people of these evening schools.

  The yuletide festival was a very quiet one, and was rendered still more so by the almost complete absence of juvenile carol-singers. Family parties and re-unions still form the chief feature of the Christmas festival and a recent fillip in trade allowed these to be indulged in on a fairly generous scale. One small surprise was that the holidays granted at New Hucknall Colliery were limited to Monday and Tuesday. This was in striking contrast to the other vacations in the year, which have all been a week at the least or a good deal longer.
  The fact that the pits resumed work on the 27th December raises an important point in connection with unemployment benefit. New Hucknall has not worked on the 27th of December for years', consequently that particular day has been regarded as a customary holiday and no benefit has been available. Now a fresh precedent has been set up; the date could not be regarded as a working day, and if the pits "play" on December 27th next year it should count as a day of compulsory unemployment, for which benefit should be paid, unless the matter is determined by fresh rulings during the next twelve months.

  There was a festive gathering in the Sherwood Street Sunday School on Boxing Day. The occasion was a tea and social evening by the members of the Christian Endeavour, to which they had invited their friends from the Sutton Road Church. There was a very good muster, and a gay scene of high spirits, pretty frocks, and seasonable decorations. The young ladies attended to the catering, and the young men provided the entertainment. Mr. E. Atkins (secretary) supervised the programme of games, music, and community singing which lasted until eleven o'clock.

  Special services with seasonable music were held at the New Fall Street Methodist Church on Sunday, the music being under the direction of Mr. J.W. Allsop. The preacher was Mr. D. Burton (Huthwaite) and the following musical items were given during the day:- Anthems by choir ....; solo, Mr. C. Colley; solo, Mr. J. Hardy; quartettes, Messrs. Hardy, Marshall, Spencer and Colley; anthem, choir; quartette, Messrs. Hardy, Marshall, Spencer and Colley. Christmas carols were also sung during the service. The organist was Miss S. Mitchell.

  On Thursday the New Hucknall Colliery Check and Sharpening Fund "divi" was paid out at the Free Church Schoolroom. The allotment amounted to sevenpence in the shilling which was a penny in the shilling more than the previous six months, and well over £200 was distributed. At the same time the annual meeting of the Check and Sharpening Committee was held, but with practically no change in its personnel. Appointments were:- President; Mr. F. Allsop; sub-checkweighman, Mr. C. Ashley; secretary, Mr. S. Fox; treasurer, Mr. L. Oliver; committee, Messrs. T. Allsop, A. Wood and H. Stopps. Mr. B. Smith, J.P., was present at the proceedings to answer questions or enlighten the gathering on any particular point.

  In accordance with his annual custom, the Duke of Portland sent a donation of £10 to be distributed in half-crowns among the aged, ailing, and the lonely. These are the only qualifications, and the donation is usually supplemented by the Vicar and churchwardens, £4 having been added this year. A benefaction has also been made on behalf of the unemployed, as the result of a good deal of hard work by the Unemployment Committee. Over one hundred vouchers, representing parcels of groceries, were distributed among the most deserving cases of unemployment. The amount in each case was not great, but it was very welcome, and a good deal of credit is due to those who organised and carried out the scheme.

  The Parish Church had been attractively decorated for the Christmas festival, evergreens having been given by Mrs. C.H. Coupe, and lilies and white chrysanthemums for the alter by Mrs. Boulton. The font in particular had been very effectively adorned. The Rev. W.L. Boulton conducted the services, which were well attended. On Christmas Eve a carol service was held, when the following carols were rendered by the choir:- ..... The organist was Mr. Lowe and the offertories were for the sick and needy.


  Dorothy Pattison has gained the Intermediate Certificate for Pianoforte Playing at the recent London College of Music Examinations. Pupil of Miss Simpkin, A.L.C.M.- Advt.

  On Wednesday in the New Fall Street Schoolroom a repetition was given of the entertainment organised by the Ladies' Guild a few weeks ago. Previous to the concert a ham tea was provided by the Guild members. Subsequently Mr. J. Davies, C.C., presided, the chief items being a sketch by the Ladies Guild and one by Miss E. Pembleton and Mrs. Lee. Solos and duets were given by Mesdames England (Sutton), Sowter, Bowmar, Jones and Spencer, the pianist being Mrs. W.H. Allsop. The proceeds were for the Trust funds.

  The funeral took place on Wednesday of Mrs. Elsie Roberts, of 33, Columbia Street, Huthwaite, who died suddenly on the Saturday previous. Deceased, who was 34 years of age, was a native of Sutton, her maiden name being Fitchett. She had lived in Huthwaite eleven years, and although she had suffered severe illness for a long period the end was quite unexpected. She leaves a husband and a boy and girl of five and eight. Mr. A. Wilson officiated at the service in the Sutton Road Methodist Church which preceded the interment. The hymns were ... and Mr. Wilson delivered a sympathetic address. Mr. J. Weston was the organist and played funeral voluntaries before and after the service. The mourners were the Husband, Marjorie and Eric, children; Brothers Alfred, Will and Percy; Sisters, Lizzie and Florrie (Mansfield); Sisters-in-law Sarah (Teversal), Julie, Gertie and Clarrie; Mrs. Roberts, mother-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. P. Hill, sister-in-law; Mr. D. Coupe, brother-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, aunts and uncle; Mrs. Finch, personal friend. The bearers were Messrs. W. Clay, C. Brandreth, F. Godber and W. Sprittlehouse. There were wreaths from all the family members and also a token of respect from the neighbours.


  At St. Michael's Church, Sutton, on Saturday afternoon, the Rev. C.W. Earle officiated at the wedding of Miss Edith Dorothy Turner, daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. A. Turner, of 44, Slater Street, Sutton, and Mr. Arthur Evans Cox, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. A.J. Cox, of 23, Sherwood Street, Huthwaite. Mr. C. Wilkes, brother-in-law of the bride, gave her away, and Mr. G. Cox, brother of the groom, carried out the duties of best man.
  Attired in a dress of white satin beauts, trimmed with Nottingham lace, with wreath of orange blossom and veil, and shoes to tone, the bride carried a bouquet of white chrysanthemums. Betty Turner, a two year old niece of the bride, presented her with a lucky wooden spoon.
  At a reception held at the bride's home 50 guests were entertained. Presents were both costly and numerous, and included a plate glass mirror from Mr. C.A. Morley, a basket chair from the staff of Mr. C.A. Morley, and an oak clock from the staff and management of the Palace Sneinton. Mr. and Mrs. Cox are to reside in Nottingham.

  Owing to the late receipt of reports, and pressure on our space, several wedding notices are held over until next week.


  Bingham.- On the 27th inst., Annie Bingham, Blackwell Road, 33 years.
  Roberts.- On the 27th inst., Elsie Roberts, Columbia Street, 34 years.


  As a result of the voting which has taken place amongst the churches forming the Ripley Methodist Circuit, a new area has come into force to be known as the Alfreton Circuit. This is a change which affects several local churches, namely Skegby, Stanton Hill, Huthwaite and Priestsic Road, Sutton Methodist Churches, all of which were formerly in the Ripley Circuit. The voting on the subject resulted in nineteen being a favour of the change, and two against. The query has been raised as to why a Sutton Circuit has not been formed. The district would seem to be large enough for such a course, but apparently the powers that be think otherwise and there, evidently, matters must remain.


  The Rev. H.R. Hackforth officiated at the marriage on Tuesday of Mr. Alan Smith, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Smith, 40, Lime Avenue, Huthwaite, and Miss Florence Weston, only child of the late Mr. S. Weston and of Mrs. Weston, Carnarvon Road, Huthwaite. The ceremony took place in the Sutton Road Methodist Church, the service being a choral one, Mr. J. Weston presiding at the organ. The hymns were ...
  The bride, who was given away by a cousin (Mr. Bryan Sykes, Sutton), wore a full-length frock of powder blue georgette and Nottingham lace, with wreath and veil and white shoes and stockings. Her bouquet comprised lilies of the valley, variegated heather and trailing ferns. The two bridesmaids were Miss Ethel Hall (cousin) and Miss Ivy Hunt (friend). They were attired in buttercup crepe with crinoline hats, and shoes and stockings to tone. The carried bouquets of bronze chrysanthemums and wore necklets which were the gifts of the bridegroom.
  The best man was Mr. Sidney Smith (brother of the groom) and the bride received silver horseshoes from Miss J. Brain on behalf of the C.W.S. operatives and from Miss Margaret Rose Sykes, while a lucky wooden spoon was presented by Mrs. S.A. Parker (Leicester).
  A reception was held at the Sutton Road Sunday Schools, where 70 guests were entertained by the bride's parents. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a pearl necklace, and the bride gave the bridegroom a pair of kid gloves. ....


  Willmott-Vardy.- On the 23rd inst., at the Parish Church Sutton, by the Rev. F.R. Pyper, Herbert Willmott to Catherine Elizabeth Vardy, both of Hucknall Huthwaite.
  Bradder-Phillips.- On the 25th inst., at the same place, Benjamin Bradder to Sarah Phillips, both of Hucknall Huthwaite.
  Denby-Stones.- At the same time and place, Heirom Denby to Sarah Ann Stones, both of Hucknall Huthwaite.


  Haywood-Cordin.- On the 26th inst., at the Parish Church Sutton, by the Rev. F.J. Adams, Ernald Haywood, of Huthwaite, to Annie Cordin, of Sutton.
  Paling-Herrod.- On the 29th inst., at the United Methodist Church, Huthwaite, by the Rev. J.W. Mold, Henry Paling to Sarah E. Herrod, both of Huthwaite.


MR. SAMUEL ROBERTS AND FAMILY, 33, Columbia Street, Huthwaite, wish to thank neighbours and friends for kindness and sympathy shown during their sad bereavement.

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