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a weeks news dated - August 4th 1933


  The New Hucknall workmen's holiday has been extended another week and work will be resumed on Tuesday next. The weather has been wonderfully fine and both the men, and the pit ponies, which were turned out, have had a maximum amount of fresh air and sunshine.

  Sunday School anniversary services were concluded at the Gospel Mission Church on Sunday. The sermons on the previous Sunday were preached by Mrs. Bonsall (Blackburn), the wife of the founder of the Mission, which commenced in 1917. She remarked that she was pleased to see the work was still being carried on by a band of hard workers. The preacher on Sunday was Mr. Chadburn, of Hucknall, who spoke on the subject "We shall reap if we faint not," and on both occasions the speakers were well supported by the singing of the children and choir. On Sunday the children paraded the east side of the town, and sang hymns at various places. They were accompanied by Messrs. J. Froggatt and W. Dobb, and the harmonium was played by Mrs. Marshall. Beautiful weather prevailed. At the service in the Mission the Sutton Colliery Orchestral Quartette assisted with the music, conducted by Mr. G.H. Vardy, and recitations were given by the following:- Mary Froggatt; Lizzie Hayes; Dora Phillips; Phylis Hibbert and Miriam Birch; Edwin Buxton; Ernest Froggatt. Solos and duets were contributed by Mr. N. Price, Mrs. W. Hill and Mrs. J. Marshall, the last-named also officiating as organist. The proceeds of both weeks were £5 ...


HUTHWAITE.- 'Mill House' (until recently occupied by the late Simeon Watson, Esq.), a commodious family residence with valuable additional buildings, standing on extensive grounds. - Apply Mansfield Pogson, Estate Agent, West Gate, Mansfield.


  Work in connection with the new Employment Exchange in Outram Street, Sutton, is now nearly completed, and it is expected that the building will be opened early next month. It has been splendidly planned, and the ample accommodation which has been provided will be a vast improvement on the premises at present in use. All the departments will be under one roof, which will be an advantage to all concerned, and every facility is provided for the carrying out of the work of the departments. The convenience of those who have to use the Exchange has been given special attention, and the building is in every way splendidly adapted to its purpose.

  Local residents would act wisely to arrange for some kind of supervision of their dwellings during absence on holiday. One family had a rude awakening at the week-end on their return home to find everything in the greatest state of disorder. Drawers had been ransacked, and there had been a thorough and complete inspection of the whole place, and even food had disappeared. Such an experience is anything but pleasant, especially if occupants are of a nervous temperament. Fortunately, such occurrences are few and far between in the district.

  Some thirty men from the Sutton district left their homes on Saturday evening in order to participate in a fortnight's camp at Holyhead. They form a contingent of the 8th Battalion of the Sherwood Foresters, and departed in high spirits, some to renew experiences of camp life, others to make their first acquaintance with the conditions appertaining to the life of a soldier under canvas. Their first taste of this was not, however, all that might have been desired so far as weather was concerned. Gales raged and some of the large marquees were damaged, but subsequent they have made up for any discomfort which might have been felt, and a good deal of pleasure is being extracted from the training which they are undergoing. The camp consists of 100 officers and 2,400 other ranks, and there is no doubt they will return greatly benefitted by the open-air life they are leading.

  Fifty years ago this week the first parcel post delivery became an established fact. It is a far cry from those days, and the development of the postal service in the intervening years makes an interesting story. It is not on record, so far was we aware, to whom the first parcel was delivered by the postman in Sutton, but it is not difficult to imagine the stir which such an event would raise. The marvel to the present day generation, with the wonderful organisation of the postal service, is how our ancestors used to manage without the modern facilities. To-day we take these as a matter of course, forgetting the work which has been necessary to bring the service to its present efficiency. The progress of the postal service during the past half-century is nothing short of remarkable, and we of to-day have much to be thankful for when we halt for a moment and take stock of the position.


  The marriage took place on Saturday at Huthwaite Parish Church of a well known and popular figure in local sports circles, Miss Mary Elizabeth Clarke, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Clarke, of "Silverton," Common Road, Huthwaite, the bridegroom being Mr. George Ward, second son of Mr. and Mrs. William Ward, Sutton.

Prominent in Sports.

  The bride was trained for the teaching profession at Sutton Secondary School, and up to the present has been a member of the staff of the Sutton Church Schools. At the Secondary School she was prominent in sports, particularly tennis and hockey, and was games' captain. Subsequently she displayed an unusual degree of skill in these pastimes, as a member of the Sutton Teachers' Hockey team, and of the New Hucknall Welfare Tennis Club. For the latter she has been a consistent and capable player for several seasons, and has played a great part in helping the club to the position it now holds as champions in the local tennis World. It may be remarked that her brother, Mr. Mark Clarke, is also a regular playing member of the club.
  Miss Clarke's greatest feat was achieved quite recently, when, in the Sutton and District Tennis Tournament, she won the ladies' singles and also helped to win the ladie's doubles and the mixed doubles. Apart from the handsome cup for the ladies' singles, she possesses a collection of miniature silver cups, symbolic of more massive trophies.

Bride's and Bridesmaids' Dresses.

  The Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar) officiated at the marriage in the presence of a considerable gathering of friends of the contracting parties. Mr. M. Clarke, senr., gave his daughter away, and the bridal ensemble was a perfectly simple but distinctive gown of white satin, ankle length with wreath and veil and white stain shoes. The bouquet was of pink carnations and trailing fern, which, with a crystal necklace, were the gifts of the bridegroom.
  The two bridesmaids were Miss Olive Ward (sister of the bridegroom) and Miss Nellie Dyment (friend of the bride). ... The best man was Mr. Albert Lakin (Selston), friend of the bridegroom, and after the ceremony the bride was presented with two lucky horseshoes by Miss Patricia Burton (an eighteen months' old niece) and Miss Betty Ingram (cousin).
  Forty guests were entertained by the bride's parents at 'Silverton,' and among the many valuable gifts received by the happy couple was an oak mantle clock from the staff and scholars at Sutton church Schools.


  On Monday the annual outing of the Huthwaite Ladies' Riding-Out Party took place, the destination being Stratford-on-Avon. This organisation dates back over 20 years, and the arrangements for the trip were made by Mrs. W. Straw and Mrs. E. Smith, the residence of the latter on Sutton Road being the head-quarters.
  The outing is a very popular event, and during recent years well-known resorts and beauty spots all over the country have been visited. On Monday the party numbered 32, including friends from Sutton, Kirkby, South Normanton, and Teversal. The day was not quite so fine as had been the case recently, but the journey was made in a comfortable "Supreme" coach, and there was nothing to impair attractive features of the excursion.

Breakfast at Leicester.

  A start was made from Huthwaite at seven 0'clock, and the route lay through some of the most beautiful country in the Midlands, and revealed many objects of great interest. Breakfast was taken at Leicester, and subsequently Coventry was passed with its lofty spires and ancient buildings, Warwick with its old world charm, and Kennilworth with its castle ruins. At Stratford there was much to interest the visitors, and the birthplace of Shakespeare, the Church and the Memorial Theatre were among the places inspected.
  Dinner was provided at Stratford, and an early return allowed the party to spend a considerable time in the beautiful town of Leamington, a place which had particular interest for one of the organisers, since she had lived there over 50 years ago, and was able to renew old associations on the exact spot. After tea at Leamington, the homeward journey was by way of Lichfield, Burton-on-Trent and Derby, home being reached about 11 p.m. The outing was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and reflected great credit on the organisers for preparing a perfect day's pleasure.


  A large number of friends and well wishers assembled at the Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Sutton, on Wednesday morning to witness the marriage of Miss Irene Proctor, B.A., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.I. Proctor, of Birchdene, Huthwaite Road, Sutton, and Mr. Launcelot Ffreckville Gascoyne, B.Sc., son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Gascoyne, of 48, Lime Avenue, Staveley. The bride has just resigned the position of French mistress at the Huthwaite Road Higher School, where she was much liked and respected by the scholars and staff, and the bridegroom is assistant master at Catford, London. The future residence of the happy couple will be at Bromley, Kent. ...


  Two well-known Sutton residents, Mr. Arthur Oscroft, the popular secretary of the Sutton Motor Club, and Miss Irene Victoria Allen, were quietly married ... The happy couple, who have taken up residence in Outram Street, where Mr. Oscroft is in business as a hairdresser, have received numerous beautiful and useful presents.

No Road Fund Licence.

  Pleading guilty to having driven a motor van without a Road Fund licence at Sutton on July 17th, Thomas Mosley, of 13, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, was fined £1 1s..
  Mr. S.A. Payne, who prosecuted on behalf of the Notts County Council, said defendant was seen by P.c. Botherway driving the van on the date in question, three days after the expiration of the licence. Later a letter was received at the Guild Hall from defendant saying that he would send the money for the licence on the 20th. Mr Payne added that there had been no loss to the county Council, although there had been a certain amount of delay.
  Defendant told the Bench that he did not send for the licence the week it was due because he was short of money.

Hucknall Huthwaite Presentation.

  Owing to ill health Dr Style had been compelled to relinquish his duties as medical officer to the several friendly societies of Hucknall Huthwaite and to the Local Board, and was to leave England for a few years. A fund had been raised to make a present to the Doctor, and the matter was left in the hands of his successor (Dr. Tweedle), Messrs. W. Bostock and J. Hunt.
  On the occasion of the presentation, the whole of the lodge delegates; Drs. Banks and Tweedle, the Rev. W.J.B. Kerr, Messrs. P.J. Fenwick, W.S. Spencer, J. Boardman, W. Simpson, W. Smith and others sat down to a supper at the Peacock Inn. After the meal Mr. Kerr presided and paid tribute to the services of Dr. Style, to whom a hand-camera was presented by Mr. Godfrey Bostock (secretary to the amalgamated lodges) on behalf of his friends and admirers. During the evening several glees were sung by the Harmonic Glee Singers, and songs were rendered by Dr. Tweedle, Messrs. A.R. Lowe, P.J. Fenwick, W. Simpson, D. Foster and W. Bostock.

Opening of New Ward.

  The new third ward at the Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital, which has been erected at a cost of approximately £12,000, was officially opened on Tuesday, when Mr. Samuel Brown, a representative of the miners of Nottinghamshire, performed the opening ceremony. The new ward has been made possible through the generosity of many friends of the institution, and the nucleus of the building fund was provided by an anonymous donation of £1,000. Then the Notts. Miners' Welfare Committee gave a donation of £5,000, and since then many other people have contributed.

The New Ward.

  The additional ward is practically a replica of the existing two ward blocks. ..... This forms a new wing on the south-east end of the original building.
  The opening ceremony was performed by Mr. Brown, with a sliver key presented to him by Mr. A.N. Bromley on behalf of the architects. The actual ceremony was purely formal, Mr. Brown said, "On behalf of the Ollerton Miners' Sick and Accident Club, and as a representative of the miners of the district, I have very much pleasure in opening the third ward of Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital"

Wonderful Generosity.

  The large assembly then entered the new ward, and the Duchess of Portland (president) presided at the subsequent proceedings. She accompanied by the Duke of Portland, Mr. Brown, Mr. J.E. Alcock (chairman of the committee), Mr. H.E. Mitten (chairman of the Notts. Miners' Welfare Committee), and Mr. S.A.S. Malkin (surgeon in charge of the hospital).
  The building was dedicated by the Rev. H. McCalman, assisted by the Rev. T. Nevison, and the assembly joined heartily in singing the hymn .....



New Hucknall Colliery:- F. Dobb, W. Slack, N. Bradford, A. Spencer, G. Dobb, J. Shaw, A. Bird, T. Grice, H. White, S. Freestone, J. Goodwin.


Apparently New Hucknall Colliery II. have turned over a new leaf. They had won only one match up to a fortnight ago, but on Saturday they were on the winning side for the second week in succession. Bentinck Colliery II being their latest victims.
New Hucknall II:- L. Oliver, A. Moorhouse, C. Hill, A. Betts, H. Barker, W. Keeling, D. Shaw, C. Spencer, R. Moorhouse, E. Dunn, W. Cooper.


Huthwaite C.W.S. II. - W. Troth, J. Wass, R. Booth, H. Grafe, T. Kenyon, W. Else, A. Bailey, C. Hassal, J. Bailey, H. Daniels, W. Fox.

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