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a weeks news dated - June 16th 1933

Question of Conversion Scheme

There was very little business for discussion at the monthly meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council held in the Council Offices on Tuesday evening, when there was a 100 per cent. attendance. Councillor F.C. Sowter presided, and the other members present were Councillors J. Davies, J. Potter, J. Iball, S. Allcock, A. Wilson, M. Betts, J. Peters, W. Clarke, J.G. Wright, D.D. Bonser and W.E. Hancock.
  Arising out of the Roads and Buildings Committee minutes, the question respecting the entrance to Mr. Hopkin's property on Chesterfield Road was discussed, and Mr. Lowe moved that the Council offer to re-fix the gate in question according to arrangement to be made between Messrs. Taylor and Hopkin. Mr. Betts seconded.

An Amendment.

  Mr. Hancock moved an amendment to the effect that the Council, seeing that they had nothing to do with the matter, leave it alone. The speaker contended that it was a matter entirely between the two landlords concerned. There was no seconder to the amendment and the motion was carried.
  With regard to the question of the pail closet conversion scheme, mentioned in the Health and Hospital Committee minutes, the Clerk reported that Mr. Muschamp had intimated that the New Hucknall Colliery Company had decided to postpone considering participation in this scheme until the boundaries question is settled.
  The Clerk observed that it was rather a pity the Company were postponing the matter. By so doing they could hardly hope to save expense, because if Sutton carried out the scheme it could not be done any cheaper.
  The Clerk suggested that the Council appoint a small deputation to attend upon Mr. Muschamp and discuss the matter further.
  Mr. Betts said he was prepared to move a resolution to that effect. They were no much better off with regard to water, and he thought they could carry out the scheme successfully. He moved that the chairman of the Water Committee (Mr. Hancock), Mr. Simpson and the Clerk form the deputation. This was seconded and carried.
  It was agreed that the seal of the Council be affixed to the bye-laws relating to Huthwaite Park.

Automatic Stamp Machine.

  The Clerk said he had written a letter to the Postmaster with regard to the provision of an automatic stamp machine at Huthwaite Post Office, and had received a reply to the effect that arrangements for the provision of a machine were approaching completion.
  Extracts from the Committee minutes approved at the meeting are as follow:-
  Gas, Lighting and Water Committee.- An estimate was submitted from Messrs. Mather and Platt, Ltd., of Manchester for the installation of a booster in connection with the water main extension and amounting to £161 12s. This was referred to the Chairman and the Water Manager for consideration and report.
  A letter was read from the Derby Gas Light and Coke Company, Ltd., stating they would be prepared to supply gas in bulk to the Council at 1s. 3d. per 1,000 cubic feet for a period of seven years, the Council to be responsible for the provision and connection of new and existing mains, governor meter, etc.
  It was resolved that the Gas Manager arrange for the Manager of the above Company to interview members of the Council for the purpose of discussing the scheme.
  Roads and Buildings Committee.- Attention was drawn to the condition of the fences and the bad state of repair of Blackwell Road, and the Surveyor was instructed to approach the County District Surveyor with regard to the matter.
  Cemetery, Pleasure Grounds and Allotments Committee.- An application was submitted from Huthwaite Villa F.C. for a playing pitch on Huthwaite Park during next season, and it was resolved that permission be granted as last year.

Fencing and Footpaths.

  A letter was read from the Ministry of Health agreeing to the additional work of fencing and formation of footpaths at Huthwaite Park being defrayed out of the grants received from the Carnegie Trust and the Playing Fields Association to the extent of £300, and requesting a statement of the expenditure on the scheme and other information in connection therewith on completion of the work. It was resolved that the Ministry's requirements be complied with.
  Correspondence was read with Messrs. Bayliss and Co. respecting the current price of fencing etc., and it was resolved that the quotation for 7s. 9d. per year fencing and £31 10s. for iron gates be accepted, and that work be proceeded with.
  It was further resolved that the Surveyor approach the New Hucknall Colliery Company in reference to the proposed arrangements for the entrance to the ground from Newcastle Street; that the fence - which had been damaged by youths - be repaired; and that the football posts be removed further away.
  A quotation from Boxendale and Co., Ltd., for repairing and stamping five sets of bowls at 13s. 6d. per set was submitted and accepted.
  Health and Hospital Committee.- The Medical Officer of Health reported that three deaths had occurred in the district during the past month, and were equal to an annual mortality of seven per 1,000. Four births - one male and three females - were registered during the month.
  The Medical Officer made application for a locum during his annual holiday, and recommended the appointment of Dr. Gaston as previously. It was resolved that Dr. Gaston be appointed for a period of one month.

Loans for Housing.

  Finance and General Purposes Committee.- A letter was read from the Institution of Municipal and County Engineers inviting the appointment of delegates to the annual conference to be held at Eastbourne on June 28th and the three following days. It was resolved that the Surveyor be granted permission to attend the conference and that his expenses, not exceeding £5, be paid.
  A letter was read from Messrs. Radford and Jenkins, builders and contractors, of Mansfield, with regard to the Small Dwellings Acquisition Act, and it was resolved that the scale of repayments of loans borrowed under statute, already prepared, be revised in accordance with present rates of interest and issued to prospective borrowers.
  The Clerk reported upon his negotiation of loans amounting to £13,710 for housing, and that he had succeeded in obtaining a quotation at 3¼ per cent. He was instructed to complete the loans on the best possible terms.
  Public Library Committee.- The Caretaker reported that 1,006 books had been issued during the month as compared with 908 books during the corresponding period last year.
  The Chairman reported on the question of the re-arrangement of the Lending Library, and the matter was left in the hands of the Chairman, the Surveyor and the Caretaker for the necessary work to be carried out.


  DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION.- Annual Tea, Free Library, June 21st, 4:30 p.m.-Advt.

  The Rev. G. Fry (East Kirkby) was the preacher at the Parish Church on Sunday morning and the Rev. J. Lowndes (Blidworth) in the evening. The Vicar of Huthwaite has been called away by the serious illness of his father (who has preached at Huthwaite) and will not be back for the services next Sunday.

  An egg service was held at the Sherwood Street Church on Sunday afternoon in aid of the Mansfield Hospital. The Sunday School Superintendent (Mr. A. Drabble) was in charge and collected 172 eggs. Mr. J. Coupe motored the gifts to Mansfield, accompanied by Mr. Drabble.

  The ladies of the New Fall Street Methodist Church Guild were busy again on Sunday with one of their well-known efforts on behalf of the Church funds. The Rev. E. Sellers (supt. minister), was the preacher, and gave an address in the afternoon, his subject being then need of the team spirit or "United we stand; divided we fall." The ladies choir rendered part songs entitled .... the soloist being Mrs. Spencer. The evening was spent very pleasantly, being devoted to a service of song under the title "The Old Fiddler." The minister very ably provided the readings and the soloists were Mesdames Spencer, Jones and Bowmer, and the duettists Mesdames Turner and Murfin. The accompanist was Mr. J.W. Allsop.


  Walters.- In Loving Memory of Tom, the beloved Son of Thomas and Mary Ann Walters, who was killed at New Hucknall Colliery, June 15th, 1929. Four years have passed by still we miss him, Many think the wound has healed, But there's none that known the sorrow, In our hearts now concealed.- From his loving Mother, Dad and Family, Sutton Road.


  On Saturday, the quarterly meeting of the Ripley Circuit of Methodist Churches (formerly the Free Churches) was held in the Sherwood Street Church. Sixteen churches were represented by 50 preachers and delegates. The chairman was the Rev. J. Hooley (Ripley), who has been well-known in this district for many years.
  He announced that it would be his last quarterly meeting, as he will be superannuated in August, and although he hoped to preach occasionally his active ministry comes to an end in that month.
  Mr. Sansom (Pinxton) said that the rev. gentleman's services ought to be recognised in a tangible form, and suggested that the church stewards of the Circuit should be interviewed with a view to a presentation being made.
  Several speakers bore testimony to the value of Mr. Hooley's ministerial activities at Ripley and Clay Cross over a long period, and Mr. Sansom turned his suggestion into a resolution, which was carried unanimously.
  Very satisfactory reports of circuit accounts and church progress were presented by Mr. Graham Askew (Pinxton) and Mr. W. Curzon (South Wingfield), circuit steward and secretary respectively.
  All present sat down to tea, prepared by Mesdames Ramsell, Bradley, N. Evans, Drabble, Hawley and Miss Hawley, and a vote of thanks to the ladies was moved by Mr G. Hunt (Somercotes), and seconded by Mr. E. White.
  The organising secretary for the gathering was Mr. A. Hawley (Huthwaite) church steward.
  One of the speakers was aged 75, and another delegate who walked from Pinxton to Huthwaite and back, was aged 81.

Sunday School Opened at Huthwaite.

  The Rev. Henry E. Gregg (chairman of the Sheffield district) preached two sermons in connection with the opening of the new Wesleyan Sunday School at Hucknall Huthwaite. The School had been built at a cost of £1000, and had accommodation for about 350 scholars. There were five class rooms, two of which could be thrown into the schoolroom, being partitioned off by means of folding screens. The School was heated and ventilated by apparatus of the latest improvement. Over £400 had been raised, and there was an additional promise of £100 from the New Hucknall Colliery Co.
  The services and a tea were largely attended, among those present being the Rev. J. Crum, Ald. Alcock, Councillor Watson, Messrs. R. Alcock, J. Humble, W. Alcock and J.E. Alcock. The ladies who served tea were Mesdames Hill, Evans, Farnsworth, Betts, Misses Watson, Bostock, Farnsworth and Fidler. The day's proceedings realised £25. The chapel was also undergoing some slight alteration, and when completed would accommodate about 50 more persons.

Sutton Gas Works Extension.

  At a special meeting of the Sutton Gas Committee tenders for the work in connection with the extensions, which had been under consideration for a long time, were considered. Six tenders were received for building a new gas holder tank, and that of J.F. Price, of Nottingham, at £1,170 was accepted. Among the other tenders was one from J. Lane, Skegby, at £1,415 10s.
  For the gas holder five tenders were considered, the accepted one being that of Messrs. R. and J. Dempster, Newton Heath, Manchester, at £1,200. The other tenders ranged up to £1,420. Ten tenders were received for new purifiers, Messrs. Demster obtaining the contract at £795. The highest tender was £1,200.

Annesley Woodhouse Anniversary.

  At the Sunday School anniversary in connection with the Annesley Woodhouse Methodist Church two sermons were preached by Mr. A.C. Evans, of Huthwaite. Special hymns were sung by the children, and anthems by the choir and friends. ....

Sutton Fast Bowler.

  A "Random Shot": "That Sutton's well-known fast bowler - T. Wass - still retains his skill and effectiveness was very clearly demonstrated on Friday, when playing against Essex. Not only did Wass capture eight wickets in each innings, but performed the hat-trick by taking three wickets in three balls - a very rare occurrence in first-class cricket. In commemoration of the event, Wass was presented with the ball which he used with such destructive effect amongst the Essex furniture."

Newman, 17 Market Place

                   P. W. L. D. P.
New Hucknall 5 4 0 1 9
Bentinck 4 3 0 1 7
Shirland 5 3 1 1 7
Welbeck 5 3 1 1 7
Alfreton Welfare 5 1 3 1 3
Teversal 6 1 4 1 3
Annesley 4 1 3 0 2
Pinxton 4 0 4 0 0


  New Hucknall Welfare v. Pinxton Colliery. -Played on Bentinck Green on Tuesday. Scores:-
  New Hucknall Welfare.- E. Mansell, W. Boot, C. Pilkington, 31; J. Allsop, senr., E. Bowmar, S. Bowmar, 31; J. Hunt, C. Nunn., B. Goodwin, 31; J. Allsop, junior, C. Cooper, H. Rudkin, 31; total, 124.
  Pinxton Colliery.- ...... total, 57.

  Shirland Colliery v. New Hucknall Welfare.-Played at Shirland on Saturday.
  Scores:-   Shirland.- ..... total, 76.
  New Hucknall Welfare.- J. Hunt, C. Cooper, B. Goodwin, 24; E. Bowmar, J. Allsop, senior, S. Bowmar, 31; J. Allsop, J. Tomlinson, H. Rudkin, 31; W. Boot, J. Clewley, C. Pilkington, 31; total, 117.


The rinks competition will be played on the Alfreton Welfare Greens to-morrow, when there should be a keen fight for the shield, as some of the best bowlers of the district are taking part in the competitions. Mr. F. Dyment, the Alliance Secretary, will be in charge.
  The draw is as follows:-
  Annesley No. 2 (E. Pratt, P. Hare, B. Stafford) v. Bentinck No. 4.
  Shirland No. 1 (M. Haynes, S. Haynes, L. Merry) v. New Hucknall No. 3 (C. Nunn, B. Goodwin, S. Bowmar).
  Bentinck No. 1 (E. Hatton, J. Baird, H. Bull) v. Pinxton No. 1 (C. Sowter, H. Moore, A. Charlesworth).
  New Hucknall No. 1 (E. Mansell, W. Boot, C. Pilkington) v. Teversal No. 1 (A.W. Vann, T. Pickering, T. Hibbard).
  Shirland No. 2 (T. Hatton, J. Greaves, A. Clay) v. Bentinck No. 2 (A. Sharpe, W. Ward, W. Fowler).
  New Hucknall No. 4 (C. Cooper, J. Allsop, H. Rudkin) v. Bentinck No. 3 (W. Hart, E. Wood, E. Moody).
  Alfreton Welfare No. 1 (A.N. Others and H. Cox) v. Annesley No. 1 (G. Clarke, A. Bale, R. Rymell).
  Annesley No. 3 (C. Scotton, H. Hunt, H. Reeve) v. New Hucknall No. 2 (J. Hunt, J. Wright, E. Bowmer).

                   P. W. L. D. P.
New Hucknall 6 6 0 0 12
Sutton Lawn 6 5 1 0 10
Sutton Colliery 7 5 2 0 10
Welcome Cafe 9 5 4 0 10
Bentinck 6 4 1 1 9
Teversal 8 4 3 1 9
East Kirkby Wel. 7 4 3 0 8
I. and R. Morley's 6 2 4 0 4
East Kirkby B.C. 6 2 4 0 4
Titchfield Park 7 2 5 0 4
Huthwaite 8 2 6 0 4
Conservative Club 9 2 7 0 4
Kingsway Park 7 1 6 0 2

  Huthwaite U.D.C. v. I. and R. Morley's. Played at Huthwaite, on Wednesday. Scores:-
  Huthwaite.- J. Smith, W. Woodhead, C.H. Coupe, 31; S. Gascoigne, J. Purdy, S. Hunt, 10; T. Bradley, J. Wilson, H. Thompson, 31; B. Hill, R. Hayes, E. Coleman, 31; total, 103.
  I. and R. Morley's.- Broomhead, Slack, Carlisle, 26; J. Waterfield, J. Dove, C. Dove, 31; Jamson, Kidger, Clarke, 19; A. Oldham, E. Francis, W. Mannings, 11; total, 87.

  Titchfield Park v. New Hucknall Welfare. Played at Titchfield Park, on Wednesday. Scores:-
 Titchfield Park.- ..... total, 94.
  New Hucknall Welfare.- E. Mansell, W. Wright, B. Goodwin, 31; J. Allsop, junior, J. Boot, C. Pilkington, 31; C. Nunn, J. Peters, H. Rudkin, 31; J. Allsop, senior, E. Bowmar, S. Bowmar, 31; total, 124.


  The following matches were played on the New Hucknall Welfare Green on Monday;
  C. Dove and G. Cramptom (Sutton Cafe No. 5) beat G. Carlisle and H. Bean (Morley's No. 6)
  Osborne and Smith (Titchfield Park No. 1) beat T. Thompson and J. Smith (Huthwaite U.D.C. No. 2); West and Bacon (Sutton Cafe No.4) beat A. Bacon and G. Bullock (Sutton Colliery No. 1).
  A. Oldham and H. Denby (Morley's No. 1) beat Kirk and Eason (Titchfield Park No. 2).

Progress of Sutton and Skegby Football.

A RECORD season with a profit of over £41 and a financial position better than ever before - these were the outstanding facts reported at the 28th annual general meeting of the Sutton and Skegby Football League held at the Old Blue Bell Inn, Sutton, on Monday evening, when the Rev. L. J. Stamper (President) presided over a representative gathering. Supporting the President were Messrs. H. Tomlinson (chairman), L. Heath (general secretary). H. Hall (financial secretary), A.E. Francis (vice-chairman), S. Dove, A. Braddow, F. Green and P. Kirk (Executive members).

"The Other Side".

  The President expressed pleasure at seeing such a splendid attendance, which showed that they still had football at heart, although they were in the cricket season. During the season the Executive had worked wonderfully well, and often at a sacrifice to themselves. Paying tribute to the splendid work of the Secretary, the President said that behind the work of the Executive was a great deal of consideration for the clubs, and he appealed to the clubs, when they thought they were being dealt harshly with by the Executive, to try and see the other side of the question. Referring to the admirable work of the League's referees, the President said their position was often an awkward one and he asked clubs to always treat these officials as considerably as possible.
  Presenting his annual report Mr. L. Heath said:-
  "With the end of season 1932-33, we come to the close of another term of the League's activities - and what a season it has been! Though many may not regret the termination of another campaign, most followers of the game will be counting the weeks from now until next season begins.
  "In reviewing the past year I think we all agree that the Sutton and Skegby League has lived up to its reputation as one of the most progressive competitions in this area. Numerically all previous records have been broken, and the season will go down as one of the greatest in the League's history. The list of players registered and transferred has exceeded all previous totals, and you will hear from the report of the Financial Secretary how the finances of the League have been augmented, as a result of the past season's working. This, in view of trying times which have been experienced through bad trade and unemployment, is no mean achievement, and deserves the highest praise.

Wonderful Efforts.

  "Many clubs are to be congratulated on the splendid manner, and in some cases, wonderful efforts, they have made to fulfil their obligations, for it is recognised that several have carried on under most adverse conditions. The championship struggles and cup-ties in each division have been keener than ever before, and interest was maintained right up to the last day of the season. May I express, on behalf of the officials, our appreciation of the excellent quality of the football that has been played, for it has certainly done the League credit. The conduct of the players, in most cases has been admirable, and games have been pleasant to watch.
  "I wish to extend hearty congratulations to all the clubs that have gained honours; no one can deny that they are deserving of the prizes, and it has been no easy achievement for any one of them. Clay Cross Red Rose, Mansfield Invicta and Huthwaite Villa have proved worthy champions, and all three have been fortunate in having such good players at their disposal, and such capable officials in charge of their affairs. Pilsley Welfare's success was also a great feat, and they along with the Invicta and Huthwaite Villa, fully deserve the honour of holding these trophies for the next 12 months.
  "Once more, I gladly pay my tribute of praise to our worthy President and Treasurer (the Rev. L.J. Stamper), and the whole of the League Management Committee who, as usual, have performed their tasks with sound judgement and, sometimes single purpose of the welfare of the game. I trust everyone connected with the League will at all times recognise their indebtedness to those who labour in their interests, and remember that efficient administration is impossible unless they are willing to assist the officials to carry out the laws of the game.

Favourable Financial Statement.

  "I am personally grateful to our Financial Secretary (Mr. Hall), whose work is most valuable, and in which thoroughness is always the dominant note. To all club secretaries and referees for their consistent and valuable help, I want to say 'Thank You,' and I shall look forward to the next campaign with great expectation, confident of its success, if I can rely on the same measure of support that has been evidenced during, and so ensured the success of, season 1932-33."
  In submitting the balance sheet for the past season, Mr. H. Hall thanked all club secretaries, members of the Management Committee and League officials who had helped to make it possible once more to present such a favourable financial statement. He felt very proud to be able to report such a healthy state of affairs financially, in spite of the trying times. The past season had been a record one for the Sutton and Skegby League in many respects. The League was never in such a healthy position financially as it is to-day. This position had not grown up on them, but had been brought about by the concerted efforts of all connected with the League.
  After reading the balance sheet, which showed a profit of over £41 on the season and a credit balance of £63, Mr. Hall proceeded to make a few comparisons between a few of the sources of income and expenditure for the past two seasons. With regard to medals, £13 more had been paid this year than last, so that they had not increased the bank balance by giving inferior trophies, but had upheld the prestige of the League by again presenting trophies second to none. The previous season a prize draw brough in over £11 profit. This year there had been no income form this source, and with the exception of £2 5s. vice-presidents subscriptions the League had been self supporting.
  Gate receipts at cup semi-finals and finals had increased by nearly £50, and the speaker thanked all who had turned up and supported the League so loyally at these matches, at which they had had good return for their money by the high standard of play produced. With regard to tax, Mr. Hall said this was a very sore point with him. They had paid nearly £12 in tax and while he did not wish to introduce politics into football, it was his intention later on in the meeting to move a resolution on the matter.
  The balance sheet was adopted.
  Mr. R. Bond said his and Mr. W.L. Oldbury's task as auditors had been an extremely pleasant one, and he paid tribute to the splendid manner in which the books were kept. Mr. Oldbury also paid his tribute.
  The following resolution moved by Mr. H. Hall and seconded by Mr. A.E. Francis, was passed unanimously:-
  "That this meeting is of the unanimous opinion that the tax on admission to amateur football matches is very unfair, and requests that the local M.P. and Patron of the League (Mr. C. Brown) be asked to introduce a private Member's bill into Parliament to abolish the tax on all prices of admission to amateur football matches up to and including the price of 4d. (Other amateur competitions please copy.")
  A vote of thanks to the officials for their splendid services during the past season was moved by Mr. H. Collins and seconded by Mr. C. Goldstraw, and was heartily endorsed.

Election of Officers.

  Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follow:- Patron, Mr. C. Brown, M.P.; president and hon. treasurer, Rev. L.J. Stamper; vice-presidents, Councillors H.C. Wright, C.C., J.A. Percival, H.S. Shacklock, C.A. Morley, Rev. A. Glen Smith, Messrs. J.W. Jackson, H. Walton, B. Walton and J. Strachan; chairman, Mr. H. Tomlinson; vice-chairman, Mr. A.E. Francis; financial secretary and registrar, Mr. H. Hall; hon. secretary, Mr. L. Heath; management committee, Messrs. S. Dove, E. Frost, W.H. Pepper, J.C. Jordan, W.H. Hall, W. Statham and W.L. Oldbury; hon. auditors, Messrs. R.B. Bond and W.L Oldbury.
  The following 15 new clubs were accepted as members of the League:- Huthwaite Peacock, Selston Miners' Welfare Reserve, Blidworth Welfare Reserve, Annesley Woodhouse, B. Winning Amateurs, Warsop Rangers, Shirebrook North End, Pinxton Miners' Arms Athletic, Hepthorne Lane, Doe Lea Bible Class, Warsop Vale United, Sutton Swifts, Stanton Hill Swifts, Warsop North End and Bentinck Colliery.
  Twenty-three clubs who were members of the League last season also re-joined. These are Huthwaite Villa, Sutton Villa, Spion Kop, Mansfield North End, Carsic Lane United, Woodhouse Corinthians, Huthwaite United, Reindeer United, Clay Cross Works, Skegby Rovers, New Houghton Church, Meden Bank Red Rose, Mansfield Victoria Sports Club, Blidworth Prims., Holbeck, Messrs. B. Walton and Sons, Messrs. B. Walton and Sons Reserve, Thoresby, Huthwaite C.W.S., Ollerton Colliery Reserve, Tibshelf Scouts, Rufford Colliery Reserve and Broomhill Sports Club.
  Three divisions are to be run again and these are to be constituted and fixtures made at a meeting to be held towards the end of next month.
  The rules were gone through and alterations made where necessary, one being to the effect that clubs be allowed to play matches on Christmas Day.


  Playing on the C.W.S. Ground, Huthwaite on Wednesday, Mansfield Colliery easily accounted for Messrs. Briggs and Greenwood. ....


  Playing at New Hucknall on Wednesday, East Kirkby Welfare won with two wickets to spare:-

New Hucknall Colliery II.
L. Oliver c Taylor b H. Buxton 38
J. Brandreth c Hall b A. Buxton 0
P. Bostock b A. Buxton ........ 3
N. Bradford c Taylor b A. Buxton 7
A. Betts c Taylor b A. Buxton .. 6
C. Stirland b Hall ............. 8
H. Barker c Wood b H. Buxton ... 6
W. Keeling c Hall b Harris .... 14
W. Hunt b Harris ............... 4
C. Spencer c Hall b Phillips ... 1
D. Shaw not out ................ 3
Extras ............... 11
Total = 101
East Kirkby Welfare.
V. Crompton c Brandreth b Bostock 7
S. Phillips c Stirland b Betts . 8
H. Buxton run out .............. 0
F. Harris c Oliver b Bostock ... 8
A. Buxton b Bostock ............ 7
T. Skermer c Bradford b Spencer 31
G. Hall not out ................ 10
A. Taylor b Brandreth .......... 2
O. Wass c Keeling b Spencer .... 28
L. Wood and D. Charles did not bat.
Extras ............... 8
Total (8 wkts.) = 109


Annesley Colliery batsmen were on top of their form when they visited Huthwaite to play New Hucknall Colliery on Saturday, and returned home with both points. .... The home team did not fare so well at the crease, although A. Brid and F. Dobb made praiseworthy efforts, ... Scores:-

New Hucknall Colliery.
F. Dobb c Lester b P. Cleverley 33
W. Slack c Miles b Walton ..... 1
E. Vardy b J. Cleverley ....... 1
G. Dobb b J. Cleverley ........ 6
J. Shaw c P. Cleverley b Walton 7
A. Bird c P. Cleverley b Barratt 37
G. Park lbw b P. Cleverley ..... 2
T. Grice b P. Cleverley ........ 2
S. Worthington c Wharmby b Miles 14
J. Goodwin not out ............. 7
A.P. Bacon b Miles ............. 6
Extras ......... 11


  In a game of varying fortunes at Nuncargate on Saturday, the home team beat their visitors, New Hucknall Colliery II., by a margin of two wickets. Apart from J. Brandreth, P. Bock and N. Bradford, the visitors put up a poor show at the crease, ....

New Hucknall Colliery II.
L. Oliver b Baker .............. 1
J. Brandreth c Rabbit b Bryan .. 23
P. Bostock run out ............. 23
G. Freeman b Bostock ........... 0
N. Bradford c Lee b Varnam ..... 18
A. Betts b Varnam .............. 5
W. Keeling c Dear b Varnam ..... 3
G. Dove c Hardwick b Varnam .... 1
C. Stirling b Lee .............. 7
W. Hunt not out ................ 5
A. Thompson b Varnam ........... 0
Extras ......... 2

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