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a weeks news dated - January 20th 1933


The accident which befell Mrs. N. Evans at Christmas is a more serious matter than was first imagined, and she has not yet been able to leave her bed. She is, however, making satisfactory, though slow progress.

On Monday a pleasant evening was spent by the Mothers' Union in the Common Road Schools. It was the annual New Year's gathering, which had been delayed for various reasons, but the felicitations which were exchanged, both by officials and members, were none the less genuine on that account. Mrs. Grierson presided, and there were games and gramophone selections provided by Mrs. A. Allsop. The annual New Year's cake, baked and presented by Mrs. R.J. Brown, was cut, and portions sent to members unable to attend. The donor of the cake, which was beautiful both in appearance and taste, was cordially thanked for her kindness.

On Saturday on behalf of the Huthwaite Unemployed Fund, a friendly football match was played on Huthwaite Park (by permission of the local authority) between B Winning Colliery Reserve and Sutton Orient. Huthwaite Villa kindly lent their footballs and collection boxes, but it was a pity that the weather was all against a big "gate." The game was contested in a very friendly spirit, the Derbyshire men running out winners by four goals to one. ... The referee was Mr. R. Cowley, and the linesmen Messrs. T. Bradley and T. Bostock, who were also the organisers. Great credit is due to the teams for turning out on such a dismal day.

Special services were held at Sherwood Street Methodist Church on Sunday, when the preacher was Mr. C.G. Eyre, M.A., of Mansfield Grammar School. He gave splendid addresses, one in the afternoon to the Sunday School children on the importance of building a good character being particularly acceptable. The soloist was Mr. A. Cooke, who sang in his usual excellent style. The choir rendered the anthem "Life up your heads." In the evening the preacher's subject was the story of Naaman the leper, from which he drew an interesting modern parallel. The anthem was "Sun of my soul," the solo parts being taken by Miss Joyce Bingham... The organist was Mr. N. Evans and the offertories were for church funds, but the attendances were small owing to inclement weather.

The funeral took place on Sunday of Miss Nellie Eileen Bostock, the eldest daughter of Mr. A. Bostock, of 3, Unwin Street. The deceased, who was 42 years of age, had never been able to walk, but the end, which came on Friday last, was unexpected. In her earlier years she was a member of the Wesleyan Sunday School, and was carried for some years into the class conducted by Mr. A. Wilson, and it was he who officiated at the simple funeral. The family mourners were:- Father; Mr. and Mrs. Peet (Rugby); Mrs. Spragg (Kirkby); Mrs. Wolstoncroft (Rugby) and Miss E. Bostock, sisters; Mr. and Mrs. R. Bostock, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bostock, brothers; Mrs. H.A. Simpson, aunt; Mr. and Mrs. J. Bostock and Mr. R. Bostock, uncles; Mr. W. Comery, uncle; Mr. S. Bostock, cousin. The bearers were four nephews: Messrs. W. Bostock, G. Bostock, F. Comery and H. Bostock. There were flowers from:- Father and Sisters; Boy and Amy; William and Mary; Mrs. G. Bostock, senior; R. Bostock and Ida; W. Comery and family; Sid and family; Will and family; Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Simpson and family; Mr. and Mrs. Alexander and family; Miss Adkin.


PUBLIC LECTURE, "The History of Huthwaite," by Mr. J. Ensor, Lecture Hall, Tuesday next, January 26th, 7 p.m. prompt. Admission Free. No Collection. Chairman, Mr. T. Bradley.-Advt.

The Rev. Robert Highfield has returned to Didsbury College, where he will remain until the summer. Having by then finally completed his studies, he will be appointed to a ministry.

In aid of the Parish Church funds a whist drive was held by the sidesmen on Wednesday. The M.C. was Mr. W. Rockley, and the refreshments were supervised by Mesdames Gunby, Heathcote, Grierson and Beresford, Misses Goodall, Wilson, Owen, Godber and Lawrence. The winners were:- Ladies: 1, Mrs. Rodgers; 2, Mrs. Sanderson. Gentlemen: 1, Mr. L. Bailey; 2, Mr. C. Darch.


  Williamson -On the 12th inst., Derek Williamson, Sutton Road, 10 months.
  Nunn -On the 14th inst., Charles William Nunn, Sherwood Street, 29 years.
  Bostock -On the 15th inst., Nellie Eileen Bostock, Unwin Street, 42 years.
  Robinson -On the 18th inst., Cyril Thomas Robinson, Little Lane, 54 years.



  The annual meeting of the Huthwaite Parish Church Council was held in the Common Road Schools, Huthwaite, on Tuesday evening. The Rev. W.L. Boulton presided, and the following were also present:- Messrs. T. Goodall (people's warden), W. Rockley (secretary), A. Heathcote, L. Bailey, R. Bailey, O. Forster, A. Evans, J. Turner, T. Clarke, A. Gunby, senr., A. Gunby, junr., Mesdames Evans, J. Ensor, Heathcote, H. Ensor, Grierson, Alexander and Fitchett; Misses Wright, Lineker, E. Goodall and Owen. An apology was read from Mr. Walter Lee (Vicar's warden), who was unable to attend through indisposition.

Vicar's Thanks.

  The Chairman thanked everyone for previous work faithfully carried out. He was also very grateful that he could see signs of co-operation, but the congregations were not expanding. The financial position was sound, although collections were not large. He questioned whether any other clergyman hd a more loyal band of workers.
  The following appointments were made:- Wardens, Messrs. Goodall and Lee, proposed by Mr. R. Bailey and seconded by Mr. A. Heathcote; sidesmen, re-elected, proposed by Mr. J. Turner, seconded by Mr. Goodall; Council secretary, Mr. Rockley, proposed by Mr. Goodall, seconded by Mr. L. Bailey; Council, en bloc, proposed by Mr. Goodall, seconded by the Vicar, who remarked that he was pleased to say it was an excellent Council.
  It was decided that morning service should commence at 10.45, this being proposed by Mrs. Alexander, and seconded by Miss Lineker.
  A vote of thanks by the whole Council on the motion of Mr. Heathcote, was passed to the magazine distributors....

Sidesmen and Church Council.

  The inefficient heating of the church during the last few weeks was also discussed and steps taken to remedy this.
  Several new sidesmen were added to the list, and the resignation of Mr. O. Forster was accepted with regret. The full list of sidesmen and Council members are as follows:-
  Sidesmen:- Messrs. W.O. Lee, J. Newman, W. Rockley, C. Darch, T. Hill, W. Pickaver, B. Hill, A. Gunby, J. Newman, junr., T. Marshall, G.H. Pegg, E. Wilson, G. Heathcote, A. Heathcote, T. Trigg, T. Clarke, F. Wilson, L. Bailey, A. Gunby, junr., Dr. Vance, Rainsbury, F.H. Lee, R. Dickens, S. Robins, E. Diament, A. Wright, T. Greatorex, M. Clarke, Rodgers and A. Cox.
  Church Council:- Vicar (president), Messrs. W. Rockley (secretary), T. Goodall, W. Lee, T. Hill, A. Gunby, A. Gunby, junr., A. Hill, E. Hill, T. Clarke, H. Wilson, A. Evans, A. Heathcote, O. Forster, R. Bailey, L. Bailey, J. Turner, Mesdames A. Heathcote, A. Evans, A. Allsop, Alexander, F. Grierson, J. Ensor, H. Ensor, Fitchett, Gascoigne, Beard, E. Wilson, A. Gunby, W. Rockley, Misses Owen, Lineker, W. Wright and E. Goodall.

Question of a Licence.


  At the Mansfield Petty Sessions yesterday, George Kitchener, of 27, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, was summoned under the Gaming Act that between November 21st and December 31st, at Sutton, he unlawfully kept in a room in Brook Street, six billiards tables for public use, without being licensed to do so, and William Edward Gascoigne, 118, Blackwell Road, Huthwaite, was summoned for aiding and abetting Kitchener.
  Supt. Neatte informed the Bench that Kitchener was the owner of the building, and in November he informed the Inspector that he was going to open it as a club. During December the police received complaints, and in consequence two officers were sent to the hall on Christmas Day, a Sunday, when they saw men playing billiards.

Police Officers' Evidence.

  P.c. Sharpe said that he and P.c. Charles was instructed to go to the hall on Christmas Day. They arrived there at 11.15 a.m., and saw 26 men and boys there playing billiards and snooker on six full-sized tables. Both witness and Charles played a game, for which they paid. They remained in the hall until 1.50, when there were still 26 persons present, and people kept going in and out. Both witness and Charles again went to the hall on December 31st, when 42 persons were present. They again had a game. Whilst they were there Inspector Scoffield entered the premises.
  Inspector Scoffield said at 12.10 on December 31st he and two other officers went to the hall with a search warrant. He saw Gascoigne and asked him if he was in charge and replied "Yes." Witness said he was going to search the place, where-upon defendant said he was only a paid servant. Witness asked him if he was the secretary and he said "No," adding "There is no committee. We were going to form one in January." Witness found a book which contained 155 names, but no addresses, and defendant said no subscriptions had been paid. Later Kitchener arrived, and witness told him he would be reported for keeping a public billiard saloon without a justices' licence. He replied there was no secretary, adding "I shall keep open and you can do as you like." Witness replied that he would report him every day that he kept open.
  Mr. R.A. Young (defending): Obviously this hall is suitable for the purpose, assuming that certain formalities had been complied with? Witness: Yes.
  It is run entirely on temperance lines; no alcohol is sold? - No.
  Is it the only building of this type catering for billiards at that end of the town?- Yes.
  And from the number of people there it answers its purpose? -Yes.

"Innocent Ignorance."

  "This case arises from innocent ignorance on the part of my clients, and to a certain anomaly in the law," said Mr. Young, addressing the Bench for the defence. Under the Licensing Act clubs must be registered, but that applied only to clubs where alcohol was sold, and there was no method provided by the law for the registration and legislation of purely non-alcholic clubs. That, he said, led to a stupid state of affairs....
  In their anxiety to give the club a good send-off they allowed people to use the premises to play billiards. The next day a meeting was held at which a committee, secretary and treasurer were appointed. "This was trying to lock the stable door after the horse had departed." These defendants had tumbled into a likely legal trap, but they had done no harm. In these circumstances, and expressing the regret of the defendants at having fallen into the trap, Mr. Young asked the Bench to take a lenient view.
  The Bench fined Kitchener £10, and Gascoigne £2.
  The magistrates present were Dr. Nesbitt (in the chair), Mr. S. Davidson, Mr. F.F. Hibbert, Mr. J.F. Keetley, Mr. C.W. Chadburn and Mr. F. Hardy.


A number of changes have been made recently in regard to the regulations for the admission of pupils to secondary schools, but it is satisfactory to learn there need be no fear that these will result in decreased facilities for such education for the children of poor parents in Nottinghamshire. The Education Committee have recently issued a booklet containing particulars of scholarships available for residents in the county. This is of considerable interest, and parents of children in the Sutton district who are anxious that their children should receive a secondary school education would be well advised to make themselves acquainted with the conditions. For many years the Committee have restricted the award of scholarships to the children of parents who would not otherwise be able to afford to provide higher education for their children, and this practice will be continued. The Committee announce that no parent will be called upon to pay any part of the school fee for a child successful in the junior scholarship examination. Where a parents' income is over £400 a year no junior scholarship will be awarded. The number of junior scholarships at secondary schools has been increased from 175 to 230.

Bygone Happenings.

New Hucknall Miners' Meeting.

A well-attended meeting of the Hucknall Huthwaite Branch of the Notts Miners' Association was held at the Peacock Inn on Wednesday evening. At the outset a report was given complaining that the agreement about the Club at the New Hucknall Colliery was not being carried out in accordance with the understanding arrived at, and a deputation was appointed to wait on the manager, while it was later decided that Mr. Bailey should accompany those forming it. Councillor Bailey addressed the meeting on general topics. He expressed surprise to find so many outside the Union at the colliery, though they gained more than they paid in. Still, there was a respectable number in, there being 700 members with an income of a little over £200 for the half-year. He expressed the hope that the contractors would try to get every man who worked in the stall to join the Union.


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