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a weeks news dated - August 18th 1933


  Both the New Hucknall elevens won their matches on Saturday, very creditable displays being given in each case. The first team made short work of the cup-holders at Huthwaite. The batting of the home team had not much to commend it, with the exception of an innings of 73 by Bird, but the bowling of Spencer and Freestone was deadly, only 28 runs being scored off the bowling. Bird's innings included 13 fours, and was his best of the season, but was not without blemish, Rufford failing to take advantage of two or three chances. It was, all the same, an outstanding performance. The next best contribution to the New Hucknall total was 25 extras, the whole display of the visitors being considerably below cup-tie form. Six of their batsmen failed to score, and Bacon got rid of three, two of whom were stumped. The second team's win at Rufford was also conspicuous by a remarkable bowling feat. The visitors won by four wickets, Reg. Moorhouse taking five wickets in seven balls, his average being 8 for 26. Reg. has bowled very well during the time he has played for New Hucknall, and has secured 25 wickets at a cost of about five and a half runs each. A. Moorhouse did well with the bat, being top scorer with 40, which included eight fours. Although the New Hucknall record this season has not been one of extraordinary merit it is, at any rate, considerably better than last season, and there are opportunities yet to still further improve it.


  Arrangements have now been made for the official opening of the new Employment Exchange at Sutton to take place on Saturday, September 2nd. This week a representative of the "Free Press" was enabled to inspect the new premises, and he was very favourably impressed with all he saw. The Exchange has been erected on the most up-to-date lines, and the result is that Sutton will possess a building second to none in the country, and the work which has to be done within its walls will be carried on under ideal conditions both from the point of view of those attending there and the officials. Every section has been adequately catered for, and whilst the greater portion of the work must necessarily be in connection with the men and women who are in the unfortunate position to have to "sign on" and receive benefit, it is also hoped by the officials that employers will take advantage of its existence in regard to the employment of labour. One of the chief functions of an Exchange is to do everything possible to put people in touch with suitable vacancies, and a special interview room has been arranged for employers. The new building will make for speed and efficiency in the work to be done and fulfils a long felt want is that it brings all departments under one roof, a condition of affairs which has not hitherto been possible..


FOR all available properties, businesses or land, in Sutton-in-Ashfield and District, consult A.N. FLETCHER.

Detached Residences. from £500.
Bungalows, from £400.
Semi-Detached Villas, from £325.
THE COMMON, HUTHWAITE.- 1,050 Square Yards of Building Land.
Particulars:- Estate Offices, Portland Square, Sutton-in-Ashfield.


HUTHWAITE.- 'Mill House' (until recently occupied by the late Simeon Watson, Esq.), a commodious family residence with valuable additional buildings, standing on extensive grounds. - Apply Mansfield Pogson, Estate Agent, West Gate, Mansfield.

Preparations for the Coming Season.

  Four Huthwaite teams are making preparations to operate in the First Division of the Sutton and Skegby League next season, so there should be some exciting contests. They are Huthwaite Villa, Huthwaite United, Huthwaite Peacock, and Huthwaite C.W.S. In addition, Huthwaite West End have been admitted to the North Notts League. It will be their first year of League football, while the "Peacocks" are a new team altogether.

Capable Players Available.

  The Villa have a new secretary in Mr. E. Walters, 26 Sherwood Street, Huthwaite, and in spite of inevitable changes a capable group of players is available. Palethorpe (goal) has returned to East Kirkby Welfare, and the other goalkeeper, Brooks, has been signed by Sutton Junction. Two full-backs, Williams and L. Smith, are throwing in their lot with Huthwaite United, but to make up deficiencies the Villa has secured the following fresh players:- W. Taylor (Meden Bank), full back; E. Roberts (Blackwell), centre-forwards; J. Lynk (Pilsley), outside-left; J.E. Swann (Sutton), goal; G. Evans (Pinxton), inside-right; A.E. Harpham (Bentinck), outside-left.
  Negotiations are proceeding in respect of several other players, while the following have been retained from last season's invincible team:- George, Ernest and Leslie Reeves, W. Cooke and J. Etherington (forwards); A. Buxton, W. Collins, W. Griffiths, W. Rhodes and J.J. Wilson (half-backs); C. Booth (full back). The chairman of the Club is Mr. I. Parton, and the Treasurer Mr. W.H. Cooke. The pitch will be on Huthwaite Park and the headquarters the "White Swan," while the financial condition of the Club is a healthy one.

New Team.

  Is is many years since football was played in Little lane, Huthwaite, but this year the new Huthwaite team, the "Peacocks," are reviving football history on the "Blenheim" ground. A very promising list of players has been signed on, and the club starts with a very encouraging outlook. Admission to Section "A" of the Sutton and Skegby League has been obtained , and the club's talent is regarded as having a ....


  The sympathy of residents of B. Winning has been extended to Mr. and Mrs. J. Watson in the sad bereavement they have sustained in the loss of their daughter, Joan, aged 17 years, who was taken to the Nottingham Hospital, but passed away the following Monday evening. She was very greatly liked by all who knew her, and was always thinking of others before herself. She had been employed at the C.W.S factory at Huthwaite for about a year, and here she had gained the respect of all the officials and workers.
  The funeral took place on Saturday at the Parish Church, South Normanton, the Rector (Rev. T.H. Evans) conducting the service. The chief mourners were ...

Germany Re-arming.

  Germany's Nazi Government is already making plans to celebrate next year the anniversary of its advent to power. The programme includes the building of a lighthouse tower on Heligoland some 700 feet high. This North Sea isle at the mouth of the Elbe, which commands the entrance to the harbours of Cuxhaven, Bremen and Hamburg, is to be re-named Hitler Island. It was a British possession down to 1890 when it was foolishly ceded to Germany. The ex-Kaiser at once proceeded to turn it into an impregnable fortress and as such it was invaluable to Germany as a defence against the British navy during the war. It is now dismantled as a fortress but the 700 foot high lighthouse tower would be highly useful to Germany in aerial operations if ever she engages in another war with the Western Powers. ...

Mr. Ebby Edwards Addresses Large Gathering.

  There was a large attendance of miners at the Market Hall, Kirkby, on Sunday morning, when Mr. Ebby Edwards, the general secretary of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain, visited the district, and addressed a meeting under the auspices of the Notts. Miners' Association.
  Mr. Herbert Booth, President of the Notts. Miners' Association, presided, and amongst those supporting him, in addition to Mr. Edwards, were Ald. W. Bayliss (Financial Secretary of the Association) and Mr. Val Coleman (general secretary).
  Mr. Booth expressed pleasure at the presence of Mr. Edwards, and contended that the only way in which the miners could improve their conditions was by organising. ....

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