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a weeks news dated - February 17th 1933

Collapse in Street


  The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon of Mr. William Arthur Iball, of Carnarvon Grove, Huthwaite, who passed away with painful suddenness the previous Monday. Deceased was on his way home from the Free Library Games Circle when he was seized with illness, which ruptured a blood vessel and he collapsed near Unwin Street.
  He was attended by a Huthwaite man named Mr. Berresford (Swan Yard) and was lifted on a lorry which Mr. S. Briggs was driving. He was taken to the surgery on Sutton Road, but medical skill was no avail, and he passed away in short time. As he had been a sufferer of illness for some time, a certificate was granted.
  The late Mr. Iball, who was a native of Buckley, North Wales, was 65 years of age, and came to Huthwaite 31 years ago. He was employed at New Hucknall 25 years before he retired through illness, but his sudden end was unexpected. He was one of the most active and sociable members of the Library Games Club, where he was held in great esteem, and the Sutton All Saints' Mission Games Club heard of his death with great regret. He was a well-known Huthwaite figure, his family being well respected members of the New Fall Street Methodist Church, where the first part of the funeral service was held.

Last Rites.

  The last rites were conducted by Mr. J. Thompson, who gave an appropriate address in the church. The hymns were .... A widow, three sons and one daughter, all married, are left.
  The mourners were Widow; Mr. and Mrs. J. Iball, Mr. and Mrs. A. Iball, Mr. and Mrs. L. Iball, Mr. and Mrs. E. England, sons and daughters; Mr. and Mrs. H. Iball (Nottingham), Councillor and Mrs. J. Iball, brothers; Mr. W. Jones (Altrincham), brother-in-law. Two sisters were unable to be present owing to illness; Mr. W. Jones (Altricham), Mrs. J. Sprittlehouse, junr., and Mrs. F. Davies, nephew and nieces.
  Members of the New Fall Street Church Ladies' Guild, with Mrs. Mitchell (vice-president) and Mrs. Sowter (secretary) and personal friends were Mrs. J. Davies and Mrs. G. Wilson. Councillor J. Davis, J.P., was prevented from attending by pressure of circumstances. The Free Library Games Club was represented by Messrs. Bradley (secretary), Chapman, Wood, Bingham, Sprittlehouse and Berresford, and Sutton All Saints' Mission Games Club by Messrs. A. Clarke (secretary) and a friend. Both of these organisations sent wreaths and condolences. The bearers were four gardening friends, Messrs. J. Watkinson, J. Waterall, A. Bird and W. Parry. There were a number of wreaths from family mourners and intimate friends.

Council Unable to Reduce Rents

  There was a fairly full agenda for discussion at the monthly meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council held in the Council Offices on Tuesday evening, when Councillor J. Davis presided over the following members:- Councillors F.C. Sowter, Alf. Wilson, T. Goodall, J. Peters, D.D. Bonser, M. Betts, J. Iball, W.E. Hancock, W. Clarke, E.H. Lowe, H.A. Simpson, J. Potter, and J.G. Wright.
  Before proceeding with the business, Mr. Betts moved that the Council's sympathy be conveyed to Mr. C.H. Coupe, J.P., in his illness, and also wishes for his speedy recovery.

Sterling Qualities.

  Mr. Sowter seconded. He said they all knew Mr. Coupe as a former member of the Council for a great number of years, and although they may not have seen eye to eye on many occasions that did not debar them from recognising his sterling qualities. For his work in connection with that parish the speaker was devoutly thankful. Mr. Coupe had done much good for those down and out, and the speaker hoped his health would be speedily restored and that he might be spared to live for many more years. The motion was agreed to unanimously.
  When the Cemetery, Allotments and Pleasure Grounds Committee minutes were before the meeting, Mr. Clarke asked if anything further had been done with regard to the negotiations with the C.W.S.
  The Clerk said there had been no further correspondence since he received a letter from the firm to the effect that the matter was receiving their attention.
  Referring to a minute of the Health and Hospital Committee with regard to the proposed pail closet conversions, Mr. Clarke asked if the Council could make sure that the ratepayers concerned in this scheme did not have an increase in rent. As the ratepayers were to pay two-thirds and the landlords one-third, they ought to guard against the raising of rents.
  Mr. Sowter: It would be illegal to raise rents on this particular item. ....
  When the Public Library Committee minutes were being dealt with, Mr. Clarke said a request had been made by Mrs. Hill for the use of the Library in connection with the work for the rescue of girls, and it was agreed that this be granted.
  The Secretary of the Huthwaite Unemployed Workers' Committee (Mr. Bradley) wrote thanking the Council for the free use of the Library Lecture Hall as a recreation room for the unemployed, and enquiring as to what the Council meant by the term genuinely unemployed. Did they mean that only wholly unemployed could use the room, or did it include partly unemployed? Mr. Bradley also stated that he had attended the conference at Nottingham in connection with the scheme for cheap seeds and tools for unemployed, and added that the Huthwaite branch had already gone into the matter thoroughly and were receiving benefits from the scheme.

Part-Time Workers.

  The Chairman said he understood part-time workers had been attending the Lecture Hall.   Mr. Hancock said it was made clear when the Council met the deputation of unemployed that part-time workers should be allowed to use the room. Mr. Sowter confirmed Mr. Hancock's remarks.
  The question of the Huthwaite Park bye-laws with regard to the locking up of swings etc., was discussed, and it was agreed that the Ministry's suggested alterations to the bye-laws concerned be adopted.
  Mr. Betts said a ratepayer had drawn his attention to the question of the Tramways Co.'s 'buses running into the Market Place. He knew the Company had a right to run to the tramway terminus, but he wondered who had allowed them to run round the Market Place?
  Several members: The Council.
Mr. Lowe: It was dangerous where the 'buses were standing before.
  Mr. Betts: Well, it was a wrong thing to do.
  Mr. Sowter: What was done by the sanction of the whole of the members of this Council, and, it was in the interest of the ratepayers that permission was given to the Company to run to the Market Place. Still I agree the Market Place needs repairing.

"An Eyesore."

  Mr. Simpson said everyone who went through Huthwaite commented on the bad condition of the Market Place. He would like to see it repaired and utilised for some other purpose.
  Mr. Clarke agreed that the Market Place was an eyesore, and he thought it was about time it was made worth looking at.
  The Chairman: The Council are going to be put to some expense if they make it a proper 'bus stand.
  Mr. Simpson thought the place ought to be reconditioned and made a permanent 'bus stand.
  Mr. Lowe moved that the Surveyor get out an estimate of repairing the part of the Market Place used by the 'buses for the next meeting. Mr. Betts seconded, and hoped that Tramway Company would be asked to bear some of the cost.
  Mr. Simpson: I should like to see this part of a general scheme to put the Market Place right.
  The Chairman agreed with Mr. Betts that the Tramway Company ought to meet the Council with regard to any expense incurred in making a proper 'bus stand. It was proposed to make a 'bus stand at Sutton, and it was suggested that the Tramway Company bear part of that cost. He thought they ought to come to some understanding with the Company.
  It was agreed that an estimate of the cost be obtained, and further discussion on the matter as deferred until this is available.

Suggested Rent Revision.

  Mr. Clarke asked if it was possible to revise the rents of the Common Road houses. In view of the state of some of these houses compared with the condition of some of the new houses, the speaker was of the opinion that a little more thought ought to be given to the Common Road tenants and the Council ought to see if it was not possible to reduce their rents to bring them more on a level with the others. He did not think the Common Road houses worth what was being charged.
  The Chairman said they were bound up by conditions in this respect, and they could only charge as stated by the law. .....
  The Clerk said he had a pile of correspondence with the Ministry with regard to this matter during the past few years, from which it was quite plain that they were unable to alter the rents.
  Mr. Clarke next referred to the overflow of water down to the Common Road houses, and it was agreed that the matter be seen to.
  Mr. Sowter said he wished to raise what he considered a very important matter. He had received some correspondence from the County Council requesting members of a particular Committee of which he was a member to put in better attendance. He had already informed the Council that the members of the Committee who had been co-opted by the County Council had never yet put in an appearance, and he had protested against this at the Public Assistance Committee meetings with the result that letters had been sent to the members of the Committee in question asking for better attendance.

"Resolution Amended."

  .... In reply to Mr. Sowter, the Chairman said he would raise the question at the next County Council meeting, and with this assurance Mr. Sowter altered his resolution in accordance with the Chairman's suggestion, and this was carried.
  Mr. Clarke asked if the condition of Cross Lane had been improved.
  The Chairman said he was down the lane the other day and it was still in a bad condition. The Clerk read correspondence with regard to the matter, which was left to the Clerk to go into further.
  The question of alleged damage to a gate post belonging to a Mr. Hopkin caused by the laying of gas pipes was raised by Mr. Betts, who was informed that the matter had been gone into and the Gas Manager was of the opinion that the Council were responsible.
  Mr. Clarke asked when Mr. Rockley was likely to be given any more plumbing work by the Council, as the speaker did not think he was getting his fair share as agreed.
  Mr. Hancock thought Mr. Rockley had been working for the Council a long time before Mr. Gelsthorpe was given any of the work, and the latter had not been working 12 months yet.
  The Chairman said it was decided that the work be allotted to local people and he thought it was being shared among them as fairly as possible.


The Students of the Mining Class of the New Street Evening Institute were favoured on Thursday by the presence of Mr. Jackson, under manager of the New Hucknall Low Main Pit. There was a full attendance of youths, and they were able to gather some very practical knowledge on their work, Mr. Jackson giving them an interesting talk lasting thirty minutes.

A whist drive was held in the Drill Hall on Wednesday in aid of the Unemployed Workmen's Organisation. The organiser was Mrs. H.J. Ensor, and the H.U.W.O. Committee, and the M.C.'s were Messrs. F. Oakley, B.A., H. Lindley, R. Blount, H. White, J. Hayden and R. Saxton. Refreshments were served by Mesdames Bradley, T. Chapman, J. Ensor and Lindley. Mr. J. Davies, J.P., moved a vote of thanks to all who had helped or subscribed, and Mrs. Lindley presented the prizes. The winners were: Mrs. Purdy; Mrs. L. Boot; Mrs. Hill; Mr. S. Hallam; Mr. E. Bowler; Mr. Hayes; A. lucky number box of chocolate made 10s. 3d.

A Ladies' Guild effort at New Fall Street Church on Sunday and Monday was a great success. The Rev. E. Sellars was the preacher, and on Sunday afternoon a musical service was given by the Kirkby Ladies' Choir of 20 voices, who rendered solos, duets and choruses. The conductress was Mrs. Attwood and the pianist Mrs. Wright. Miss Celia Collier was the elocutionist. At the evening service the Ladies' Choir and Miss Collier again took part, and the Ladies' Guild Choir contributed a part song. Mr. J.W. Allsop officiated as organist. On Monday 80 sat down to a public tea, which was followed by a variety entertainment presented by the Stanton Hill Albert Street Young People's Concert Party, who received a great ovation. The chairman was Mrs. Ivine, who proposed a vote of thanks to the party, which was seconded by Mrs. Mitchell. Mr. H. Jones was the accompanist, and the entertainers acquitted themselves well in the following programme:-...


  Iball -On the 9th inst., William Arthur Iball, Carnarvon Grove, 65 years.


  The annual prize distribution at Sherwood Street Methodist Sunday School was presided over by the Rev. J. Hooley (Ripley). The volumes were handed out by a previous scholar, Miss Ida Brown, now of Leicester, who was assisted by Mr. Cyril Humphrey. The full list of awards is as follows:-


Iris Wycherley, Lawrence Hargreaves, Mary Wilson, Dorothy Wilson, Gordon Greaves, Walter Hilliars, R. Hubble, Donald Streets, Tommy Jones, Kenneth Young, Freda Charlton, Billy Holmes, Leslie Sisson, Leonard Higginson, D. Allen, Kenneth Bird, E. Thompson, D. Morton, Edna Hilliars, G. Bettison, Joan Morton, Clifford Walters, G. Rhodes, Kenneth West, Audrey Bowman, Eric Wilson, G. Allen, H. Ball, L. Hardy, E. Rhodes, Fred Gilbert, G. Rhodes, J. Bird, B. Farmer, Mary Turner, Maureen Harwood, D. Holmes, Avis Herrod, Mary Hardwick, Kathleen Bradwell, John Cooper, Terrance Stones, Norman Evans, Graham Fidler, M. Buttery, Hilda Wright, Allen Purseglove, R. Butler, Kenneth Stones, D. Ball, G. Brownley, Ivy Lynk and Allen Moakes.


John Thompson, John Hunt, Leonard Brownley, Albert Brownley, Harold Baxter, Joseph Hargreaves, Jack Hall, Percy Hill, Harold Radford, Harold Smith, Willie Bradwell, George Humphrey, Jack Turner, Ronald Murfin, Arthur Gadsby, Egbert Redfern, Douglas Hague, Joseph Hardwick, Reggie Cooper, Donald Radford, Albert Thompson, Thomas Hardwick, Geoff. Cooper, John Hargreaves.
Horace Hubble, Albert Radford, Willie Stone, George Kirk, Thomas Holmes, Joseph Holmes, Ben Hubbble, Teddy Lynk, Jack Bird, Alec Connah, Cyril Humphrey, Reg. Coleman, George Webb, Raymond Lee, George Stringfellow, James Wilson, George Barnes, Arthur Draycott, Reggie Slack, Raymond Atkin, Ernest Greatorex.
Ronald Needham, Frank Needham, Wilfred Needham, Lawrence Needham, Thomas Collins, John Chappelow, George Chappelow, Leslie Slack, John W. Hayes, Dennis Bird, Frank Bettison, James Chapman, Richard Lee, Leondard Humphrey, Arthur Walters, George Coleman, Raymond Reeves, Henry Brooks, Sam Brooks, Ronald Chapman.


Edna Hunt, Mavis Stopps, Ivy Collins, Mary Cooper, Jean Boot, Elsie Buxton, Betty Lincoln, Cissie Shaw, Avis Bradwell, May Holmes, Joan Simmonds, Madge Purseglove, Gladys Purseglove, Madge Simmonds, Eunice Kenyon, Minnie Parkin, Joyce Parkin, Janet Hargreaves, Ida West, Jean Hardy, Elsie Pickering, Lucy Bettison, Irene Atkin, Joan Lincoln, Ida Bettison, Nellie Smith, Winnie Keeling.
May Hall, Enid Charlton, Elizabeth Sisson, Kathleen Kirk, Joyce Wright, Irene Sisson, Edna Hubble, Irene Rhodes, Ida Mansell, Nellie Hubble, Betty Stone, Joan Keeling, Winnie Smith, Barbara Fisher, Sylvia Hardy, Elsie Herrod, Joan Bexon, Olive Dykes, Doris West, Bertha Connah, Joan Allen, Joan Turner, Evelyn Connah, Kathleen Harwood, Irene Smith, Mavis Betts, Jean Stringfellow, Audrey Jones, Dorothy Lee, Alice Johnson, Gwennie Hargreaves, Mary Wilson, Olive West, Madge Cooper, Ida Bromley, Joan Wilmot, Margaret Wilson, Annie Wilson, Lois Neal, Kathleen Humphrey, Jessie Smith.

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