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Thanks All Contributors

Thanks must foremost extend to named Huthwaite residents forming base of this upward growing list. Their initial support providing postcard collections, memories and family albums, set firm foundations to build up world wide interest. Hearing from readers and being able to receive contributing material from around the globe has furthermore been very encouraging. Such widespread ancestral relocation sharing genealogy links through Hucknall Huthwaite does suggest there's still some unique Huthwaite related family photos and documents yet awaiting discovery. I'm kept busy though, fully presenting your images by raising topical subjects.

Mobile phones have since become the most popular method of connecting people. They may introduce more internet users, often by inviting use of popular social media sites. Sutton-in-Ashfield Facebook groups asserted broader interests, greatly encouraging the showing of historic images. Although indirectly shared, credit is offered identifying any newly found Huthwaite related material.

Reluctance opening a specific Huthwaite social group is because their need for regular monitoring would take time away studiously updating this established website. Personal contact is much preferred to best ensure authenticity of future publication. So its with sincerest thanks that I gratefully acknowledge the motivating assistance given by this fuller list, linking all gallery family albums.

Acknowledgement for all donating interest and knowledge to this online community resource
Mr David PorterIntroduces Davis grand parentage initially featuring WW1 veteran Uncle George Davis.
Mrs Mary Rutterrelates husband Jimmy from the Shoulder of Mutton shown playing for John Davis FC.
Mrs Janet Swaindonates some of her late husbands photo interests spanning Huthwaite chapel buildings.
Andrew Edwardsfamily genealogy must add remembrance for this WWI veteran John Walter Gunby.
Mr Graham FoxRelates RAF Srg Willoughby Fox deserving additional WWII memorial remembrance.
Mrs Helen LawfordGoodall family album relating from great grandfather headmastering Huthwaite schools.
Mr John Beddoespasses on Mr Clarkson's original genealogy research into their related Pepperdine links.
Mr Hugh PotterFriends of Cromford Canal archivist mutually shares discovery of shipping 1831 coals
Mrs Diane MeakinIntriguing family tree can expose Granddad George Buxton as one Railway Inn landlord.
Mrs Jean BakerGifts discovery of a family kept WW1 medal seeking heir of an awarded Pte J H Hallam
Mr R HammertonFor grandfathers brother, Richard extends a Huthwaite WWI Memorial to John Walter Hill.
Mr Steven CookePresents 1971 record of horses, plus underground works below New Hucknall Colliery
Mr Keith RickersInheriting a family album shows close Huthwaite ties, initially featuring an Uncle Jim.
Mr Tony FisherTony Fisher adds more unique photos further exposing the past New Hucknall Colliery.
Mrs Shirley WardConfirms Huthwaite interest from New Zealand to personally relate the Toffee Factory
Mr Tony MellorsRelates generations back revealing Isaiah Pitchford running the early Miners Arms
Mr Eric OliverResearching into partner Carol's genealogy exposes an influential Mr William Fidler
Mr Paul HarveyManages to expose relations with the professional footballing career of George Reeves.
Mr & Mrs Cornwelldisplays schooling memorabilia through her family names of Hancock and Elliott
Mr Mike Cookfamily medals uncover one previously unrecognised victim of WWII Private Hughes.
Mr Richard Hilldiscovers later whereabouts of the Huthwaite mineral surveyor John Thomas Boot.
Mr Dave Phillipsremembers CWS takeover after keenly following trains serving New Hucknall Colliery.
Miss Linda Youngpresents names for most of class three from year 1969 at John Davis School.
Mrs Kim S G GillLost 4 North Street childhood home when it extended the Huthwaite Victoria Club.
Mr Trevor Leelocal cinema / theatre historian discovers past musical talents of Reg Holland.
Mr Mike SmithReveals some of his relatives and their neighbours celebrating on George Street.
Mr Chris ShawHuthwaite family WWII remembrance for grandad Private John Henry Shaw.
Mr Bernard O'ConnorRecalls following his fathers career as a WWII Naval Medical Supplies Storeman.
Mr Mark FittallLives in Egypt, but has memories dated when parents once ran the Portland Arms.
Mr Glen MorrisReveals former Lyric demolition coming after his fathers joinery business partnership.
Mr & Mrs AbbottA comprehensive family album featuring a WWI hero, plus their son's acting career.
Mrs Nicol DaleAntiquarian book dealer in Wales discovers three preserved silk memorial bookmarks.
Mr John NowellReveals some 1950's photographs exposing a Huthwaite St John Ambulance Brigade.
Ms Chris KidgerAdds interest to emergency services revealing our first Sutton motor Ambulance.
Mrs Diane SheppardReveals her Coleman relations who ran a Huthwaite shop aside the Portland Arms.
Mr Rob Barberdisplays home interests since being a keen footballer through New Street Schools.
Mr David SmithOur teacher at the former Huthwaite Secondary Schools exposes his ancestral ties.
Mr David EgginsonRaises subject of collier fatalities with reported relations fate of Thomas Marshall.
Julia WarneShares information concerning her great grandparents Simeon and Mary Ann Watson.
Mr Gerry WardConfirms an uncle Private Frederick Smith is rightfully given WWII remembrance.
Mr Bill TownsendPresents schoolboy memory in the 1953 cup winning team of New Street Juniors FC.
Mrs Lynne WestonAdds information and photos exposing Sherwood Foresters in the WWI War Memorial.
Mrs Mary MageeHer Rutter grandparents ran the Shoulder of Mutton when marriage tied our Elliott line.
Mr Darron EllisA marvellous album shared amongst broader Sutton-in-Ashfield Facebook coverage
Mr David StonesShares memories and our tied geneology, while magnificently featuring the CWS FC
RIP Malcolm ClarksonDisplays family roots among historic memorabilia covering Sutton Road Methodists
Mrs Mary SeagraveRaised in Huthwaite a daughter of Hettie Stone, sharing memories and family photos
Mr Adrian EverleyProvides his family album portraying Bromley relatives plus New Street Classrooms
Ms Elizabeth PaceyExposes great uncle Mr. Fred J. Wield helping hostel 1948 Ukrainian war refugee choir
Mr & Mrs BowerHuthwaite groups and portraits linking surnames of Hallam, Allsop, Carrington, Nunn
Frances ClampRelates 1940 childhood WWII Southend-on-Sea schoolhouse evacuation from Essex
Mr Mick BostockMagnificent album nostalgically covering his working life at the New Hucknall Colliery
Mr Ken SwainA 1917 family photograph of the uniformed WW1 veteran Lance Corporal George Blow
Rachel FarrandResearch links to Huthwaite names on the Notts County Council war memorial.
Johan LubbeReveals our first school headmaster named Boardman who moved onto Burton Latimer
Alan ChamberlainDiscovers an original White Lion Rule book for hosting their Sick and Dividing Society
Bernd FrostUncovers our original Portland Arms pub sign now hangs on his Portland barn, Canada
Mr Brian HayesSharing Huthwaite name and ties with his own impressively unique pit photo collection.
Mr Roy ElliottNow my father digitises his family slides revealing some background village changes.
Mrs Dora ElliottMy grandmother provided our family album plus WWII memorial to
Mr Allan JarvisAdding interest with material helping share his own Holland ancestors in Huthwaite.
Mr Glynn WaiteSpecialist researcher and author further revealing our past Whiteboro' Railway Station.
Mr Brian HayesPersonally exposing the Portland Arms with video coverage following 2000 demolition.
Mr Trevor AshmoreVarious album photographs with relational press plus more specialised references.
Nicolette HaynesReceived from Archive CD Books Ltd helps fill a historic gap with Whites 1844 extract
Mr Ben WoolleyRecollections and loan of a rare informative Sutton diary book by E.E. Needham 1913
Mr Des TaylorRecalling his farm land memories which firstly exposed past village Quaker plot. RIP
Mr John FlowersLoan of brother James excellent book recounting RAF war years as flight rear gunner
Mr Robert HollandExtensive family history sharing photos of roots firmly planted in Hucknall Huthwaite
Mavis RadfordPhotos of her families village business interests with keen memory recalling more
Mrs Betty SmithFox family album adds historic interests to previous running a Living Memory Group
Mrs Midge BallFox family album relates a sisterly participation among Huthwaite Carnivals
Mr & Mrs G SuggsSupplying full genealogy data updating one Huthwaite Hill families World Record
Ms Sharon MarshallArchived 1925 news report naming residents and including relative connections.
Mr Alex FisherSecretary of Westhouses Residents Association sharing mutual train connections
RIP Mrs A M BrooksSharing album of memories recalling her notable family origins in Huthwaite.
Mrs Iris EvansSharing family contacts and some historically claimed findings upon Boots Yard
Mr Roy WhittakerTranscribed 1913 family news cutting reporting Mr and Mrs Hills diamond wedding
Miss Jennifer GleesonHuthwaite Secondary School 1960 - 1977 commemorative brochure.
Mr Mick O´SullivanPhotographic collection covering New Hucknall Colliery under NCB and its closure
Mr John KnightSupplying ancestral relatives original architects sketch for Huthwaite Library.
RIP George WoodwardExcellent memory plus various historic documents relating Hucknall District changes.
RIP Michael DenbyAttempts sharing village and customers interests through Huthwaite Market Club.
Mr Ralph AllcockA former resident now in Canada sent full 1884 ordnance survey map of Huthwaite.
Mrs Jayne ElliottThe current village barber who kindly offered old postcard scenes plus memorabilia.
Mr Paul BradshawFamily photograph of past business and research towards a War Memorial Project.
Rev Charles MaidenEnabling supply of historic material relating to All Saints Parish Church.
RIP David PennySourcing photographs of Huthwaites past local events and New Hucknall Colliery.
RIP Tom HardwickOne elder resident very accurately able to recall so many early village developments.
RIP Bill Harrisonfor excellent memories plus reference documents pertaining to New Hucknall Colliery.
RIP Mr John Bootespecially for sourcing rare photographs and memorabilia of New Hucknall Colliery.
Mrs E & Mr D Wallacesharing Eileen's greatly documented long ancestral family history within Huthwaite.
Miss Helen WilsonHelpful research plus sharing images and many past Local Genealogy Services.
Dr Kevin HillSharing his personal collection of village postcards plus mutual E Lakin interest.

2002     by Gary Elliott       Updated 15 Mar 21