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Privacy Policy

Huthwaite Online makes this statement demonstrating an ongoing commitment maintaining all viewers privacy.

This website is designed to assure a safe family friendly community resource in full compliance with W3C W3C accessibility and safety guidelines. All pages are made freely available to internet users, without any form of registration, or any other means to remotely seek specific location or identification of individual readers.

EU & ICO Cookie Directive

A Cookie is a small packet of text data often used by websites, which most browsers will automatically store on your computer.   Concerns over all possible uses can lead internet surfers into seeking advise or instructions to carefully control individual browser privacy settings. More information can be readily found beyond these linked websites and

Like most websites, Huthwaite Online must permit some services to independently set cookies.   This may be the host provider, but is mainly relevant to common use of Google Services. This declaration is in willing compliance with an EU directive and ICO.

Google Analytics collects general user data which is useful for adapting the website to best suit majority of browser screen sizes. It revealed a growing trend towards mobile phone users when counting an average 1,000 visitors per month throughout 2012. As a result of such feedback, more local community contacts have become indexed and this 2018 website design improved accordingly.

Google Advertising helps offset some of the personal costs behind maintaining this website on a very tight budget. It widely tailors advertising to reader preferences through 3rd party cookies, a type which could be controlled via any browser privacy settings.

General Safety

Genealogy studies helps families share and uncover their Huthwaite ancestors. This research is deemed of historic interest, and can initially come from various archived records. It does invite family members into sharing information between descendants. Often wishing to add personalised details regarding current family members, full consent must be agreed before publication.

Spam has never been, or ever will be sent by Huthwaite Online.   Unfortunately, there have been instances of email contact lists being somehow hacked or cloned, so please be very wary of any type of unexpected message claiming some association.   Personal contact details will only be shared between confirmed contacts or published online with owners prior consent.

Virus Free viewing is importantly maintained using frequently updated software, and is monitored by my trustable host provider.

19 Dec 12     by Gary Elliott       Updated 01 Jan 18