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Liability Disclaimer

One sad reason for legally providing this Liability Disclaimer notice stems from problems trying to find an affordable and reliable UK PHP host.   Various past providers often included a newer domain address, potentially favouring alternative future use. But being ransomed into extortionate renewal fees, or endure unreliable, even malicious services, proved both costly and frustrating. It didn't just leave behind a trail of discarded well linked addresses, because some became reused to misguide Huthwaite Online readers.

Independently retaining this originally titled primary internet address has now firmly established its continued use into the foreseeable future. It may also be simply referred to as the Huthwaite Website or Portal, but is not currently associated with any dropped or other similar type of Huthwaite related online domains, facebook groups or Wikipedia pages.

Huthwaite is a widely popular surname, allowing families, individuals, private dwellings and lanes, corporate offices and businesses to promote personal websites or professionally spin international marketing. But non are even remotely linked with this community resource. These online references to Huthwaite are all related to just one uniquely spelt area formerly sharing Hucknall name. It's spanned by a renamed Huthwaite and Brierley Ward, situated west within Sutton town and Ashfield district of Nottinghamshire.

Highlighted links connecting external websites are offered to help broaden, clarify, reference or advertise areas of potential reader interest.   After being initially evaluated safe for family viewing, Huthwaite Online has no control whatever over content changes or ownership transfers, therefore no further responsibility can or will be accepted, similarly for any past used web addresses.

Collating all historically researched evidence, through transcribing pages then authoring results designed to safely suit internet publication is all voluntary and a costly personal endeavor. That includes any record searches, plus display of original photos and memorabilia made by individual senders named and referenced with acknowledgement. Great effort is made using an unbiased approach when covering various subjects on which the author does not necessarily share opinion or endorsement of services.

Indexing business and community group contacts is being provided. Representatives may request a listing, or provide updates correcting those gained from publicly available records. There's no guarantee of voluntarily keeping accurate record of all changes.

Attention to detail is aimed for trying to accurately compile and present all material helping document and ultimately update local historic understandings behind appearance and formation of the Huthwaite locality. All factual data is believed accurate, verified whenever possible by dated source references. However, no guarantee can be truly assured. Documents fade, aged translations can be difficult, original records may reflect biased opinions, and errors prior any extra typing mistakes. Much more confusing is realising how memories or supporting evidence behind many stronger group beliefs does not necessarily constitute factual truths.

So basically:- while trying the very best to write, produce and maintain Huthwaite Online, no responsibility can be accepted for errors, inaccuracies, omissions, date elapsed notices, linked or unrelated websites. Online pages and domain can be deleted without notice, plus inherent hazards maintaining internet communication may cause delays, faults or omissions beyond all control.

15 Oct 11     by Gary Elliott       Updated 04 Jam 18