Copyright Agreements

The following terms of agreement must be deemed understood and accepted when viewing work presented on Huthwaite Online.

Displaying what has grown into the biggest single collection of historic photographs and referenced documentation fully concerning Huthwaite, many images are kindly donated by residents and international readers sharing ancestral community interests.   They do still retain copyright protection of their original articles, which are always promptly returned after storing a digital copy for presentation.

Acknowledgement is given all contributors, and I feel privileged being entrusted to carefully scan and quickly return documents on which owners often place great sentimental value. All images and reference material will be published by Huthwaite Online to increase community knowledge and interest, eventually presented wherever and whenever possible among relevant subject material.

You are generally expected to respectively adhere to any terms or constraints invoked by each individual copyright holder. Digital preservation and presentable publications do however often require some artist license. Digital copies must therefore be deemed copyright of Huthwaite Online alongside all other written and artistic work published. Similarly, Huthwaite Online never seeks using material that infringes strict protection or an individuals privacy. Please contact if claiming any such disputable reproductions.

Based on above common understandings, Huthwaite Online willingly grants permission to print or save web pages, provided it's only done for personal or community group reference.   Full or part website reproduction in any other form, or any type of commercial, profit making purposes is strictly forbidden.   Please gain contact first if wishing to use contents for any other purpose or manner.

Many historic images are now being seen commonly shared between social media group pages. This is tolerated if not contravening specific copyrights, and if always fully acknowledging the original source, plus the author when quoting from original text. The simple request is to always provide a website link or page addressing allowing access to fuller updated pages on

Written 17 Oct 11 by Gary Elliott         Updated Revised 04 Jan 18