Privacy Policy

Huthwaite-Online makes this statement to demonstrate ongoing commitment in maintaining privacy. The website is designed to assure a family friendly community resource in full compliance with most relevantly recognised WWW accessibility and safety guidelines. These pages are made freely available to all internet users, without any form of registration, or any other means to remotely identify individual readers.

Local business and community group contacts are published from publically available records, plus any personally received requests from owners or officials further wishing to add or update information. There is no guarantee these details can reflect all recent changes, as explained on the Liability Disclaimer page.

Genealogy studies help families share and uncover their Huthwaite ancestors. This research is deemed of historic interest, initially coming from various archived records. It does invite and welcomes shared family interest with correspondence between any living descendants. They often wish to add personalised details and family held memorabilia, agreeably published also after full consent of Copyright Agreements.

No Spam is ever sent by Huthwaite Online. Personal email and contact addresses retain full privacy rights, and are only passed between trusted individuals or made publically available by request from each sender.

Virus Free viewing is importantly maintained by employing frequently updated monitoring software.

EU Cookie Directive

Like most websites, may try, plus permit services to independently set cookies. This declaration is in willing compliance with an EU directive and the Information Commissioners Office.

A Cookie is a small packet of text data often used by websites. Your web browser may automatically allow storage on your computer. Concerns over all possible uses can lead internet surfers into seeking advise or instructions for carefully controling individual browser privacy settings. Descriptive information is readily to be found beyond recognised links provided for and websites. is solely reliant upon displaying advertisements for helping cover the personal costs involved behind running a free community website. It is also suitably designed based on visitor statistics, to enable widest potential readers across an international choice of available browsers. This website doesn't demand or require cookies be enabled, but seeks improvement by allowing these widely used services.

Google Analytics collects general data, counting through 2012 an average 1,000 visitors per month with a growing trend towards smaller screened mobile devices. They do however give choice of Opting Out.

Google Advertising helps offset some of the personal costs behind ongoing research and maintaining this website on a tight budget. It widely tailors advertising to reader preferences through 3rd party cookies, a type which can if desired be entirely blocked from all websites by adjusting your browser privacy settings.

Written 19 Dec 12 Revised 28 Dec 12 © by Gary Elliott