About Huthwaite Online

This website is simply devoted to my home village named Huthwaite.   It is personally produced and solely maintained entirely by the author. A resident offering his contribution towards a future Huthwaite community.

My name is Gary Elliott.   Since year 2000 Huthwaite Online represents titled result in my continuing quest.   The initial aim seemed simple.   Restudy and compile a comprehensive village history; with a rational look into clearing our vague understandings, though long retold beliefs behind Hucknall Huthwaite origins.   Doing that, also ambitiously place our relatively insignificant locality upon a newly emerging World Wide Web.   So, a few hundred pages later and with grateful thanks to all contributors, here also shows our largest collection of old Huthwaite photographs before fully linking current amenities and ultimately delving deeper into ancestral ties,.

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When starting this project, few people foresaw need ever owning an expensive personal computer, majority scoffing any future ideas of home internet access.   Well, technology has certainly moved on, leaving me pleased in welcoming you, among readers widely referencing these pages, and all those becoming able to contribute material helping build and share Huthwaite related interest.

Several major revisions were deemed necessary through the years. At first to improve layouts suiting the rapid advancements in faster internet access, plus upgrading html programming for cross browser viewing and accommodating larger numbers of pages. To ease future paged updates, the final transition into php remains stable, only after initial difficulties finding suitable UK hosts.

Paid host providers did offer alternative new website names. Shame few could actually maintain trouble free service, or at least not without hiking up renewal fees. Apparently the name Huthwaite faces global competition advertising so named companies, families and individuals. Anyone can create a webspace!

Costly trials also proved confusing for those linking Huthwaite Online through past used alternatively given web hosted services. But the well established addressing at www.huthwaite-online.net has always been kept and maintained following internet guidelines to ensure safest family viewing. And from 2014, a more reliable shorter address is assured through HUTHWAITE.WEBSITE

Huthwaite Online is recognised as a nonprofit community resource, but costs are involved. Displaying selective advertising assists funding the necessary internet services. Seeking other available income would help cover more extensive research. Consideration has been given organising regular local group meets with contributive membership. However, while personal health problems persist in making enough hard work compiling web paged subjects often throughout quieter irregular hours, I shy away from further commitments.

Contact via email will best find my attention, allowing thoughtful response.

Written 2000 and Revised 18 Oct 15 © by Gary Elliott