Disclaimer from Liability


Building up this family trusted Huthwaite Online website has progressed over many years. During major transitions, payments to various web hosting service providers did offer other alternatively favoured past website addressing. However, after realising extortionate renewal fees, then chancing cheaper, unreliable even malicious services lay behind friendly faced advertisements, PLEASE BEWARE. huthwaite-online.net holds no association with any of its formerly linked web hosted addresses, especially two still active at HUTHWAITE.ORG and HUCKNALL-HUTHWAITE.ORG, nor anyone sharing family and/or company name.

Disclaiming all liability, the following agreement terms must be deemed acceptably understood by all those viewing original work, including all forms of digitised data presented here by, or through Huthwaite Online.

Links connecting to other external websites may be given which help broaden, clarify, reference or advertise services of potential reader interest.   Considered initially safe for family viewers, Huthwaite Online has no control over possible ownership transfers or content changes, thereby no further responsibility can or will be accepted, similarly for any of its own past hosted portal addresses.   Also sharing name Huthwaite are similar WWW addresses, to whom some claim family surname, individuality, companies, businesses or postal areas, in no way remotely associated with this nonprofit community Huthwaite-Online.

Collating all historically researched evidence, through transcribing pages then authoring results designed to safely suit internet publication is voluntary. That includes any record searches, plus supply of original photos and memorabilia made by individual donators named and referenced with acknowledgement. An unbiased approach is used covering various subjects on which the author does not necessarily share opinion or endorsement of any services.

Great personal effort is aimed towards accurately compiling and presenting all relational material which helps document and ultimately update local historic understandings behind appearance and formation of the Huthwaite locality. All factual data is believed accurate, verified whenever possible by dated source references. However, no full guarantee can be truly assured. Memories and documents fade, aged text translations can be difficult, and original records often contain errors and omission prior to any further copying difficulties.

So basically, while trying our very best producing and maintaining Huthwaite Online, no responsibility can or will be accepted for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or date elapsed notices. The web sites or domains can be deleted without notice, plus inherent hazards maintaining internet communication can also present delays, faults or omissions beyond control.

Written and Revised 15 Oct 11 © by Gary Elliott