Copyright Agreements

The following terms of agreement must be deemed being understood and accepted when viewing original works with many historical images presented for nonprofit by or through name Huthwaite Online.

Displaying a growing collection of rarer historic photographs plus referenced documentation, many are kindly donated by local residents and international readers willing to share historical and ancestral community interests. These are gratefully received and digitally stored for future displayed reference. The owners can still retain copyright protection on their promptly returned originals.

Viewers are expected adhering respectively to any terms or constraints invoked by each individual copyright holder. Similarly, Huthwaite Online never seeks using material that infringes strict protection or an individuals privacy. Please contact if claiming any such disputable reproductions. Digital preservation and presentable publications do however often require some artist license. These digital copies must therefore be deemed under copyright of Huthwaite Online alongside all other written and artistic work published.

Based on all above understandings then Huthwaite Online willingly grants permission for readers wishing to print off web pages, provided they are for personal reference or share community group interest and noncommercial.   A simple request in return is in fully acknowledging the authors work by helping promote this website to interest other potential donators. Where relevant please provide website links to enable readers to review all updated pages.

If interest is held using contents for any other purpose or manner except as described above, please contact Huthwaite Online for approval.   For the sake of legality, all readers must also be aware and have agreed to this sites disclaimer, aiming at ensuring your future risk free family surfing.

Acknowledgement is given all contributors, and I feel privileged being entrusted to carefully scan and quickly return documents on which owners often place great sentimental value. All images and reference material will be published by Huthwaite Online to increase community knowledge and interest, eventually presented wherever and whenever possible among relevant subject material.

Written and Revised 17 Oct 11 © by Gary Elliott