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Hi, my name is Gary Elliott

As local researcher, author and publisher behind Huthwaite Online I welcome all world wide web readers into sharing my long interest. Revealing fuller history of our Huthwaite village with ancestral roots.
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My privately preferred method of contact will remain through the given email address.   Postal contributions to my full home address will always be gratefully received, acknowledged with returns by requested means.

All contributions are gratefully received and acknowledged. Each will ideally be presented adding interest or reference among existing or many future planned subjects currently being compiled. Anything is of interest simply relating scenes, events or people in Huthwaite pre 1960, especially dated towards former names of Hucknall Huthwaite, Hucknall-under-Huthwaite even Dirty Hucknall, adding as much possible information.

I fully appreciate how owners hold great sentimental value on their prized family memorabilia.   Please be assured, a clear copy is quite sufficient to enable any further digitised photo scanning or typed recording.   Difficult or delicate originals can be safely recorded in house, (and being a keen biker I always look forward to enjoying worthwhile rides out), I'm more than happy arranging personal collection with quick safe return.

Contributing Associates

Trev Ashmore

Trev is comfortably retired in Huthwaite keeping contacts between friendly neighbours. Updating keen local historic interests, he magnificently shares a revealing collection of old postcards, including villager family portraits, plus other priceless memorabilia.

Villager Genealogy

With access to dated records across Hucknall Huthwaite census, baptisms, marriages and burials, Trev may kindly still offer a specific ancestral lookup service for genealogy students, health permitting.

Roy Elliott

Three of us call him Dad, and many more grandad. It would be unjust not giving my own father specific mention for all the helpful memories beyond my years. Born 1939 and still reliably retaining a general knowledge of past Huthwaite life useful for cross reference.

Huthwaite and Mining

Following family occupations through coal mining and with engineering. Roy retired from British Coal as the Assistant Head of Training and shared experience of a Huthwaite pit, adding undervalued support.

Paul Bradshaw

Paul's work and move across adjacent Derbyshire borders was not a reflection of losing any passionate local interest founded from his Huthwaite family upbringing. Involved among council developments and recalling village folklores while resourceful research extracted historic details out newly discovered archives.

Huthwaite War Memorial

Initiating a project with aim at fully identifying remembrance of all Huthwaite servicemen who gave their lives through two world wars.

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