Website Compatibility

While we can all readily enjoy ever faster internet access, I do appreciate many readers, like myself, may have trouble reading small print. Some websites still feel obliged in providing resizable text, which was indeed initially required in conformance to the W3C Level A WAI or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. However, among the rapid advancements since realised, most modern browsers incorporate this function.

Text Resizing

For all known Desktop, Laptop and Notebook browsers, given a wide choice of running the latest version of Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, etc. and especially Google Chrome

hold down the Ctrl key and press + (plus) or - (minus) and 0 (zero) resets

Page Size

Many personal computers now have larger screen sizes. Huthwaite Online however retains this current layout for the foreseeable future, allowing readers the option of using the above functions for rescaling into fuller screen widths. Difficult maybe for latest generation of smaller screened mobile devices, but design has been updated around displaying photos wrapped by text, and also maintain full browser compatibility.

Written 06 Feb 12 Revised 06 Feb 12 © by Gary Elliott