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Wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Christmas

Our newly elected County Councillor Tom Hollis announces intention to finally remedy latest concerns about traffic problems around Huthwaite Market Place. The Market Street roadway has seen a number of changes after residents first called for safer pedestrian shopping. This was made a one way system a few years before the Highways Department reversed Main Street car parking direction in 2010. They now plan to block one end of Market Street, while redirecting two way traffic again into the Market Place car parking area. Be sure to voice any other ideas or concerns before work soon commences, and then motorists, please take note of all new road markings, which will hopefully reflect the last costly update for some time to come.

Carnegies Free Library Huthwaite
Friday 12th April 2013
did mark a centenary opening of this now fully refurbished Huthwaite landmark. But Nottinghamshire library authorities had to delay its plans for celebration.

Confirmation is now given that a two hour centenary celebration will start 10am on Wednesday 16th October

Come and share your memories & memorabilia, also of the Undercroft.

A quiz to test your local knowledge

Tea & biscuits with a special cake.

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Literacy VolunteersOur volunteers help children in local primary schools realise that books are fun and that reading is something they want to do.

Notts County Council
    We give    training, support and travel expenses
    You give   your time and regular commitment
    You get     the pleasure of making a difference to a child's life

Volunteers required for Huthwaite, Sutton plus elsewhere
In Mansfield - Tuesday 9th and 16th July from 10 am - 1 pm

Contact Sue on 01623 517533 or find other areas at

Ten year comparison turns Dr Clitheroes house into a 3rd June opening of Brierley Park Medical Centre. This now replaces both the New Street Health Centre for doctors surgery, and the Huthwaite pharmacy.20132003

Brierley Forest Golf Club moved their new clubhouse at the former Top End, White Lion Inn, on 8th March 2013. Announcing plans to celebrate here the clubs 20th year in September, they also desire early photos.20052003

A crisp wintery morning from December 2010 overlooks former garden allotments off Main Street where, over recent months, bulldozers have been landscaping the vacated plot readying future developments. On same corner below Barker Street, speculation concerning the former White Lion property may come to an end with 2012. A notice displays next proposal for relocating the licensed Brierley Forest Golf Club House.


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