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Market Inn

Under 2016 private ownership, their renamed Market Inn extends a relatively recent history of an established Market Club. This last and smallest licensed premises to fully assert Huthwaite pub status may long remain affectionately best known as the Clubby.


Huthwaite Market Club

Later emergence of privately run clubs doesn't readily offer many recorded clues tracing their origins. Hearing reliable memories given me by elders from now past generations, most initially recalled a Main Street sweet shop window here. Suggestion that was run somehow associating an unusually named Bathsheba actually offered a good basis to potentially discover a fuller club history.


Uniquely identifying Bathsheba traces family wife headed by William Brunt through his Hucknall Huthwaite butcher trade. Although loose census addressing points their location on bottom end Market Street, further research ties Wm Brunt entitled 1906 proposed alterations and additions to clubhouse and three shops. Casually noticing detached property mirrors some design features closely shared by extended layout presenting three facing adjoining shop fronts on Main Street, might reveal fuller interests. Similar north corner entrance, plus large cellar certainly beneath past Top Ten Cafe, are also found slightly predatng c1900 mapped exposure.


Asserting c1900 property soon hosts some kind of clubhouse is one thing. Timing easily leads presumed intention serving alcohol, but unfortunately also fails clearly registering any use for some years. That historic void still questions length of continuous service, despite finally managing to emerge in closest proximity to larger pubs and long established inns profiting big brewery buyouts.

Earliest clearest hint so far comes from 1939 UK registration identifying current 15 Main Street address occupied by coal hewer George Harrison and wife. Mrs Lily Daisy Harrison filled descriptive role of Club Stewardess. Further distraction of a second world war left behind a nearby Market Place air raid shelter. That still darkened eventual post-war entry, plus any records or known memory to assert when a named club took ground floor priority over the original sweet shops large windowed front entrance.


A giant leap into late 1970s intriguingly heard a few men from previous generation assuring no private club membership was actually demanded. Some had added brief visits into popular pub crawls, before simply hinting another named Lloyd once ran the club. Their comparison with a large number of long established old fashioned pubs reflected public repute recognising roughest Huthwaite bar room.

This grand picture of Tom sparked my memories from him pulling first welcoming pints throughout a few short visits. First impressions only confirm how this tiniest of licensed premises looked desperately outdated. Sunlight barely entered small windows, and dark wood fittings commonly dimmed smoked interior. An unrecognised group of regulars closely crowded short bar length, no doubt long appreciative of being served by this charming gentlemen, always distinguishably suited with a Bootlace tie Bolo.

A familiar modernised Market Place background lasted through the 1990s, following this rarest view of the cornering Market Club revealing bricked up large window on an otherwise original Main Street shop frontage. RBF07 Sign above doorway was inviting broader public patronage while the pub era enjoyed affordable social popularity. Basic club facilities only made use front half the ground floor. Separate back left room remained vacant when passing door to typically find an outside rear toilet.

Corrugated cover protected rainy passage walks in very basic compliance with rules for internal sanitation. No complaints from frequent customers, but bar room size also restricted visitor capacity. However, owners interest or poor finances to afford improvements seem lost, by seeking eventual selling off 1980s premises.

Purchase leading to subsequent improvements acknowledges a quietly spoken, foreign accented couple. Transferring successful owner experience from running their Kirkby-in-Ashfield clubhouse into this second business transformed an outdated licensed curiosity into yet another popular pub. Registered card membership once requested a few pounds, but never got strictly enforced.


Reopening corner Clubby door into extended and fully refurbished layout materialised in a period of increasing widespread concern for the future of licensed trading. But the makeover certainly gained broader favour beyond just weekend pub circuits.

Owners marital division left Sophie keeping control her Huthwaite Club, after passing running charge to Jill plus husband Mick Denby from about 1989. Installation of a second front door had afforded private access into upper floor accommodation, offering lifetime home for that Denby family.

Knocking through wall into unused rear room would have easily doubled main bar floor. But a modest extension did better than just utilising rear yard. Adding space for hosting entertainment might realise a more significant contribution securing club survival.

03071306 03071302

Shooting afternoon pool after pointing camera at 2003 decorated layout had to include some familiar locals. Featuring well stocked bar behind greatly extended counter did invite broader custom, although Australia must set distance record. Bloke standing central related Huthwaite origins visiting his elderly father, pleasantly recognised from having past conversations with that senior patron.

03081006 05073101

Julies charitable 2005 birthday bash made fullest use of the tabled beer garden. Opening up this rear yard area through emergency exit doors also managed to ease wheelchair access, while total enclosure of toilet block gave banned smokers passage outside.

05081823 05081822

Rolling covered pool table into far right corner could serve buffet food, while exposing a regularly used weekend dance floor.

05081825 05081826

Private purchase of the Clubby recognised Steve Alderman taking February 2016 possession, plus sharing upper accommodation with partner Allison Hudson. The couple offered some explanations behind their Huthwaite acquisition. Transferring business profits from managing musical artists into acquiring several licensed premises added the Market Club to their unnamed list of properties.


Expressing intention had been to establish a nightclub atmosphere safely suiting far wider transvestite communities, answered why pink bar lighting had mainly attracted transsexual customers. A renamed June 2016 sign for the Market Inn shocked some lifetime club members away, although a suggested Pink Flamingo might have totally put off even staunchest afternoon Huthwaite regulars.

17110219 17110216 17110212
17110211 17110210

Snapping comparable internal 2017 decoration just notes bolder coloured walls surrounding extended dance flooring. Sheltered rear decking replaced need for a separate smokers hut after this provided fresher outside seasonal tabled seating.

18070601 18122106

Advertising 2018 sale of this Free Hold Free House later finds clearer promotional coverage of the Huthwaite Market Inn. Owner Steve Alderman continues to host a range of live acts plus DJ dance nights suiting patrons, after shown here inviting other drag queens to his gay bar from Chad Feb 2019 reportage featuring 18 year old Luke Harvey glamorously dressed as The Myst.

chad1902041 chad1902043

14 May 20     by Gary Elliott       Updated 29 May 20