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Factory Industries

MitchellsMitchell Powersystems
Engines & Transmissions

Fulwood Road South, Huthwaite,
Notts.,   NG17 2JZ
Tel: (01623) 550550
Victor & YoungVictor & Young
The Pattern House
47 Crossley Ave, Huthwaite,
Notts.,   NG17 2NT
Tel: (01623) 550110
Upvc Fabricators

Common Road, Huthwaite,
Notts.,   NG17 6AD
Tel: (01623) 443200
Ashfield SpringsAshfield Springs Ltd
UK Manufacturers

Nunn Brook Rise, Huthwaite,
Notts., NG17 2PD
Tel: 01623 455500
Terry's CoffinsTerry Smith Ltd
Coffin Maker

Nunn Brook Rd, Huthwaite,
Notts., NG17 2HU
Tel: 01623 550765
Furniture Manufacturing

Common Road, Huthwaite,
Notts.,   NG17 2JY
Tel: (01623) 440626
AdvaTacAdvaTac Ltd
Industrial Adhesives

Nunn Close, Huthwaite,
Notts.,   NG17 2HW
Tel: (01623) 516055
Spencer CoatingsSpencer Coatings Ltd
Industrial Paint

Blackwell Road, Huthwaite,
Notts.,   NG17 2RG
Tel: (01623) 510585
Fulwood Ind EstFulwood Industrial Estate
2017 list outdated

Fulwood Road South, Huthwaite,
Notts.,   NG17 2JZ

The Huthwaite Online portal indexing factory industries and company businesses employing and serving villagers or towns in the Ashfield District of Nottinghamshire.

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