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Councillor Representatives

The Huthwaite electoral area is a division of Sutton town in the Ashfield District under Nottinghamshire County Councils. This former West Ward was redefined before 2015 elections, since when local councillors represent a newly named Huthwaite and Brierley Ward.

Covering the Huthwaite & Brierley Ward
Ashfield District Councillors - 7th May 2015
Cllr Lee Anderson07824 905765Labour
Cllr Glenys C Maxwell07796 421411Labour

Nottinghamshire County Council
Re-elected 9th June 2017
County Cllr Tom Hollis07854 720602LibDem

Ashfield Member of Parliament
Re-elected 9th June 2017
Gloria De Piero MP01623 720399Labour
Brierley Origins

  Brierley is an address formally introduced to this locality after firstly choosing title for a designated area opened 1999 called Brierley Forest Park.
  That large country parkland with pathways stretching eastward from northern Huthwaite historically connected similar neighbouring mining areas of Teveral, Skegby and Stanton Hill, all tied within town boundaries of Sutton.
  Much of the land reclaimed site of the old coal pit around which Stanton Hill was built. Although officially titled Sutton Colliery, it remained commonly referred to as Brierley pit because so many South Yorkshire coal miners relocated from that Barnsley area.
  Brierley was therefore an apt choice to reflect a wider shared past industrial heritage. Next saw renaming of the adjoining Huthwaite Golf Course, but opening a newly built 2013 Huthwaite Medical Centre overlooking a maturing influential forest asserted addressing.


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