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Huthwaite Hub

Formed in 2016, the group encouraged social membership based around enjoying wood crafting. Undercroft A 2017 opening of an equipped workshop in the Undercroft beneath Huthwaite Library hopes to warmly invite more craft training interests from and for adults of all ages and abilities.

The Huthwaite Undercroft is located off Sutton Road, NG17 2NE, behind the Free Library. An adjacent car park can be accessed off Columbia Street.

Workshops run Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9.30am - 12.30pm

Huthwaite Hub is a registered charity dating from 08 Feb 2018

Huthwaite Community Action Group

Unconfirmed news is the group disbanded July 2017

The Huthwaite Community Action Group is an influential committee comprising a team of volunteers. It was formed and first chaired through earliest years of 2000 by Cllr David Kirkham during his role as our Nottinghamshire County Councillor. One primary motive behind its formation was recognising a falling community spirit. That noticeably dropped as rising unemployment followed unexpected closures in quick succession of this areas two most historically significant industries. Meetings began openly inviting residents to not just voice their local concerns, but also suggest ways for taking appropriate action to specifically benefit Huthwaite in the future.

Notice Board

An annually elected committee has thereafter gained fearless leadership under the regularly appointed Chairman, Mr Eric Bone, 25 Sherwood Street. Tel: 06123 517933

Updates concerning next meeting arrangements and current agendas are displayed upon their notice boards sited among the village. Regular attendance is made by local Ashfield District Councillors, ably and independently willing to jointly assist through their elected roles. Executives also often encouraged liaisons between various professional bodies with local policing, support workers and advisory clinics.

Agendas frequently raised concerns and awareness regarding crime or antisocial behaviour in known hot spots. Improvements have been made to busier streets and long neglected roadways for both traffic and pedestrian safety. Expansion of new housing estates may still raise another common topic. Fundays

Huthwaite Community Action Group has managed to source any available funding to promote several projects. They are probably best recognised however, for annually organising very popular summer activities for children held upon Brierley Forest Park.

Action Group "Fun Days" have been proven just as successful in providing a modern equivalent likened to when folk used to look forward to wakes or a circus fairground coming to town. A range of activities are organised to amuse and interest kids during a long school break. This social event also attracts parents beyond Huthwaite.

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