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a weeks news dated - March 16th 1934


  The name of Mr. J. Arrowsmith should have been included amongst the principals at the Sunday night's cantata at New Fall Street Church, reported in another column.

  The Young People's Concert Party at New Fall Street Church on Wednesday night gave a concert consisting of songs, duets, and choruses, also two sketches, before a full house. The proceeds were for Sunday School funds.

  At the weekly whist drive of the H.U.W.O. on Monday, the prize-winners were Mrs. Morris (Sutton), Mr. G. Wright, Mr. D. Elliott and Mr. G. Reeves. There was a very good attendance, the M.C. being Mr. T. Bradley.

  On Thursday evening an excellent concert was given in the Drill Hall on behalf of the H.U.W.O., the entertainers, who gave their services, being a party of friends chiefly from Clay Cross and South Normanton. Mr. J. Davies presided over a large audience, the artistes being as follow:- Mr. and Mrs. Oakenham (pianist and soprano), Mr. E. Young (comedian), Mr. T. Kerry (tenor), South Normanton; Mr. Paget (drums), Miss P. Rodgers (ballet dancer), Clay Cross; Mr. R. Hill (baritone), Pinxton. A vote of thanks to the visitors was moved by the chairman and seconded by Mr. T. Bradley. Thanks were also expressed for the loan of the hall.

  A successful concert was given in the Sherwood Street School on Monday evening in aid of the Divisional Benevolent Fund, organised by the Huthwaite District Committee of the National Deposit Friendly Society. The chair was taken by Mr. C. Jackson, of Mansfield (President of the Division), and the programme consisted of aerobatic dancing, songs, duets, and sketches by the Humoresque Party, of Derby. The artistes were Winnie Newton, Cath Cropper, Edna Saunders, Doreen Quinton, Ernie Edale, Ted Springer, Fred Harwood, Ethel Houldwsorth (at the piano) and dancing by Miss Sills Troupe, Sadie Dalton, Dorothy Wood, Joyce Bell, Dallas Bramley and Kathleen Harwood. All the items were given in a delightful style, and were very much appreciated by a large audience.

Tender Accepted for Erection of Twenty-Four.

  Consideration of tenders for the erection of 24 bungalows on the Beech Avenue site was the chief business at the monthly meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council on Tuesday evening, when Councillor F. C. Sowter presided over the following: Councillors J. Davies, T. Goodall, E. H. Lowe, H. A. Simpson, J. Potter, J. Iball, S. Allcock, A. Wilson, M. Betts, J. Peters, W. Clark, D. D. Bonser and W. E. Hancock.
  Six tenders were received and the lowest, that of Mr. J. Searson, of Sutton, for £4,600, was accepted, subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health and the execution of the usual contract.

"A Considerable Expense."

  Mr. Davies said the scheme was going to be a considerable expense. The grant, in his opinion, was not sufficient.
  Mr. Clark: Shall we apply for some more tenders and see if we can get some more considerate?
  Mr. Davies: The tenders are all right; it is the price of the land and the street making that is going to put up the cost. I think it will cost about £260 to £270 per bungalow, and we shall not be able to let these at the rent we should like.
  The Surveyor thought the cost would not be so high as stated by Mr. Davies, who, after some estimating, said after getting the price as low as he could the price would be about £245 per bungalow. That was at the lowest, including land and everything.
  Tenders were also received for gates and fencing, but as there appeared to be some misunderstanding on the part of the contractors tending with regard to the work specified, it was decided that enquiries be made before accepting a tender.
  Referring to a minute of the Roads nad Buildings Committee with regard to the proposed purchase of the school site, Beech Avenue, Mr. Peters asked what the tenants of gardens on the site were to do. Would they be in order in carrying on with the cultivating of the gardens?
  The Clerk said they knew nothing definite yet, and he could not see what the Council could do.
  A member thought the County Council ought to give the gardenholders some intimation as to what to do.
  Mr. Davies said neither the County Council nor their own Council knew anything definite with regard to the matter.

Information to be Obtained.

  The Clerk suggested that he be instructed to write to the County Council drawing attention to the matter and asking them to let the gardenholders know what to do, and a resolution was passed to this effect, Mr. Peters observing that that was the best thing they could do.
  The following minute gave rise to the next discussion:- The Surveyor reported that the work on Cross Lane had been completed, and a letter was read from Mrs. Marsden objecting to the account of expenses sent in. It was resolved that the Surveyor inspect the work and report upon its condition.
  In reply to Mr. Clark, the Surveyor said he had inspected the work and was satisfied that the road was safe and sound and would last for years.
  Mr. Lowe: It is the question of the price that is being objected to.
  The Surveyor said the work had been done as cheaply as possible, and the matter was allowed to drop.
  The question of the contractor for the 40 houses on the Chesterfield Road site finding sureties was discussed, and on the proposition of Mr. Clark, seconded by Mr. Hancock, it was resolved that sureties be asked for as was customary.
  Mr. Davies said he saw no reason why they should deviate from their usual custom.
  An unemployed man attended the meeting and asked the Council if they could find him some work.
  The Chairman said it wa the policy of the Council to give unemployed men 10 weeks' work in turn. Some time ago the present applicant was given a start, but was taken ill and had to go into hospital. He said he was now much stronger and fit for work, and the Chairman informed him that his name was still on the list and when work was available his case would be considered.


  The cause of the Huthwaite unemployed received a stimulant on Friday by a visit from the Duchess of Portland, who is interested in the project for converting the isolation hospital in Chesterfield Road into a social and recreation centre for unemployed, who at present have makeshift headquarters under the Free Library.
  Her Grace's visit on Friday was a complete surprise, and was a very informal one. She called at the Council Office and enquired for the officials of the local unemployment organisation (Messrs. Davies, Sowter, Bingham, Wood and Bradley), but hardly anybody was available. She was conducted under the Library by Mr. A. Fidler (Collector) and was introduced to Mr. Wood and the few members present by Mr. E. Smith (Librarian).

Promise of Assistance.

  Mr. E. W. Bostock (Surveyor) was at hand and he accompanied the Duchess to the hospital buildings, which she inspected, and was very favourably impressed by their possibilities for the purpose mentioned. She also visited the Council's housing scheme, and entered the hose of Mr. G. Haines, expressing great approval of the interior arrangements.
  On her return to the Library, Her Grace displayed great enthusiasm in the suggested scheme, and asked Mr. Smith and those present to urge the local officials to push on with the work. She also intimated her readiness to assist in a practical way, and requested to be kept in touch with the progress of the work.
  As a result of her interest and encouragement, the idea is likely to materialise in the very near future to the great advantage of the unemployed. The isolation hospital has never been used, and although it can only be converted or moved with the permission of the Ministry of Health, there should be no difficulties about that.
  The hospital is a "sectional" building, and if the suggested scheme is carried through it will probably be dismantled and re-erected in a more convenient spot, perhaps on "The Park". The top of Chesterfield Road is a little out of the way for a social or occupational centre.

Council Accept Tender for Forty.

  Below are extracts from the Committee minutes confirmed by the Huthwaite Urban District Council at the monthly meeting on Tuesday evening.
  Gas and Water Committee.- The Clerk reported that the Council's replies to the objections lodged against the Draft Order of the Gas Special Order by the Sutton Council and the Notts. County Council had been duly delivered by parliamentary Agents to the Board of Trade and copies sent to the objectors, and that the decision of the Board of Trade as to the holding of a local inquiry was now awaited.
  It was resolved that George Allen, of 30, Main Street, be employed for lamp lighting and other Council work upon expiration of the engagement of the present lamp lighter.

Housing Tender.

  Roads and Buildings Committee.- A letter was read from the Ministry of Health approving of the acceptance of the tender of Mr. A. Sheldon at the sum of £11,498 for the erection of 40 three-bedroom non-parlour type houses on the Chesterfield Road site, so as to render available suitable accommodation for a maximum of 200 persons on the standards laid down in Sec. 37 (11) of the Housing Act, 1930. It was resolved that the tender referred to be accepted subject to the usual conditions.
  Tenders for the grazing of the surplus land on Chesterfield Road were considered, and it was decided that that of Mr. F. Bettison at £2 17s. 6d. for 12 months from March 1st be accepted.
  The Surveyor reported that the New Hucknall Colliery Co. were engaged on repairs to the Council houses on Blackwell Road.

Town Planning.

  A letter was read from the Agent of the New Hucknall Colliery Co. referring to the Company's gift of land in 1929 to be fenced in and preserved for recreational purposes only, and stating that if the proposed bungalows were provided for aged miners, the scheme would receive their consideration. It was resolved that the matter be deferred pending inspection of the site by members of the Committee.
  A letter was read from the Town Clerk of Mansfield reporting upon the proceedings of the conference of local authorities with reference to town and country planning, and suggesting alternative methods of arriving at the object for establishment of a plan for the combined area, in default of which local authorities must prepare their own scheme.
  It was resolved that the Chairman of the Committee (Councillor J. Potter) and Councillor E. H. Lowe be deputed to attend the further proposed meeting, but that they be not authorised to commit the Council to either of the alternative proposals referred to.
  Cemetery, Pleasure Grounds and Allotments Committee.- The Surveyor submitted a plan of the proposed children's accommodation on Huthwaite Park, and this was approved and the Surveyor authorised to engage the necessary labour to complete the work.
  Health and Hospital Committee.- The Medical Officer of Health reported that four deaths, equivalent to an annual mortality of 0.3 per 1,000, had bee notified during the month. The mortality of the preceding month was 14.3 and of the corresponding month last year 9.3. Eight births - four males and four females - were registered during the month.

Conversion Scheme.

  The health officials reported upon the condition of the undermentioned properties considered to be unfit for human habitation, and which had (inter-alia) been scheduled to be dealt with under the provisions of the Housing Act, 1930: Nos. 88, 90, 92, 94, 96 and 98 Blackwell Road; Nos. 1 and 1a, New Street; Nos. 22,24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 Club Yard.
  It was resolved that the statutory notices pursuant to Sec. 19 of the Act be served upon the owners concerned requiring submission of their proposals for repair.
  The Clerk read further correspondence from the Ministry of Health in justification of the proposed pail closet conversion scheme, together with a letter from the Department notifying intentions to hold a local inquiry into the matter at an early date.
  It was resolved that the Chairman of the Council (Mr. F.C. Sowter) be reappointed as the Council's representative upon the Mansfield and District Orthopaedic Guild for the year ending 31st March, 1935.
  A letter was read from the Ministry of Health approving the re-appointment of Mr. E. W. Bostock as Sanitary Inspector for the district for the year ending 31st March, 1935, at a salary of £75 per annum.

Differential Rating.

  A letter was read from the Notts. County Council suggesting the co-operation of the health officials of local authorities with the county Inspectors of Weights and Measures in notifying the discovery of dirty or vermin-infested premises in the course of their visitations. The letter was referred to the officers concerned for observations.
  Finance and General Purposes Committee.- Correspondence was read upon the question of county boundaries with the Secretary of the Urban District Council's Association, who recommended that Council to engage expert accountants in differentiating rating for the purpose ...


  An interesting gathering took place on Wednesday when the Sherwood Street Methodist Women's Own, with members of similar bodies from the Sutton Road and New Fall Street Methodist Churches, along with the Parish Church Mothers' Union, held a united service at Sherwood Street. There was a very good attendance, over which Mrs. Adwick presided, and a very enlightening address was given by Mrs. Parry (Morton) on her work in the slums and experiences with the Salvation Army. Devotional duties in connection with the service were performed by members from the different branches:- Mrs. Shaw (Parish Church), Mrs. Mitchell (New Fall Street) and Mrs. Offiler (Sutton Road). The soloist was Mrs. Clifton, and Mrs. C. Smith officiated as organist. Refreshments served by the Sherwood Street members brought to a close a very successful event.

  The choir festival was held at the New Fall Street Methodist Church on Sunday, when the choir of about 35 members successfully carried through an excellent musical programme. The preacher was Mr. C. Dunkley, of Newton, who preached at the afternoon service, when the choir gave two of the best known choruses from the 'Messiah,' 'Hallelujah' and 'Lift up your heads.' In the evening Mr. Dunkley presided. There was a good congregation, and the choir rendered the sacred cantata 'Daniel.' The principal parts were taken by Messrs. S. Spencer, S. Marshall and J. Hardy (tenors); Jim Wright (bass); Mesdames W. Farnsworth (Sutton), soprano; England (Sutton), contralto; and Miss E. Colley (contralto). The training of the choir had been carried out jointly by Messrs. J. W. Allsop and J. Colley, who also officiated as organist and conductor respectively. The proceeds were for choir funds.

  On Saturday evening Mrs. J. Ensor organised a whist drive on behalf of the Huthwaite Boy scouts' Uniform fund. The event took place at her home in Lime Avenue and, though the numbers were limited, a very enjoyable time was spent and a request was made fro another whist drive on similar lines. Some good prizes had been subscribed, and most of the refreshments were given. Mr. Colin Peters was M.C. and the prize-winners were as follows:- Mrs. J. Peters (Pinxton) picture, painted by Mr. C. Evans; Mrs. S. Whetton, junr., cut glass flower vase; Mrs. Stendall, collection of groceries given by the Scouts; Mr. A. Evans, pork pie. The hidden number prize (bos of chocolates) went to Mrs. Coleman (Sutton). The prizes were distributed by Mrs. G. Bostock, and Assist. S.M. Golding moved a vote of thanks on behalf of the Scouts to Mrs. Ensor for helping the movement. Another vote of thanks for a pleasurable time, on behalf of the gathering, was proposed by Mrs. Evans. A very acceptable sum was handed to the Scouts fund, and the help of interested friends was greatly appreciated by the lady organiser.

  At present Huthwaite had a lady visitor from Australia, Mrs. Walton, whom many readers will remember as the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Smith, of Sutton Road. It will be recalled that Mrs. Smith was taken seriously ill some little time ago, and her daughter's visit is chiefly on that account. It is 22 years since Mr. and Mrs. Walton (Mr. Walton belongs to Sutton) went to Australia, and this is Mrs. Walton's first visit. Her husband was in England about three years ago, but has not come this time. They live at Holbrook (N.S.W.), where Mrs. Walton is in the church choir, thus continuing the service she rendered in Church work at Huthwaite, where, before going away, she was a valued member of the Parish Church choir, and took part in church work. ...


  With a three-fold object in view, a meeting was held at the Old Blue Bell Inn, Sutton, on Friday evening, the organistions represented being Sutton Town, Sutton Junction and St. John Ambulance. Mr. W. H. Pepper was voted to the chair, and briefly stated why the meeting had been called.
  Mr. T. W. Kirk stated that they were met to consider whey they could do to help Mr. W. Buxton, who had sustained a serious accident at the New Hucknall Colliery, as a result of which he had had his leg amputated. That was the main object; then the Town and Junction had been asked to help the Ambulance, and there was also the Sutton Charity Cup Competition to consider.Mr. W. Buxton Several suggestions had been put forward to help Mr. Buxton, but as they could not play a football match for each party, caving to the congestion of League fixtures, he suggested that a match be arranged on a big scale, and divide the proceeds.
  After a little discussion, the suggestion was unanimously adopted, Mr. Buxton to receive 50 per cent. of the effort, and the two other organisations 25 per cent. each.
  Mr. W. H. Pepper was appointed chairman for the effort, and Messrs. T. W. Kirk and W. Fitchett joint secretaries, with Mr. H. L. Bosworth, superintendent of St. John Ambulance, as treasurer.
  Details were then gone into, and a League club is to be invited to play a team of players who have gone into higher circles from the Town and Junction clubs. Permission is to be sought to play the match on the second Saturday of May.
  There is every indication that the match will prove a big success, and more representatives are to be invited to assist the promoters.


  The funeral took place at Huthwaite on Monday of Mrs. Ann Betteridge Parkin, whose death occurred in Sheffield General Hospital. Deceased, who was 31 years of age, was a native of Stanton Hill, and came to Huthwaite in her early years, her family now residing in Newcastle Street. After her marriage the late Mrs. Parkin lived at Somercotes and for the last few years at Cresswell.
  She was interred at Huthwaite by her own wish, the last rites being conducted by Mr. C. Mann (senior). A service was held in the Sutton Road Church, which the deceased formerly attended, and the hymn "Rock of Ages" was sung. A husband and a family of five are left, the eldest being nine years old, and the youngest two weeks. There are also six grown-up stepchildren.
  The mourners were:- Mr. Edward Parkin, husband; Joan and Graham, children; Mr. James Ingram, father; Mrs. Ingram could not attend being an invalid. Mrs. Rodda (Cresswell); Miss Violet and Miss Gertie Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. James Ingram, and Mr. William Ingram, brothers and sisters; Mrya and Lena (whose fiancee attended also); Eric and Edward Parkin (Creswell), step-children; Mr. William Parkin, father-in-law, and Ethel, sister-in-law; Mrs. Foster (Mickleover), friend; and several Creswell friends. Bearers were Messrs. W. Marshall, J. Naylor, M. Allsop and F. Brooks.
  There were wreaths from:- Husband and Children; Dad, Mam, Violet, Polly and niece Dorothy; Graham and Gertie; Nellie, Joe and family; Brother Jim and family; all step-children; Mrs. Foster; Mrs. L. Goodwin and Mrs. White; Mrs. Redfern; Creswell friends and neighbours. There were also several sprays from sympathisers and personal friends.

Sutton Man Bound Over.

  At the Mansfield Petty Sessions yesterday (Dr. Nesbitt in the chair), John Leslie Bradley, of Bellever, Coxmoor Road, Sutton, was charged with stealing between February 1st and March 8th a running barrow, a hand vice, two gun metal taps, one brass union and 56½lbs. of scrap to the total value of £4 7s. 6d., the property of the Co-operative Wholesale Society. Mr. R. P. Marchant defended.
  Wm. George Leech, of 17, High Street, Huthwaite, chief engineer at the C.W.S. factory at Huthwaite, gave evidence of missing the articles in question and informing the police, and of accompanying the police to defendant's house, from where the missing property was recovered. ...

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