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a weeks news dated - March 9th 1934


  The new nursing home for paying patients in connection with the Mansfield Hospital, and which is situated in premises adjoining the institution, was opened on Saturday afternoon, when representatives attended from Sutton, Kirkby and surrounding districts.
  Mr. J. Harrop White (chairman of the Hospital Governors) said it was a very important event in the history of the Mansfield Hospital. The hospital was giving the lead in the matter of providing private nursing homes to other hospitals in the county. The home had been required for a considerable time and last year the hospital had had to deal with 2,800 cases.


  The new home would be run as an entirely separate organisation, and the charitable funds of the hospital would not be entrenched upon in its support. The home would be, in fact, quite self-supporting.
  In opening the home, Councillor J. Pollard said it was the finest of its size in the provinces, and the management was deeply indebted to Mr. B. C. Westwick, its architect. He added that fine as the apparatus and building were, they would be ineffective without the sunny radiance imported by the matron, Miss Gammie.
  The company entered the hospital and a tablet was unveiled by Mr. F. N. Ellis, a member of the Board, commemorating Councillor Pollard's success in raising £5,000 for the hospital during his year as Mayor in 1931.
  After tea Mr. Harrop White said that there was not a better equipped nursing home in Notts. It was open to anyone and not simply to those living in its locality.
  The Mayor of Mansfield (Ald. J. Beck) said that during the last ten months he had spent much time in the hospital, and had been 'alarmed' at the class of people who had come into it. He hoped that in the future it would be used by the people who needed its free service the most.



  The annual meeting of the Huthwaite C.W.S. Works Cricket Club was held on Thursday. There was only a small attendance, but a satisfactory condition of affairs was disclosed, including a healthy financial standing. Plenty of players are available for the varied pastimes of the C.W.S., and as far as the Cricket Club is concerned, the playing strength will be equal in merit to last season, although there are a few changes in personnel.
  Seeing that many of the fixtures include matches at Leicester, Nottingham and other fairly distant places, and are often of a definite industrial character or personal significance, besides being long-standing arrangements, 'friendlies' will again be played by both eleven.


  The following appointments were made for the season:- President, Mr. J. A. Tomlinson; vice-presidents, Messrs. W. Leach, W. Dove, A. H. Cameron and E. Cook; treasurer, Mr. E. Tuckwood; secretary, Mr. J. Boot; assistant secretary, Mr. A. Bailey; committee, Messrs. W. Wass, L. Iball, E. Smith, E. Osborne, H. Keetley, C. Flint, J. Bailey, G. Holland; 1st team captain, Mr. W. Else; vice-captain, Mr. Herberts; 2nd team captain, Mr. S. Robinson; vice-president, Mr. I. Whetton; umpires, Messrs. J. Bailey and C. Hancock; kit men, Messrs. D. Parkin and H. Price; scorers, 1st team, Mr. E. Smith; 2nd team, Mr. D. Parkin; groundsman, Mr. G. Slack.
  The tennis team will also play friendly matches, but the bowls team has joined the Sutton and District League. the C.W.S. has a sports enclosure second to none, and sport in all sections should rise to a high level of excellence.


  The funeral took place on Monday of a well known Huthwaite resident, Mr. James Jones, of Main Street. Deceased, who was 59 years of age, was a native of Staffordshire, but had been in Huthwaite for 40 years, and for a long period had carried on a butcher's business in Main Street. A widow, two daughters and one son are left.
  The late Mr. Jones was of a quiet and unassuming disposition, and never took any prominent part in public affairs. He performed many sincere and charitable acts, however, one of his chief characteristics being his readiness to contribute to any good causes. he gave generously, year after year, to the Old People's Treat and the Common Road Schools Children;s Christmas Treat in particular, and often gave useful prizes to Parish Church whist drives. Being a prominent tradesman he was a member of the Old People's Treat Committee, and was held in high repute by his colleagues.

The Funeral.

  Three generations of the family have been associated with the Parish Church, and there the first part of the funeral service was held, conducted by the Rev. W. L. Boulton. The mourners were:- The Widow; John, Rosie and Dolly, son and daughters; Mrs. Westwood (Dudley), and Mr. Jones (Nottingham), brother and sister; Mr. and Mrs. Trigg (South Normanton), Mr. and Mrs. H. Stone (Erdington), brothers-in-law and sisters; Mr. Westwood, brother-in-law; Mr. S. Truman (Sutton), son-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Thompson (Sutton), nephew; Mr. John Wright, Mrs. Thompson (Huthwaite), Mr. James Wright, Mr. Robert Wright, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. H. Holland, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.
  Messrs. Hepworth, Clifton, Castle Clark and Kitchen represented the Butchers' Association, and Messrs. E. Lowe, L. Ball, W. Lawrence and C. Adlington were old friends or members of the Old People's Treat Committee. The bearers were Messrs. J. Wright, J. R. Wright, F. Wright and G. Holland (nephews), W. Hague and A. Smith.
  Wreaths were sent by Wife, Dolly and John; Rosie, Sid and Children; Polly, Ben and family; Annie and Will; Vin, Harold and family; Brother Will and family; Brother Jim and family; Brother John and family; Ellen, Joe and children; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wright; Fred and Hilda; Mr. and Mrs. C. Wright; Mr. and Mrs. R. Wright; Mr. and Mrs. Dickens; Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Lowe; Mr. and Mrs. C. Adlington; Mr. and Mrs. Caunt; Lavinia Beresford; Mr. and Mrs. K. Holland; Old People's Treat Committee; Mr. Clifton and Son; Staff Common Road School; Sutton Butchers' Association.


  At a whist drive arranged by the Huthwaite U.W.O. in the Lecture Hall on Monday evening, the M.C. was Mr. J. Bingham. Winners were Mr. T. Thompson, Mrs. Hibbert (Sutton) and the hidden number prize went to Mr. J. Bentley.

  The anniversary of the Sutton Road Methodist Church was celebrated on Sunday and Monday in a manner befitting its long and honourable traditions. The preacher was the Rev. J. Davison Brown (Chairman of the Nottingham District), who preached both morning and evening. Anthems rendered by the choir were ... The conductor was Mr. D. Weston, and the organist Mr. J. Weston. On Monday afternoon the Rev. J. D. Brown conducted a preaching service in the Church, and in the evening lectured on the subject "The Gospel for the 20th Century." The chairman was Mr. A. E. Hesketh (Tibshelf) and the total proceeds were devoted to trust funds.


  Children's musical services were held at the Sherwood Street Methodist Church on Sunday on behalf of the Sunday School prize fund. Mr. E. White, of Alfreton, was the preacher, and he presided at the afternoon service, when the whole of the programme was provided by Sunday School children, who had been carefully trained, and were supervised by Mr. Norman Evans. The following were the soloists (two of whom were also prominent as elocutionists). Joe Hardwick, Ernest Brownley, Mavis Stopps and Joan Wilmott. Great interest was added to the proceedings by a recital from Longfellow's works... Another feature of the outstanding merit was the rendering by a children's choir of over 20 voices of the following part songs and choruses ... Great credit is due to Mr. Evans for training the children, and to Miss Hawley, who provided the organ accompaniments. In the evening Mr. White gave a very interesting discourse and the musical programme of the afternoon was repeated with great success to a good congregation.


For the second week in succession Huthwaite Villa and Huthwaite United tried conclusions on Saturday - this time in the League - and the Villa again came out on top, winning 4-3 in spite of the fact that their visitors appeared to have a stronger team out. ...

                       Pl F. A. Pt.
Huthwaite Villa 17 69 31 26
Mansfield Invicta 19 81 38 24
Huthwaite Peacock 19 81 38 24
Huthwaite C.W.S. 15 67 44 24
B. Walton and Sons 13 67 44 24
Teversal Colliery 14 48 33 20
Ollerton Colliery R. 21 81 49 19
Huthwaite United 17 46 61 13
Spion Kop 18 48 63 13
Reeves Sports 18 48 60 13
Carsic Lane United 16 35 65 11
Mansfield Colliery R. 15 34 59 8
Blidworth Wel. Res. 12 21 62 6
Rufford Colliery Res. 16 21 84 6


  Huthwaite West End had Warsop as visitors on Saturday and ran out easy winners by five goals to one, thus gaining their third successive victory. ...
  Huthwaite West End.- Smith; Bowler and Weston; Gladsby, Renshaw and Simms; Curzon, Bannister, Glasby, Hallam and Hipkiss.


  At home on Saturday, Huthwaite Park Rangers defeated Teversal Villa by six goals to two. Neither team was at full strength. Teversal were without Garrad, Hinks and Minnett, while the Rangers were minus J. Arrowsmith and A. Carter. ...
  Huthwaite Park Rangers.- E. Quibble; A. Bailey and P. Bostock; R. Tuckwood, B. Jones and A. Dykes; H. Bradshaw, J. Brooks, D. Ball, D. Wright and H. Thrall.


  In the Common Road Schools on Tuesday evening a whist drive was held by the Huthwaite Unionists Association (Women's Section). The M.C. was Dr. Vance, and the prize-winners were:- Ladies: 1, Mrs. Fitchett (Huthwaite), morning tea set; 2. Miss Vardy, silk stockings. Gent's: 1. Mrs. Evans (playing as gent.), cigarettes; 2. Mr. Nicholls, socks. The refreshments were in charge of Mesdames Simpson, Fitchett and Beastall and Miss Davison.

  Mr. Edward Green last week left the New Street School, where he has served as senior assistant master for 4½ years. He was held in high esteem by both colleagues and staff. On Wednesday, in the presence of the assembled school, Mr. H. A. Simpson made a presentation to him on behalf of his colleagues. Mr. Simpson remarked on the very good influence that Mr. Green had exercised on the character of the boys and of the school generally, and on the willing help that he had given inside and outside school hours to the pupils. It would be well-nigh impossible to replace so efficient a teacher. Mr. Green suitably replied, commenting on the very happy time he had spent in Huthwaite, and on the valuable foundation in his professional work that had been laid by his experience in this school.


  It was reported at a meeting of the Notts. Miners' Industrial Union Council that the income for the six months was £8,000 - the highest total received since the contribution was reduced.
  The total income for 1933 was just over £15,000. It was stated that, compared with 1931, total contributions collected had increased by over £4,000 per year.
  A considerable increase in membership in the six months, including an increase of over 500 in the last month, was recorded, the present membership being approximately 20,000.
  Out-of-work pay disbursed during the six months was £2,384 and the year's total of pensions paid was £3,883.
  There was a balance of over £10,000, and the officials were instructed to invest £5,500. It was stated that since the organisation was founded in 1926, lump sum settlements of compensation procured for members and dependents totalled £57,000.


Nominations were handed in yesterday in respect to the election of Urban District Councils at Sutton, Kirkby and Huthwaite, and unless there are withdrawals there will be contests in each district. At Sutton all the old members are seeking re-election, in addition to other candidates coming forward, there being twelve nominations in the West Ward and fourteen in the East Ward. At Kirkby there are 41 candidates for the 17 seats, and at Huthwaite twenty nominees for fifteen seats.
  The nominations are as under, old members being denoted by an asterisk.


  COUPE, CHARLES HENRY. The Orchards, Huthwaite, hosiery manufacturer.
Proposers, William Bostock & John Wm. Allsop; seconders, Thomas Goodall & Bryan Victor Rainsbury.
  *GOODALL THOMAS, 50, Common Road, Huthwaite, retired schoolmaster.
Proposers, Charles Henry Coupe and George Bailey; seconders, Georgina Coupe and Arthur Allsop.
  *BETTS MATTHEW, 48, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, boot and shoe dealer.
Proposers, John Wm Allsop; seconder, William Bostock.
  *ALCOCK STEPHEN, 30, King Street, Huthwaite, miner.
Proposer, John Davies; seconder, William Clark.
  *HANCOCK ERNEST, Binton House, Chesterfield Road, insurance agent.
Proposers, William Smith and John Davies; seconders, George Marshall and William Clark.
  *DAVIES JOHN, Beech Avenue, Huthwaite, builders foreman.
Proposers, Ernest Hancock and W.Ll. Boulton; seconders, John Peters and P.D.J. Spaanderman.
  *CLARK WILLIAM, 72, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, boot dealer and repairer.
Proposers, W. Ll. Boulton, J. Potter and John Davies; seconders, P.D.J. Spaanderman, Verney Henton and Alfred Charles Smith.
  HENTON VERNEY, Lime Avenue, Huthwaite, boot factor.
Proposer, John Davies; seconder, William Clark.
  *IBALL JOHN, 7, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, miner.
Proposers, Joseph Gaston and John Davies; seconders, John T. Kay and Frederick Cecil Sowter.
  *PETERS JOHN, 21, Lime Avenue, Huthwaite, miner.
Proposer, John Davies; seconder, Frederick Cecil Sowter.
  *POTTER JETHRO, 39, King Street, Sutton, grocer.
Proposer, William Clark; seconder, John Davies.
  REDDINGTON THOMAS EDWARD, 32, Market Place, Huthwaite, canvasser.
Proposer, John Peters; seconder, William Clark.
  *SOWTER FREDERICK CECIL, 33, New Street, Huthwaite, ex-miner.
Proposers, John Davies, William Clark; seconders, William Clark and Samuel Stones.
  *BONSER DUNCAN DONALD, Chesterfield Road, Huthwaite, colliery surface worker.
Proposer, John Davies; seconder, Frederick Dyment.
  PARKIN WALTER, 9, Sherwood Street, Huthwaite, haulage driver.
Proposer, E. Burrows; seconder, O. Spencer.
  BARNES JAMES, 20, Barker Street, Huthwaite, insurance agent.
Proposer, P.D.J. Spaanderman; seconder, W.E. Smith.
  *WRIGHT JOHN GILBERT, 50, Main Street, Huthwaite, butcher.
Proposer, William Bostock; seconder, Sidney Bostock.
  *LOWE EDWIN HOWARD, The Beeches, Huthwaite, hosiery manufacturer.
Proposer, John Thompson; seconder, John William Turner.
  *WILSON ALFRED, 38, Common Road, Huthwaite, retired colliery deputy.
Proposer, Henry Highfield; seconder, A. Lupton.
  *SIMPSON HERBERT AUGUSTUS, 101, Chesterfield Road, Huthwaite, schoolmaster.
Proposer, George Wm. Farnsworth; seconder, Joseph Gaston.

1934 County Councillors

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