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a weeks news dated - January 26th 1934


TENDERS are invited for the erection of FORTY HOUSES of the Non-Parlour Type, on the Council's Chesterfield Road Housing Site.
  Copies of Plans, Specifications, Form of Tender and other particulars may be obtained and Drawings inspected, upon payment of deposit of £2 2s. being made, which will be returned upon receipt of a bonafide Tender and the return of all Plans, etc., on application to Mr. E. W. Bostock, Chartered Architect, Morven Avenue, Hucknall, Notts.
  The Contractor will be required to comply with the Conditions of the Ministry of Health, as stated in Circular No. 520A. respecting the employment of Apprentices on the works, to pay the recognised standard rate of wages ruling in the district, and to employ as much Local Labour as possible.
  The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. The accepted Tender will be subject to the approval of the Minister of Health.
  Sealed Tenders on the Forms supplied, endorsed "Tender for Houses," must be delivered to me, the undersigned, not later than 12 noon on Monday, the 12th day of February, 1934.

Clerk to the Council.

Council Offices, Huthwaite, Nr. Mansfield.

THE DAUGHTERS of the late Mrs. Hallam (Huthwaite) wish to thank friends and neighbours for sympathy and floral tributes received in their bereavement.

THE PARENTS AND FAMILY of Benjamin (Jimmy) Smith wish to thank friends and neighbours, New Hucknall Colliery Ambulance Brigade and Fellow Workmen from Betts and Broughton's for kindness extended to them in their sad bereavement; also for floral tributes.

MR. T. KEY (Huthwaite) wishes to thank friends and neighbours for sympathy and floral tributes received in his bereavement; also Dr. Gaston and Dr. Vance.

THE DAUGHTERS of the late WILLIAM STOPPS (Huthwaite) wish to thank all friends for sympathy and floral tributes received in their recent bereavement.

MR. YOUNG VARDY AND FAMILY, 39, Sherwood Street, Huthwaite, wish to thank Dr. Vance, Mrs. Willmott, Nurse Dickens, neighbours and friends for services rendered in their sad bereavement.


  The Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar) solemnised the marriage in Huthwaite Parish Church on Tuesday between Mr. Joseph Henry Wright, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Wright, 1, King Street, East Kirkby, and Miss Gertrude Blow, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Blow, 49, Lime Avenue Huthwaite.
  The bride, who was given away by her father, made a charming figure in a full length white satin gown of classic design with a narrow belt and silver clasp. She wore a wreath and veil, white satin shoes and carried a bouquet of lilies and lilac.

The Attendants.

  The bridesmaids were Miss Elsie Blow and Miss Joyce Blow, sisters of the bride, who were attired in maroon silk frocks, the former having a red velvet coatee and the latter with a cape effect. They wore patent black shoes, and their headdresses were bandeaux of silver leaves on net, and their bouquets were red tulip.
  Master Coin Hooley, a nephew of the groom, acted as a page in a picturesque suit of maroon silk edged with black and a cream silk blouse. The best man was Mr. G. Blow (brother of the bride) and a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents to family members and intimate friends. A beautiful three tier wedding cake, made and iced by the mother of the bridegroom, was one of the wedding gifts and was duly cut and distributed by the bride.
  Mr. and Mrs. Wright are residing at Long Eaton, and they left for their new home the same night, the honeymoon having been arranged for the summer. The bride travelled in a dress of pale blue crepe suede with grey hat and coat. Mr. and Mrs. Wright were the recipients of many beautiful and useful presents.


  Brimble - On the 1th inst., ....


  A whist drive was held on Wednesday on behalf of the C.W.S. football club. The M.C. was Mr. Keetley, and the winners were Mrs. G. Bostock, junr., Mrs. Draper, Mr. H. Turner, Mr. Hemmings, Mr. Raymond Ensor, Mr. S. Green.

  The wedding took place at Huthwaite Parish Church, the Rev. W. L. Boulton officiating, of Miss Jessie Mary Harwood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Harwood, of Swanwick, and Mr. Herbert Horsley, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Horsley, of Huthwaite. The bride, who was given away by her father, was dressed in pink suede georgette ankle length, with veil and wreath of orange blossom. She carried a bouquet of carnations. The attendant maids were Miss Evelyn Langham (cousin of the bride) and Miss Vilma Bell (niece of bridegroom), who wore dresses of pink suede georgette, and diamond pendants (gifts of the bridegroom). The duties of best man were carried out by Mr. James Bell of Kirkby-in-Ashfield. A reception was afterwards held at 3, Lower Drive, Swanwick.

  A very enjoyable evening was spent at the Sherwood Street Methodist Church on Monday, when visitors from the Wesley Guild, Sutton Road Methodists, New Fall Street C.E. and the Victoria Street C.E. provided an excellent entertainment. The programme was comprised of the following items:- Solo, Mr. D. Burton; recitations, Miss R. Bray; solos, Miss D. Holland; recitation, Miss E. Cockayne; dialogue, Mr. H. Patrick and Mr. A. Poplar; solo, Mr. D. Burton; recitation, Miss M. Brown. The pianist was Miss F. Ball. Refreshments were provided by the C.E. members, and Mr. Highfield thanked all who had helped to make the meeting a success. The president, Mr. R. Smeaton, suitably responded.

  A meeting of the Committee of the Huthwaite Nursing Association was held in the Free Library on Thursday, the following members being present: Mesdames Coupe, Adwick, Bradley, Evans, Mitchell, Flint, Key, W. Hill, Miss Searson and the Secretary, Mrs. L. Hill. The meeting was presided over by Mr. E.H. Lowe, supported by Mr. Betts. The Secretary read the correspondence from the Notts. Federation, the Public Assistance Committee, etc., and reports of the purchase of a bath chair for £6 2s., and of a notice board for 12s. 6d., were made and approved of by the Committee. The annual meeting was fixed for April, and it was decided that it should take the form of a tea, followed by a meeting. The customary vote of thanks was accorded, in reply to which Mr. Lowe expressed his gratification at the confidence the public showed in the Committee's work, and his personal pride in his association with such a flourishing public organisation.

  The funeral took place last week of Mrs. Elizabeth Vardy, of 39, Sherwood Street, a life-long resident of the district. Deceased, who was 61 years of age, leaves a husband, seven daughters and four sons. Mr. A. Wilson conducted the funeral service at the Sherwood Street Church with which the family have always been connected, Miss Hawley played a funeral march on the organ, and the hymns ... The mourners were Husband and Beatrice, Ted and Sarah; Sid and Ada; Ben and Mabel, Lewis and Gladys; Hilda and Peggy, sons and daughters; Perce and Flo, Jack and Ede, and Aaron, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. E. Reeves, sister; Sarah Jane and Liza, nieces; Mr. and Mrs. J. Stones, Mr. A. Vardy and Gwennie, niece; Mrs. W. Hinks, Mrs. H. Cutts, Mrs. E. Ringrose, Mrs. E. Brain, nieces; Mr. W. Hastings, Mrs. Bettison, Mrs Hopkinson, Mrs. McGuinn, personal friends. The bearers were Messrs. G. Vardy, T. Stones (nephews), J. Hastings, J. Lee, P. Longdon, A. Wilkockson. Floral tributes were sent by Sorrowing Husband and family; Beatrice, Jack and family; Ted and Florrie; Jack and Jeffrey; Sid and Ede and family; Sarah, Aaron and Children; Ada, Perce, and Baby; Sister Mima and Enoch; Eliza, Joe and family; Arthur and family (Sutton); Martha and family; from Daughters of late Brother Will and Martha; Sarah and Liza (Whitwell); Freda and Eileen (Skegby); Mr. Hastings and family (East Kirkby); Mr. and Mrs. Radford; Jack and George (Doncaster); from Shoulder of Mutton Ladies' Lodge; and the White Hart Women's D. and D. Club; Neighbours and Friends.


  Yesterday.- Before Mr. W. Mattley (in the chair), Mr. F. H. Ellis, Mr. W. Pickard, Mr. J. F. Keetley, Mr. C. H. Coupe, Mr. A. Eastwood and Dr. Doran.

No Wireless Licence.

  A summons for working a wireless installation without a licence was brought against Victor Wilkes, 15, Dale Lane, Blidworth. ...
  Defendant's wife, who appeared for her husband remarked "We could not afford a licence and the wireless has now been taken away."
  A fine of 15s. as imposed.

Huthwaite Miner's Offence.

  A Huthwaite miner, Leonard Wainwright, of Miners' Row, pleaded guilty to making a false representation to obtain unemployment benefit.
  Mr. W. Gamble, prosecuting for the Ministry of Labour, said defendant worked for the Blackwell Colliery Company, and on November 9th he made a representation that he was unemployed on November 4th, whereas he worked on the night shift on November 3rd until 6 a.m. on the 4th. He drew 7s. 9d. as unemployment benefit. The case arose from a check made at the colliery on November 16th. and on the 21st defenant admitted the offence.
  He had nothing to say to the magistrates, and was fined £2 2s.


  Sincere sympathy is extended Mr. T. Key, of Blackwell Road, in the loss of his wife at the age of 35. The late Mrs. Key was a native of Sutton, but had lived in Huthwaite for eight years, where she was well known and highly respected by all. Withing the last ten years she had twice been seriously ill, but had made good recoveries. In her last illness she had been kept indoors six months.
  Mr. Key has many friends in local football circles. He has taken great interest in the game for years, and this season he took a great part in forming the Huthwaite West End Club with a vie to introducing better class football into the town. He acted as secretary for the new club until he was compelled to resign owing to his wife's illness claiming so much of his time and attention.

Mourners and Wreaths.

  The funeral took place on Monday at Sutton, deceased being interred with her daughter who died about seven years ago at the age of six. No family is left, another infant daughter having died. The Rev. R. P. Tinsley officiated, the mourners being the Husband; Mr. William Wright (Sutton). father; Mr. and Mrs. J. Parnell (Sutton), Mr. and Mrs. M Thorpe (Skegby), brothers-in-law and sisters; Mr. and Mrs. A. Wright (Teversal), brother and sister-in-law; Aunt Liza and Cousin Mabel (Sutton); Mr. and Mrs. W. Barker (Sutton), Mr. and Mrs. H. Key (B Winning), Mr. and Mrs. C. Clarke (B Winning), Mrs. J. Key (Sutton), brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.
  The bearers were Messrs. J. Barker, L. Wilkinson, J. Nunn, T. Brammer, W. Ellis, and C. Carrington, and there were wreaths from the Husband, Father, Gladys and Jack; Sarah and Bill; Arthur, Modwin and Thomas; Jimmy and Harry; Emily and Win, George and Baby; friends and neighbours; Mr. and Mrs. Brammer; Len and Lena; W. Lawrence; Mrs. R. Wood; a friend; Mr. and Mrs. Hemstock, Aunt Liza and family; Mr. and Mrs. Barlow.


  Recent promotions in the New Hucknall Ambulance Division are Segt. Chas. Blow to be Staff-Sgt. and Cpl. Richard Beighton to be Sgt. Both are officers of long experience and proved ability, who have consistently upheld the best traditions of the "First Aid" movement. Sgt. Blow has also accepted the invitation to be hon. first aid instructor to the 2nd Huthwaite Boy Scouts.

  An examination in the principles of "first aid" was held in the Drill Hall on Sunday morning in connection with the classes organised by the New Hucknall Ambulance Division. The examiner was Dr. Elder (Mansfield), and 23 candidates out of a possible 28 presented themselves for the test. The hon. surgeon instructor to the classes is Dr. Gaston, and results of the examination will be published in due course. Secretarial duties were carried out by A.O. Rallings.

  On Friday evening the residents in Blackwell Road were startled by a loud noise which many thought was an earth tremor. As a matter of fact it was an explosion in the sewer, near the Shoulder of Mutton Inn. A manhole top was lifted, and two or three panes of glass in the house were broken by the vibration, and naturally some apprehension was caused in the immediate vicinity. Mr. E.W. Bostock, the Council's chief official, was in the town, and was soon on the spot, and it was quickly understood that there was no need for apprehension. It is believed to be the first occurrence of its kind in Huthwaite, and is thought to be due to a leakage of gas finding its way into the sewer.

  A special effort was made at the New Fall Street Church on Saturday and Sunday. On the former day there was a public tea, followed by a lecture by the Rev. J. Blayney, of Coalville, in which he recounted chief events of his ministry of 52 years. Mr. Blayney, who is 81 years of age, possesses a wonderful memory, and his references to long distant incidents without notes of any sort greatly impressed his audience. Another notable feature was that the Chairman, Mr. C. Mann, was aged 82. Musical items were rendered by the Male Voice Quartette Party (Messrs. Spencer, Marshall, C. Colley and Hardy). On Sunday the Rev. J. Blayney preached morning and evening, and in the afternoon presided at a musical service, the programme being provided by the Huthwaite Male Voice Choir. The choir and Quartette Party also sang at evening service, and soloist during the day were Mr. J. Wright, who sang and Mr. J. Hardy. The organist was Miss S. Mitchell, and the pianist Mr. W. H. Allsop. The musical items were rendered in good style, the conductor being Mr. J. Colley.


  The interment took place on Sunday, with many indications of respect, of Mr. Benjamin Smith, of 34, Sherwood Street, whose death occurred after a month's illness.
  Deceased, who was within a month of his 19th birthday, was a native of Huthwaite, and had lived four years in Stanton Hill. His working career had been spent at Messrs. Betts and Broughton's where he was always popularly known as "Jimmie," being a general favourite and highly esteemed by his employees. He was of a cheerful disposition, and had many friends and devoted his spare time to a variety of useful activities.

Keen Footballer.

  He was a regular member of the Sherwood Street Sunday School, and was greatly interested in ambulance work, being a qualified member of the New Hucknall Division. He was very keen on football, being a capable right back, and, after playing for Betts and Broughton for a time, he organised and captained the Ambulance 'B' team, so that both in first-aid practice and in short he will be badly missed by the New Hucknall contingent.
  Mr. A. Hawley officiated at the funeral, a service being held in the Sherwood Street Church, where the organist was Mr. N. Evans.
  The New Hucknall Ambulance Division attended in uniform, under Corps Officer Murfin, A. O. Rallings, Staff-Sgt. Blow, and Sgt. Beighton. The usual mark of respect due to a uniformed member - shrouding the coffin in the Union Jack - was observed. The members of the "first-aid" class were present, together with six personal friends from Stanton Hill and Messrs. Betts and Broughton's staff and workpeople were represented by Mr. A. Heathcote (manager), Messrs. S. Hartley, M. Hopkinson, B. Hopkinson, O. Parker, H. Thorpe and A. Newman.

Mourners and Wreath.

  The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. B. Smith, mother and father; Lil and Bill; Mr. and Mrs. W. Bexon; Mrs. Fudge (Stanton Hill); Mrs. Kenyon, Miss E. Smith and Miss F. Vernon (Stanton Hill), cousins.
  The bearer party, provided by the Ambulance Division, consisted of four close comrades, viz., Pts. Adlington, Marshall, Ward and Speed.
  Wreaths were sent by the following: Mam and Dad; Lily and Bill; Roy; Aunt Nelly, Uncle Bill and Joan; Uncle Charles and Jane; Aunt Ede, Uncle Dick and Family; Aunt Sally and Uncle Walter and family (Wellbeck); Aunt Annie and Cousins; Cousin Jack and Ethel; Cousin Marjorie; Winnie and Jack, friends; Eda, Mary and Erne; Neighbours and friends; Sherwood Street Methodist Sunday School; Officers, N.C.O.'s and Men New Hucknall Colliery Ambulance Division; Officials and Workmen Betts and Broughton.


  At the annual meeting of the Sutton Portland Division of St. John Ambulance Brigade, Supt, H. L. Bosworth presiding over the company, the Hon. Secretary (Sgt, C. Barrowcliffe), in his report for the year 1933, explained that 50 drills and practices had been held during the year with attendances of 1,467, and average of 29.43.
  The number of cases reported as having been treated by members was 408, the cases removed by Transport Officer Lilley 500, a distance of 9,000 miles being covered. ....


  The visit of Ilkeston A.C. to Sutton on Saturday resulted in one of the closest interclub cross country races seen in Sutton for some time. It was not until the arrival at the winning post of the 8th Sutton man that victory was assured .....

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