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MRS. BOWRING AND GORDON, of No. 2, Boundary Terrace, Huthwaite, wish to thank all friends for expressions of sympathy, also for floral tributes received in their sad bereavement.

LADIES HAIRDRESSING.- A Special Perm, 12/6; Genuine Eugene Perm, 21/-. Diploma Holder.- R. Smith and Son, Market Place, Huthwaite.

THE DAUGHTERS of the late Mrs. Hallam (Huthwaite) wish to thank friends and neighbours for sympathy and floral tributes received in their bereavement.

Conference of Local Authorities.

  Representatives from the Sutton, Kirkby and Huthwaite Urban Councils and the Skegby Rural Council attended a conference of local authorities at Mansfield Woodhouse on Thursday to ascertain what steps could be taken to "bring before the general public the harsh treatment of the Revisions Committee" in re-determining orders made by the local Guardians Committees, and to consider what steps could be taken to "check the obvious growth of dictatorial power."
  The conference was called at the instance of the Mansfield Woodhouse Urban Council, and the question of public assistance administration, particularly as affecting the Mansfield Area Guardians Sub-Committee and the Notts. County Council, was fully discussed.

Co-opted Members.

  Objections were raised to co-opted members, with no mandate from the electors, sitting on the Revisions Committee, and a resolution, proposed by Mr. J. Marriott (Mansfield) and seconded by Mr. L. Scott (Skegby) was passed, requesting the County Council, when appointing the Revisions Committee for 1934-5, to appoint only such persons who were duly elected County Councillors, or persons representing the various authorities on the local Guardians' sub-Committees.
  The conference also passed a resolution, moved by Mr. J. Wilcox (Mansfield Woodhouse), protesting against the present basis of calculation to applications for relief, namely, the gross earnings of sons and daughters, and appealing to the Public Assistance Committee to revert to the basis in operations under the old Board of Guardians - all the wages of children from 14 to 16 years of age, three-quarters from 16 to 21, and two-thirds over 21.

Deputation of County Council.

  A deputation was also appointed to interview the County Council on the matter, consisting of Messrs. J. Marriott (Mansfield), A. Thompson (Sutton), F. C. Sowter (Huthwaite), H. Castell (Warsop), J. T. Portas (Kirkby), H. B. Taylor (Mansfield Woodhouse), and L. Scott (Skegby).
  Mr. H. B. Taylor, who presided, remarked that locally dissatisfaction with the Revisions Committee had been smouldering for months, and all political representatives were unanimous in protesting. In scores of deserving cases allowances had been reduced or discontinued, and the 2s. 6d. granted to old age pensioners deleted.
  Mr. J. T. Portas considered that the Public Assistance Committee had only tolerated Guardians Sub-Committees until they had become thoroughly acquainted with the work. "They would like to get rid of us," he declared, "so that they can appoint who they like to carry on the work. In some cases, elected representatives are ignored, and co-opted members are undoing their work."
  Mr. O. Ford (chairman of the Warsop Council), considering that a mere indictment would not shake the County Council attitude, suggested that the local authorities should protest by withholding that part of the County Council precept which went to the poor rate. "What reprisals they will adopt, I don't know," he said, "I am prepared to wait and see. There is as much chance of influencing their opinion as there is of making a fortune by selling pork to Jerusalem." (Laughter).

On Dangerous Ground.

  Mr. A. Mayhall (Clerk to the Woodhouse Urban Council) pointed out that to withhold the county rate was treading on dangerous ground, as the County Council could charge interest on the debt and enter councils' premises to act as receivers. "I should have to advise our council not to do such a thing," he said.
  In moving his resolution, Mr. J. Wilcox said that the alteration of the old Board of Guardians' basis of calculation was at the root of the trouble. It was inhuman to ask young people to hand over the whole of their earnings to support their parents and to ask parents to accept it.
  Messrs. Portas and Ford objected to Mr. Marriott's proposal, on the ground that it supported the principle of a revision committee, but the resolution was carried by eight votes to three.
  Mr. A. Thompson (Sutton) declared that the standard enforced from Nottingham was "diabolical and unfit to be applied to human beings desirous of a reasonable standard of life."


  In aid of the Parish Church Bazaar fund, a whist drive, organised by the sidesmen, was held in the Common Road Schools on Wednesday. The M.C. was Mr. W. Rockley, and the catering was carried out by the Ladies' Working Party. Prize-winners were: Mrs. L. Hemstock, compact; Miss W. Newman, compact; Mr. F. Leah, occasional table; Mr. A. Evans, voucher.

  A motor cycle accident occurred on Huthwaite Road on Sunday morning, a local motor cyclist named Ward, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Ward, Barker Street, being involved. He was riding towards Sutton with a friend from Blidworth named Stevens, when it appears he overshot the turn just past the New Hucknall athletic ground, his machine mounting the pavement and crashing into a close fence. Pieces of wood were flung several yards, and the cycle proceeded along the sidewalk for a short distance and stopped in front of the residence of Mr. G. Buttery. The cyclist was stunned and was bleeding from cuts about the face and knees, and he was taken into Mr. Buttery's every possible help being rendered. Mr. Eddie Season, Columbia Avenue, attended to the injuries. The sufferer had also sustained severe bruises and a general shaking, but luckily no bones were broken. His clothes were badly torn, and the motor cycle was rather seriously damaged. He was subsequently motored home by Mr. Fisher and is progressing satisfactorily.

  The funeral took place on Sunday of a familiar Huthwaite figure in the person of Mr. William Stopps, of Pilsworth's Yard. Deceased, who passed away after a short illness at the age of 69 years, commenced work in the pit when 11 years old, and worked to the age of 63, making over 50 years as a miner, his last pit being Tibshelf. He was well known in the town, having a cheerful disposition and a greeting for all. He was keen on card games and football and was an ardent supporter of Huthwaite Villa, taking an active part in their fortunes up to a fortnight before the end. He leaves a widow and two daughters. The funeral was conducted by Mr. A. Wilson, the mourners being : The Widow; Ida and Vera, daughters; Mr. and Mrs. G. Stopps, brother; Mr. William Rhodes, brother-in-law; Mrs. H. Stopps and Nellie Rhodes nieces; Mrs. Edwards and Mr. G. Heathcote, cousins. Friends present included Messrs. Ben Lee, L. Herrod, H. Mitchell and E. Hollingsworth (B Winning). There were floral tokens from Vera and Ida; Mr. and Mrs. W. Rhodes; Mr. and Mrs. G. Stopps; Nephews and Nieces; Mr. and Mrs. S. Stopps; Ivy Lucas; Mrs. Scothern (Sutton); Mr. E. Hollingsworth, daughter Ida's fiance; Huthwaite Unemployed Recreation Fund; and Mr. and Mrs. S. Herrod. Mrs. Wm. Rhodes (sister) was unable to attend through illness, and the bearers were four nephews, viz: Messrs. G. A. Rhodes, Cyril Rhodes, Harold Stopps and Alfred Stopps.

Council Apply for Sanction to Build 40.

  BELOW are extracts from the Committee minutes submitted at the monthly meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council on Tuesday evening.
  Gas and Water Committee.- An application was received from Dr. Gaston for the provision of a street lamp near his surgery at Mill House, Sutton Road, and the Gas Manager was instructed to carry out this work subject to inspection of the site by members of the Committee.

The Gas Special Order.

  With regard to the Gas Special Order, the Clerk read further correspondence with the Council's Parliamentary Agents dealing with the Protective Clause submitted by the Derbys. County Council, and which, as revised and approved by the Council, would be included in the final draft Order submitted to the Board of Trade. A letter was also read from the Sutton Council enclosing a copy of certain observations which had been addressed by them to the Director of Gas Administration, Board of Trade, dealing with the Draft Order and urging the Board to defer their decision upon the proposed Order pending the decision of the Ministry of Health upon the proposals of the Notts. County Council respecting county boundaries.
  It was resolved that the Clerk, the Gas Manager and Chairman of this Committee draw up and submit to the Parliamentary Agents for despatch to the Board of Trade, appropriate representations upon the Sutton Council's observations upon the lines then discussed and suggested.
  Roads and Buildings Committee.- The Architect reported that the whole of the 40 houses on the Chesterfield Road scheme were occupied and completely finished internally, that the outside fencing, gates and painting work was in progress, that the sewerage work was completed and that certain footpaths were in the course of construction.

Condition of Roads.

  Letters were read from two ratepayers expressing inability to contribute to the repair of Carnarvon Road, and it was resolved that no further action be taken in the matter at present but that the Surveyor take up and substitute the present gas main with a new 3in. main to improve the supply.
  Numerous complaints were received and strong criticism made concerning the condition of Sutton Road and Blackwell Road subsequent to the laying of the electric cable by the Derbys. and Notts. Electric Power Co., and the Clerk was instructed to write urgently upon the matter to the County Surveyor with a view to an improvement of the surface.
  The further use or disposal of the obsolete hospital building was discussed, and it was resolved it be dismantled and transferred to the Park for shelter purposes etc., the Surveyor to submit to the next meeting a sketch of the proposed position and re-construction.
  It was resolved that the old shed on the Reservoir site be demolished, and that other suitable provision in its place be left in the Surveyor's hands.
  Cemetery, Pleasure Ground and Allotments Committee.- Complaints were received respecting trespass by dogs and of cycling on the paths in the Park, and the Surveyor was instructed to have a notice board fixed at each end of the ground warning offenders in this connection.

Housing Matters.

  Health and Hospital Committee.- The Medical Officer of Health reported that during the past month three deaths (equivalent to an annual mortality of 7 per 1,000) had been notified, the mortality of the preceding month being 11.7 and of the corresponding month last year 6.9. No births were reported.
  The health officials reported upon their further inspection of dwelling houses to be included for demolition in the five year plan under the Housing Act 1930, and that in addition to the 39 houses already decided upon, 14 more dwellings were recommended for demolition. It was resolved that the report be approved, and that the revised list be submitted to the Ministry of Health at once, and that 40 houses be erected this year and the balance in 1935.
  In view of the inability of the Council to prove the existence of a substantial scheme in December 1932, for the erection of the 40 further houses on the Chesterfield Road site, it was resolved that application be made forthwith to the Ministry of Health for sanction to a loan for the erection of 40 houses for the accommodation of a proportion of the 53 tenants to be dispossessed, such houses to be in accordance with the existing plans of the dwellings now completed. It was further resolved that one month's notice to terminate their tenancies be given to the garden holders at Chesterfield Road.

Proposed Bungalows.

  The Surveyor was instructed to submit to the next meeting plans for the erection of as many dwellings of the bungalow type as can be erected on Beech Avenue site, now in the course of negotiation. It was also resolved that the New Hucknall Colliery Co. be asked for permission to utilise the strip of land between Newcastle Street and Main Street, given to the Council for recreation purposes, for the erection of a limited number of bungalows.
  The Clerk reported on his enquiries of other authorities of the steps proposed to be taken under Section 1 of the Slaughter of Animals Act 1933, and the Medical Officer of Health reported upon his inspection of the successful administration of the Act (as affecting sheep) in Glasgow. It was resolved that further action in the matter be deferred for three months.
  The Medical Officer reported upon Circular No. 1356 from Ministry of Health as to the method of dealing with infectious cases, and as to the existence of the St. John Ambulance Association's van, and the New Hucknall Colliery Co.'s vehicle for non-infectious and accident cases, and stated that the needs of the district were adequately met.
  It was resolved that the report be approved; that notice be published in the Council Office window of the availability of the ambulance in Newcastle Street, subject to the provision of a driver and application to the officer in charge, Mr. H. Murfin, 104, Sutton Road, or secretary, Mr. C. Blow, Lime Avenue; and that the medical practitioners in Sutton be informed of these arrangements.
  Finance and General Purposes Committee.- The Sub-Committee reported upon their inspection of the properties offered as security by various applicants and recommended acceptance of the values placed thereon. The report was approved and the purchases and mortgages authorised to be proceeded with. The Clerk was instructed to enquire as to any schemes in operation in other districts for life insurance by borrowers to assure repayment of outstanding loans in the event of death.
  A report on the inspection of the site of the street lamp on Sutton Road was made by the members, and the Surveyor was directed to fix a new lamp and to fix an adjoining lamp in the position indicated.
  Public Library Committee.- The Caretaker reported that 1186 books had been issued during the month as compared with 1,444 books issued during the corresponding month last year.


  Stopps - On the 14th inst., William Francis Stopps, Pilsworth's Yard, 69 years.
  Hallam - On the 16th inst., Selina Hallam, Windmill Cottages, 69 years
  Vardy - On the 17th inst., Elizabeth Vardy, Sherwood Street, 61 years.


  On Monday evening a whist drive in aid of the Huthwaite U.W.O. was held in the Lecture Hall, and was well attended. The M.C.'s were Messrs. Bradley, Pratt and Bingham, and winners were Messrs. W. Hallam, A. Evans, F. Leah and H. Harby.

  The Huthwaite Boy Scouts were present at the Church Parade at Skegby on Sunday afternoon. There was a very good muster in charge of S.M. Golding and Assist. S.M. Newman. A Scouts' church parade at Huthwaite in the near future is not improbable.

  The annual meeting of the Huthwaite Unemployed Workmen's Organisation was held on Thursday evening in the Free Library, a very satisfactory attendance including the President (Councillor J. Davies, C.C.) and Vice-President (Councillor F. Sowter, J.P.). The balance sheet was read and adopted as satisfactory, there being a balance of about £10 in hand. Parcels of groceries for the unemployed had cost £18, and £19 had been paid out in seeds. The membership was about the same. There are 196 unemployed in the town, and of these about 60 are financial members of the H.U.W.O. With respect to the seed scheme it was anticipated that there would be a large number of applicants, and it was pointed out that applications would have to be made this month. A vote of thanks was moved by Mr. Sowter to all the officials and outside helpers and seconded by Mr. J. Gunby. The following appointments were made:- President, Councillor Davies; Vice-President, Councillor Sowter; Chairman, Mr. J. Bingham; Secretary, Mr. T. Bradley; Assistant Secretary, Mr. J. Fox; Treasurer, Mr. S. Wood. Committee, Messrs. W. Sprittlehouse, J. Wright, G. Fox and T. Pratt.


  The funeral took place on Tuesday of Mrs. Selina Hallam, of 114, Sutton Road, who was 69 years of age. The deceased was a native of Huthwaite and had spent her whole life in the place. She was a life-long member of the Free Church but had suffered from illness for many years. She was a member of the women's own and always attended the services when her health permitted, but for the last three months she had been seriously ill.
  Mr. A. Wilson, a friend of the family for many years, conducted the last rites and conducted a service in the Sherwood Street Church ... the voluntaries played by Miss Hawley included the Dead March from Saul. The mourners were:- Miss Mary Hallam, daughter; Mr. and Mrs. H. Allsop (West Bridgeford), daughter; Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall (Kirkby), and Mr. and Mrs. G. Marshall, brothers; Mrs. Bryan (Sutton), sister; Charles and Gladys Cooper, grandchildren; Mrs. R. Norwood (Sutton), niece; Mrs. M. Marshall, sister-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Rogers and Mr. A. Drabble.
  The bearers were Messrs. Brown, Reddish, Slack, Parr, Dennis and J. Hill.
  There were wreaths from:-...


Huthwaite Firm's Claim


  The question as to whom hosiery waste valued at £28 17s., was sold was disputed in the hearing of an action brought at the Mansfield County Court on Tuesday by the Huthwaite Hosiery Manufacturing Company, of Market Street, against Berridge and Sons, hosiery waste dealers, of Junction Mills, Sutton.
  Mr. E.S.B. Hopkin, for the plaintiffs, said Berridges had purchased waste from Betts nad Sons, before the company succeeded to the business, and they continued doing so. When the waste was supplied invoices were made out and handed to the driver of the lorry or sent by post. In August 1930, one of the young Berridges went to the factory and enquired for waste, and Mr. Allsop, the warehouse manager, was told it was required for Berridge and Sons.

Waste and Metal Dealers.

  They were waste and metal dealers, and at the time there was being carried on in Sutton a shop under the name of Berridge, but controlled by a man named Hughes, a son-in-law of the elder Berridge. On this date some waste was supplied, and an invoice made out for £15 5s., and in march of the following year it was paid by cheque, signed by Hughes. Similar transactions followed and were carried out by Cyril Berridge, who was always in charge of the lorry. Statements were rendered periodically to Berridge and Sons.
  After some time the defendant's manager, or buyer, a Mr. Smith, saw Mr. Coupe, the managing director of the company, who called his attention to the outstanding account, and Mr. Smith asked Mr. Coupe to transfer the account from Berridge and Sons to the name of Hughes, explaining that the goods had been ordered for Hughes, and asking Mr. Coupe to try and get the money from Hughes. Then Mr. Coupe saw Berridge senior who said the account was really that of Hughes, and told him to press or payment.
  Subsequently Mr. Coupe went to the defendants and saw Smith and Berridge junior and asked for money. Berridge left the office and returned with a cheque for £25, and Mr. Coupe gave a receipt, making it out to Berridge and Sons. All the receipts had been made out in this way. Eventually the account was reduced to £28 7s. Mr. Coupe was still being urged by Smith to press Hughes for the money.

Liability Disclaimed.

  Correspondence by solicitors then took place, and in April, 1932, Hughes wrote that he would do his best to clear up the account. A letter was sent to Berridge and Sons in regard to Hughes. The next thing was that Hughes became bankrupt in October, and returned the plaintiff company as one of his creditors, but plaintiffs held Berridge and Sons responsible for their account, and sent them a statement of account, receiving a reply that it did not refer to them and disclaiming liability.
  Mr. R. P. Marchant said the defence was that the goods were not supplied to Berridge and Sons, who had no responsibility for the account.
  John William Allsop, of 57, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, warehouse manager, gave evidence as to a transaction carried out on August 26th 1930, by Berridge junior, who selected some ladies' hose. Witness packed up the goods and Berridge took them away in a lorry. Witness invoiced the goods to Messrs. Berridge and Sons. On several subsequent dates, Berridge junior came and ordered goods and took them away. Witness heard Mr. Coupe ask who these goods were for, and Berridge replied "They are for Messrs. Berridge ..."

Shortening reported questioning for an unproven case dismissed with costs also needed later Press correction for wrongfully implying the case was for hosiery waste instead good resale items. Points of interest:- Charles Henry Coupe, J.P., of "The Orchards," Huthwaite, is managing director + his son is named Joseph Coupe + Mr Allsop manager.

Review of Current Events.

Standardised Road Signs.
  At last we are to have a uniform system of road traffic signs throughout the country. A circular letter on this subject has been issued to local authorities by the Ministry of Transport, and the new regulations will eventually be of a statutory nature. The standardised signs are to be of the form and character recommended by the Departmental Committee, which reported last July. It may not be necessary in all cases to replace existing signs but they must conform very nearly to approved designs. The 'Major Road Ahead' sign gives effect to the rule that at a cross road priority of way belongs to the traffic using the more important highway.
  It imposes on the driver on the minor road a definite responsibility for avoiding a collision with a vehicle on the major road. Motorists have long pressed for a regulation of this nature and it should materially reduce the number of crossroad accidents. The Ministry of Transport wants danger and warning signs used sparingly and only where absolutely necessary. These should indicate a definite danger. If used generally the tendency of drivers will be to ignore them.

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