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a weeks news dated - February 23rd 1934

To Apply for Scheme of Differential Rating.

  Below are extracts from the various Committees' minutes submitted at the monthly meeting of Huthwaite Urban District Council.
  Gas and Water Committee.- It was resolved that the sincere sympathy of the Council be conveyed to Councillor Wright on the recent death of his wife.
  The Water Manager reported upon the condition of the linch. water main in Carnarvon Road and recommended this should be substituted by a 3inch main, and it was resolved that the recommendation be approved and the work carried out.
  Roads and Buildings Committee.- The Clerk reported that he had approached the Ministry of Health with respect to the erection of 40 additional houses upon the Chesterfield Road housing site, under the Housing Act 1930, and also upon the various other housing schemes of the Council, and that he had made arrangements to interview the Ministry to discuss these matters. The Clerk's report was approved, and he was instructed to take the necessary steps for the transfer of the hospital site for housing purposes.

Bungalows for the Aged.

  The Clerk submitted a copy of the District Valuer's report upon the proposed purchase of the school site, Beech Avenue, and reported that he had already forwarded the original report to the Ministry of Health for approval.
  The Surveyor submitted a lay-out plan for the erection of 24 bungalows for aged persons on this site, together with plans of the proposed buildings, and it was agreed that these be approved and that tenders be invited by advertisement for the work.
  The question of the use of the surplus land on the Chesterfield Road housing site, comprising 2¼ acres or thereabouts, was considered, and it was resolved that this be let for grazing or mowing purposes.
  The Clerk read correspondence with the Urban District Councils' Association and other local authorities with regard to the question of the Small Dwellings (Acquisition) Acts 1899-1923, and it was resolved that as additional security for their loans the borrowers be recommended to take out a life insurance policy (where not already done), and that the Clerk proceed forthwith to complete the mortgages for which applications have been approved.
  The Surveyor reported that the repairs to Cross Lane had been carried out, the cost of which would be claimed from the adjoining owners affected.
  A letter was read from the Mansfield Town Council with reference to the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1934, which were discussed at a meeting of representatives of local authorities on January 25th. The deputation from the Council reported upon the proceedings of the above conference, and it was resolved that this matter be further considered at the next meeting of this Committee.

Drinking Fountain for the Park.

  The attention of the Committee was drawn to the inconvenience to motorists and others owing to the absence of an indicator at the junction of Woodland Avenue and the road leading to Wood End, and the Surveyor was instructed to remove the existing indicator from its present position and replace it on the opposite side of the road.
  Cemetery, Pleasure Grounds and Allotments Committee.- The provision of a drinking fountain for Huthwaite Park was again considered, and the Surveyor was instructed to obtain one from Messrs. J. and R. Howe, Ltd., of Kilmarnock, at an approximate cost of £6.
  The provision of dressing accommodation for children near the paddling pool was considered, and the Surveyor was instructed to submit a sketch of a suitable structure.
  An application from 25 of the dispossessed garden holders in Chesterfield Road for allotments was considered, and it was decided that land be acquired for that purpose, and that the Clerk enquire of the late Mr. H. W. Cooke's executors the price required for the piece of land known as "Garden Gap."
  Health and Hospital Committee.- The Medical Officer of Health reported that six deaths had been notified during the month, and were equivalent to an annual mortality of 14 per 1,000. The mortality of the preceding month was seven per 1,000, and of the corresponding month last year 11.6. Thirteen births were registered during the month, eight males and five females.
  The Medical Officer reported upon the condition of the under-mentioned properties, which he considered to be unfit for human habitation and which (inter alia) had been scheduled to be dealt with under the provisions of the Housing Act 1930:- No. 148, Blackwell Road, Nos. 111, 109, 107, 117, 127 and 129, Sutton Road, Nos. 4 and 6, New Fall Street.

Additional Houses on Chesterfield Road.

  It was resolved that the statutory notice be served upon the owners requiring them to submit their proposals respecting their property for consideration at the next meeting of this Committee.
  The Clerk reported on the interview which he and the Surveyor had had with the officials of the Ministry of Health, at which the proposals of the Council were fully discussed and with which the Ministry officials expressed their general approval.
  Tenders for the erection of 40 additional houses of non-parlour type on the Chesterfield Road site were submitted, a selection of three of which was made for enquiry and report by the Surveyor.
  The Clerk reported that the Ministry of Health's sanction to the appointment of the Sanitary Inspector expires on March 3rd next, and it would be necessary to make application for sanction for a further period. It was resolved that Mr. E. H. Bostock be re-appointed in such capacity for another year.
  Finance and General Purposes Committee.- The Clerk reported upon the negotiations that had taken place during the month between the Council's Parliamentary Agents and the L.M.S. and L. and N.E. R. Companies respecting their objections to the Gas Special Order, and recommended the approval of the draft clauses, submitted. The Clerk also submitted drafts of the replies proposed to be delivered to the Board of Trade respecting the objections lodged by the Sutton Council and the Notts. County Council.
  It was resolved that the protective clauses of the Railway Companies be approved and revised and submitted, and the draft replies to the other objection be approved and at once delivered to the Board of Trade.

Proposed Centre for Unemployed.

  The Clerk read a copy of his letter to the Notts. County Council giving notice of the Huthwaite Council's intention to apply for a scheme of differential rating as between Huthwaite Council and Sutton Council upon the forthcoming amalgamation, together with the County Council's reply accepting such notice.
  The Clerk also read a letter from the County Council stating that it was probable that the alterations of the county districts would take effect on the 1st April 1935, and urging in the interests of economy that such arrangements may be made in affected districts by interested parties with a view to avoiding the expense of a contested election whenever possible.
  A letter was read from the National Council of Social Service stating that a number of unemployed men in the district were desirous of moving into a building for the purpose of occupational activities, and requesting the co-operation of the Council in the matter. It was resolved that this matter be considered at the next meetings of the appropriate Committees.
  A letter was read from the Housing and Town Planning Council inviting delegates from the Council to the annual conference of local authorities to be held at Nottingham on May 25th next, but no action was taken in the matter.
  Public Library Committee.- The Caretaker reported that 1,472 books had been issued during the month as compared with 1,303 during the corresponding month last year. He further reported that Councillor H. A. Simpson had presented a book to the Library and that Mr. G. G. Bonser had presented two books on behalf of Ald. R. Mellors, of Nottingham, and the thanks of the Council were accorded to the donors of these gifts.


  TENDERS are invited for the erection of 24 Bungalows for Aged Persons, on the Beech Avenue Housing Site.
  Copies of Plans, Specification, Form of Tender and other particulars may be obtained and Drawings inspected upon payment of deposit of £2 2s. being made, which will be returned upon receipt of a bona-fide Tender and the return of all Plans, etc., on application to Mr. E. W. Bostock, Chartered Architect, Morven Avenue, Hucknall, Notts.
  The Contractor will be required to comply with the conditions of the Ministry of Health, as stated in Circular No. 520A. respecting the employment of Apprentices on the works; to pay the recognised standard rate of wages ruling in the district, and to employ as much local labour as possible.
  The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender.
  The accepted Tender will be subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health.
  Sealed Tenders on the Forms supplied, endorsed 'Tender for Houses,' must be delivered to me, the undersigned, not later than 12 noon on Tuesday, the 13th day of March, 1934.
E. B. HIBBERT. Clerk to the Council.
Council Offices, Huthwaite, Nr. Mansfield, Notts.

TO BE LET. -Ten acres of valuable Accommodation Grass Lane at Strawberry Hall, Huthwaite, now in the occupation of Mr. V. Brown.- Crampton, Son and Clements, Chartered Surveyors, Mansfield.

  To Let.- House and Shop with Bakehouse on Main Street, Huthwaite. Apply 9 Alexander St, Stanton Hill.


  Millward-Tagg.- On the 22nd inst., at the Parish Church, Sutton, by the Rev. F.J. Adams, George Edward Millward, of Huthwaite, to Rebecca Tagg, of Sutton.
  Harris-Gallaghar.- At the same time and place, Jacob Harris to Bridget Gallaghar, both of Huthwaite.
  Hawley-Jones.- At the same time and place, George T. Hawley, of Huthwaite, to Martha Ann Jones, of Sutton.


  JOINER AND UNDERTAKER.- Funerals Completely Furnished. Horse or Motor Vehicles. Personal Supervision. Moderate Charges. A. LUPTON, 13, Market Street, Huthwaite.- Advt.

  On Saturday evening, on behalf of the H.U.W.O., a dance was held in the Drill Hall, the event having been organised by Mr. Pem Darch, whose Syncopators also provided the music. There was a good attendance, the M.C. being Mr. H. Thrall, and a basket of fruit given by Mrs. J. Maltby, realised 11s. 6d. as a lucky number prize. Great credit is due to Mr. Darch, also to Mrs. Maltby, and others who assisted in various ways.


  A well-organised and enjoyable event was held in the Sutton Road Methodist Schools on Saturday evening by the married lady members. The effort was on behalf of the Church renovation funds, and there was an excellent attendance. The first part of the programme consisted of musical items by the Newton "Beach (K)nuts," Revue Company, who gave selections in costume from an extensive repertoire. ... A ham and tongue supper followed, the tables having been nicely decorated by the married ladies, who also waited upon a company of about 120.
  The evening concluded with games, the supervisors being messrs. F. Davies and XXX Wood, and great credit is due to the married ladies for so comprehensive a programme which catered for all tastes. The secretarial duties were jointly discharged by Mrs. Sanderston and Mrs. Flint.

  On Thursday evening Mr. G. G. Bonser, J.P., of Sutton, attended the Library Lecture Hall and gave an address on the history of Huthwaite. Mr. F. C. Sowter, J.P., presided over a large audience. Mr. Bonser declared that the history of the place dated from Roman times. He dealt with the derivations of the name, which was Anglo-Saxon, and, in passing, emphasised the manly and virile qualities of the Anglo-Saxon race. Various maps were shown, one of Huthwaite in 1792 being very interesting as it showed there were cottages stood. There were in those days apparently only three roads, Sutton Road, Harper Lane (now Chesterfield Road) and Hopkin's Road (now Blackwell Road). There were a Common Road and Sandy Lane, but the northern side of the village was then entirely undeveloped. The speaker, who introduced some subtle touches of humour into his remarks, mentioned several old families, dealt with the making of roads, and gave some very useful dates, and when he concluded admitted that he had by no means exhausted the subject. A hearty vote of thanks was moved by Mr. W. Bostock, sen., and endorsed by Councillor J. Davies, C.C.

Sutton Club's First Annual Gathering.

  Saturday evening was the occasion of the first annual dinner of the Cycling Section of the Sutton Harriers, Cycling and Athletic Club, the gathering proving extremely successful from every point of view. Upwards of 90 members and friends of both sexes assembled at the Old Blue Bell Inn, Sutton, and were presided over by Mr. H. S. Shacklock (President), who was supported by Messrs. F. Oxley (secretary), A. E. Wingrove (Harriers' secretary), Capt. J. Hackett (secretary of the East Midlands R.R.A.) and Miss N. Leivers.
  After an enjoyable meal the loyal toast was honoured on the proposition of the President.

Pillar of Sport.

  Submitting the toast 'The Visitors,' Mr. F. Oxley gave a hearty welcome to all the visitors on behalf of the club. He referred to Mr. Shacklock as an absolute pillar of sport in Sutton, and said whatever sporting event the club took part in Mr. Shacklock was there. As a club they ought to be proud to have so eminent and capable a president as Mr. Shacklock. The speaker also referred to Capt. Hackett as one of the most welcome visitors, and paid tribute to his untiring efforts on behalf of the East Midlands Road Racing Association, saying that he had done more than any other man in the Midlands.
  Mr. Jim Fletcher was also given a special welcome, the speaker observing that he had more than justified his position and the respect in which he was held in the cycling world generally. Visitors were also present from Doncaster Wheelers, the Hemsworth and Welbeck Clubs and other Clubs, and all were cordially welcomed. Referring to the club's successful riders, and the splendid achievement of the team which was second in the National Pursuit Championship, the speaker paid a special tribute to Ashley, the club's youngest racing member, whose performances during his first year of riding were a great achievement.
  "Seeing that this is our first year as a club," concluded Mr. Oxley, "we have something to be proud of, and when we look upon this splendid array of prizes I think the club should be congratulated on the first year's activities."

"The Making of Champions."

  Responding, Capt. Hackett said he was honoured to be present. He referred to the riding of F. C. Ghilks and Murphy, and paid tribute to the work of the former for track riding. There was no reason why the Sutton Club should not win the National Pursuit Championship another year, remarked the speaker.
  "I have always found among colliers champions and the making of champions," he added. "The people down south with nice soft jobs don't seem to have the grit and that which goes with it as you have in Notts. colliery districts." He was sure all the visitors were delighted to be present that night, and that with him they wished the club every success.
  Awards gained in club events during the season were presented by Miss N. Leivers, of Stanton Hill, as follows:- ...


  Councillor H. C. Wright has accepted the presidency of the Sutton Charity Cup Association.

English Cup Half-time Scores.

  In the C.W.S. team Mills and Dallison were prominent as usual, and Pegg always plays a sturdy game. ...
  Recent transfers of Sutton and Skegby League players include the following:- C. Barksby from Meden Bank to Huthwaite Peacock; W. Roberts from Huthwaite Peacock to Huthwaite United; and A. Brown from Walton's to Sutton Villa. ...

Gaining Ground.

  Bentinck Colliery are rapidly gaining ground at the head of the North Notts. League, and thanks to their home victory on Saturday have now a lead of seven points over the second team in the table.
  The other local team in the above League, Huthwaite West End, won in fine style at Church Warsop. Carry on the good work, Huthwaite!

Cup Semi-Final.

  Huthwaite Villa v. Huthwaite United. Referee, Mr. L. Heath. On Huthwaite C.W.S. ground.


  Bilsthorpe F.S. v. Huthwaite West End. Referee, Mr. P.M. Lane.


Stopping Share-Out Club Frauds.
  The Home Office is to ask Parliament for power to supervise and control share-out clubs and it is probable that legislation to this effect will be passed at an early date. From time to time Bills have been brought in by private members to effect this object, but, although they have not been opposed from any quarter, they have failed for lack of opportunity to make headway. It is still open to anyone to start a slate club and collect subscriptions without any undertakings as to the amounts chargeable for expenses.
  Every year thousands of pounds are lost to subscribers by fraudulent conversions by club officials and not uncommonly these tragedies are accompanied by suicides. What is wanted is an Act that will compel registration of all sharing out clubs, the banking of the funds in the names of more than one person, and proper protection for subscribers. No club with a single managing official should be allowed to collect money.

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