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1576 Saxton Notts & Lincs
1672 Richard Blome Notts
1695 Robert Morden Notts
1720 Emanuel Bowen Ntts
1770 Navigable Canal Plan
1774 John Chapman Notts
1791 Benjamin Baker Ntts
1801c Sutton Enclosure
1805c   Nottinghamshire
1835 George Sanderson
1884 Hucknall Township
1898 Urban District Area
1899 In Mansfield Union
1900 Urban District Area
1902c J G Bartholomew
1909 Midland Railroads
1914 Huthwaite Expands
1917 Township Updated
1933 Huthwaite U District
1934 Rail and Footpaths
1939 Provisional Edition
1951   Publication Year
1951 T. Hopkins Estate
1982 Town Street Plans
2006 Satellite Imagery

A Hucknall History

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1951 Thomas Hopkins Estate

Plan spanning length of the originally named Hopkins Lane plots final estate held by a late T. Hopkins. Selling of plots by auction at the Peacock Hotel in 1951 is when my grandfather took opportunity to purchased their two family homes on Blackwell Road.

Hopkin Lane

10 Feb 10     by Gary Elliott       Updated 10 Feb 10