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1864 White & Co.

Hucknall-under-Huthwaite is a township and considerable village, one mile and a half west north west of Sutton-in-Ashfield.   The township contains 1,225acres 3rod 17perch of land, and in 1861 had 252 houses and 1,162 inhabitants; rateable value, £2,098 1s. 4d.   The Duke of Portland is chief landowner and lord of the manor.   The Dowager Countess of Carnarvon, Mr. George Adlington, and a few others have also estates here.   Beneath the surface are seven beds of coal, at various depths from 18 to 308 yards, and so far proved to be of excellent quality either for domestic or manufacturing purposes.   The upper series of these beds have only been partly worked by the ancestors of the present colliery proprietors, Messrs. John and William Mellor.   This family have worked the collieries for more than 100 years, but they have never exceeded the depth of 52 yards.   The inhabitants are employed in the collieries, in framework knitting, and in agricultural operations.   The Wesleyan Methodists have a neat chapel and Sunday school here, erected in 1815 by Mr. Eleazor Boot, who lies interred in the chapel yard.   The United Free Church Methodists have also a chapel and Sunday school here, erected in 1856.   In 1669, Ann Mason left Fenny Bank Close, 2acres 3rod 32perch, now producing £8 per annum, for the education of poor children in this and Sutton township.   In 1834, Mr. Jeremiah Burrows by will directed that a portion of the land contained in his orchard should be set apart as a burial ground for him and his family for ever.   The following year Mr. Burrows died, and was interred according to his request.   Other members have been interred in the same place since.   The land has been fenced round and neatly laid out by the present owner.

Bacon John
Barnes Richard
Beighton Richard
Boot John
Burrows Joseph
Buxton John
Cutts James
Else Joseph
Haslam Abraham
Hawley William
Herrod Richard
Herrod William
Kesteven Rowland
Kestevan Thomas
Kitchen James
Lowe Ann
Marshall Thomas
Malins William
Mycroft Matthew
Pilsworth John B.
Robinson Thomas
Short Sampson
Shunter William
Simpson Herbert
Stendall John
Tagg John
Turner George
Wilson John
Wilson Robert
Woodhead Timothy
Post Office at Mr. William Hill's.
  Letters arrive from Alfreton at 11am, and are despatched at 3.50pm.
Adlington George, beerhouse
Allwood Charles, corn miller
Bacon John, framesmith
Betts William & Son hosiery agents
Boot Alfred, draper
Boot John, mining engineer, mineral surveyor & land agent
Boot John Thomas, land & mineral surveyor, Spring Cottage
Burton Mary shopkeeper
Burrows Joseph hosiery agents
Buxton John, colliery owner
Chambers John, bookkeeper
Clarke Hannah shopkeeper
Clay John, victualler Shoulder of Mutton & butcher
Dickens William, blacksmith
Eley Alfred, assistant mineral surveyor to Boot, Spring bank
Farnsworth William, rate & tax collector, hosiery agent
Green ----, shoemaker
Green John, blacksmith
Haslam Thomas, schoolmaster
Hill William, framesmith
Hewitt Thomas, colliery manager,   Fall Cottage
Hopkins Thomas shopkeeper
Kestevan Rowland, victualler Peacock
Kestevan Thomas, victualler Portland Arms, hosiery agent
Lowe Ann & Samuel shopkeepers & hosiery agent
Mellors John & William, colliery owners
Moakes Jane, beerhouse & shopkeeper
Pilsworth John Berriff, butcher & hosiery agent
Robinson Thomas, shopkeeper & hosiery agent
Simpson Herbert, victualler Swan & hosiery agent
Simpson Joseph shopkeeper
Smith Joshua, shopkeeper and hosier
Stendall John, beerhouse
Stinson John, blacksmith
Stones Jacob, shoemaker
Taylor Math., hosiery manufacturer
Treadwell William George, assistant mineral surveyor to Boot, Spring Cottage
Williams Mr. Samuel
Wilson John, butcher and cottager
Wilson Robert shopkeeper
Woodhead Timothy, butcher

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