Huthwaite Cricket Clubs

Opening the innings for Huthwaite cricket clubs comes the CWS team. The Huthwaite CWS Factory Sports Ground later addressed off Huthwaite Road was acquired and first used for the summer season of 1932. A rather grand offical opening came the next year, reported on May 19th 1933. According to the earliest titled photograph, their cricket team must have managed upon some Huthwaite ground many years before. Dave Stones adds to the teams fronting their pavilion by also grandly exposing those CWS football club players.

Can you help add any names, years or more photos?

1919 Huthwaite C.W.S. Hosiery Factory Cricket Team


Undated CWS Factory Cricket Club


1947 Huthwaite CWS Cricket Club

CWSBack row, Mr White (umpire) - Jack Wass - Reg Cooper - Barry Higginson - Ken Higgins - Bill Troth - George White - Les Marshall - Mr C C Marshall (umpire).   |   Front, Bob Williams - Ron Booth - Doug Heathcote - Arthur Pegg - Gren Stuart.

1950s Huthwaite CWS Cricket Club

CWSMr John Holland sits third left front, providing some names for others as:- Arthur Pegg - Alan Molyneaux - Bas Holloway - George Briddon - B. Rawson - Mr Rawson (umpire) - Les Marshall - George White

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