Huthwaite Sports Clubs

Football presents a popular sport, kicked off by showing lesser known non-league Huthwaite clubs. Press reports can also identify teams and players sided by Huthwaite Peacocks, Huthwaite Parish Church and Huthwaite Park Rangers. Given their own sports grounds, a New Hucknall Colliery and large C.W.S. factory could both play reserve squads covering fullest variety of sports, only the latter finally found photographed.

1904 Hucknall Huthwaite West End FC


The football dated 1904 beneath initials reading H.H.X. presented mystery identifying this team. Judging by smart kits, button holed representatives and cause for such an early photograph, they must have marked a successful season, hopefully to be found reported. But this could now prove to have been a successful non-league side when known as Hucknall Huthwaite West End. It was not until 1933 when the Huthwaite West End FC first joined the Notts. League with headquarters at the Shoulder of Mutton. They and a newly formed Huthwaite Peacocks reclaimed a former used Blenheim ground situated off Little Lane.

Undated Huthwaite Park Rangers

RecAlbert (Nobby) Collins had undated memory when these lads played together at night, inviting challenges from any team.
Back Row:- Reeve - Hardwicke - J. Morgan - Cox - R. Cooper - G. Owen     (Chad 2006)
Front Row:- ---- E. Bancroft - A. Morgan - A. Collins - N. Gray               (of Yesteryear)

The children's Huthwaite Recreation Park was opened in 1932. Marked out with an adjacent football pitch, that offered a new home ground for successive Huthwaite clubs notably beginning with United and Villa. The old Brick Yard Rec also became known as Roker Park, but was officially named in 1933 as Huthwaite Park. The informal team above, plus Columbia Athletic below also made good later use of the pitch, which remains in current use after being adopted under extended Brierley Forest Park grounds.

Columbia Athletic 1970 @ Huthwaite Recreation Ground

1970 FCFirst presented to Chad Yesteryear by Mrs L. Edwards along with names.
Back:- Mick Ward - Alan Wood - Gary Edwards - Ian Bunting - Merv Bettison - Pete Houghton - Ron Gregory
Front:- Jeff Watson - Tony Betts - Roy Johnson - Roland Allsop - Mick Marriott

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