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Poetic Reflections

Global Warming

Ignorant fears drew this small planet flat
  intrepid sailors globed size changing that.
So falling off edges brought least worries,
  rocketing astranauts lunar hurries.

Twinkle charts lit guidance most century.
  Satellites mapped change adding space debris.
Sun worshippers prayed for light giving heat,
  Orbital Gods forecast levels unbeat.

Greenhouse designs help nurse new plantation,
  global effects could ruin creation.
Furnaces stoked roast DNA diverse,
  raising extinction from this universe.

Gregarious souls lost within cities,
  built concrete jungles shedding no pities.
Where towers soar matching temperature rise,
  into polluted patchwork quilted skies.

Through parasol ozone's widening holes,
  winter thermostats lose cooling controls.
Torn atmospheric shields that filtered rays,
  bleed beams unbalancing seasonal days.

Our solar centre radiates such force,
  it attracted wild life's evolutionary course.
Organisms beat extreme temperatures,
  in regions hostile for human cultures.

White frozen antarctics least pleasure man,
  if ever they melted who'd give a damn.
But duned arid seas show scars from highest,
  sterile sands deserted, damaged driest.

Between baking plains and iced polar caps,
  preference seeks less extreme weather traps.
Tropical climates fruit succulent charm,
  rain forest clearance draws breath taking harm.

Arrogant boasts claim world future lies vast,
  though experts reveal earths weather won't last.
Technology schools worldly progressions.
  Poor mark results from those subject lessons!

Year 2000     by Gary Elliott       Updated 25 Feb 09