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Giants Shoulders
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Poetic Reflections

Giants Shoulders

I'd stood above and viewed around
  some changing scenes and times,
as witnessed below Strawberry Bank
  before total loss of mines.

I've been raised among more senior folk
  heard tales of their past sights,
formed images to views now lost
  under these historic lofty heights.

Early village growth recorded
  depicts times before all knew,
I'm fed from local historians
  whose work researched it through.

With reference to their previous toil
  I climb higher in my quest,
to provide a communal resource
  only time will really test.

Northerly view off Herrods Hill can sight an equally prominent Hardwick Hall. But overlooking the Brierley Forest golf course will also historically locate some of the earliest coal mines once peppered around Huthwaite. The title came to mind by recalling a line written 1676, quoting Isaac Newton responding to Robert Hooke, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants."

Year 2000     by Gary Elliott       Updated 25 Feb 09