Giants Shoulders

If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants.
A line quoting Newton to Hooke 1676, recalled after reading earliest historian publications.

  I'd stood above and viewed around  some changing scenes and times,
    witnessed below our Strawberry Bank   before total loss of mines.
  I've been raised among more senior folk  heard tales of their past sights,
    formed images to views now lost  from these local lofty heights.

    Early village growth recorded  depicts times before all knew,
      I'm fed from local historians  whose work researched it through.
    With reference to their previous toil  I climb higher in my quest,
      to provide a local resource  only time will really test.

A verse and photograph by Gary Elliott titled GIANTS SHOULDERS ©MM - Huthwaite Online
This North view off Herrods Hill sights Hardwick Hall, over past pits and newer golf course.

Written Year 2000 Revised 25 Feb 09 © by Gary Elliott