Made in Huthwaite

Verse written and recorded in broad local dialect accompanying the background photo presenting combined works by Gary Elliott

Wot thee got theare ner melad, a picture wot thiv tuck?
  Giz a gander ovor ear then, lets all ava gud luck.

Not ad a camra long then eh, cos that shots pretty crap.
  Unlike Ernald Lakin pics, he took many gud ode snap.

Gew on then wears it at? Ooarh top'o Mill Lane duz tha say!
  Carnt say's i've noticed it, an been dern theare just tuday!

Tha shud o shon sum nesting bods, or fox tracks left in mud.
  Warrabert showing seanery, around r'neighbour'ud.

So wideya picture wall meduck? What arya trying t'show?
  It shorely mecks little sense, for anyone wi'sum know.

Aarh nice trees we'll give thee that, but thiz betteruns around.
  Theeve planted loads new forests na, as once cuvered all ground.

Frum ages back trees chrushed ta coal, last mined just dern this lane.
  I'll say summat na melad, we'airt it village wun'be same.

As Sherwood forest these lands grew timber, lost now let me say.
  Twas felled for earliest buildings, summonum use wood tuday.

Cleared lands then lined with hedges, giving fields all dern tha hill.
  Where cattle grazed and grain grown, floured ovor wall in windmill.

Rock was quarried frum that lane, for building farms much stronger.
  See dry stones raite at walls end, before it then got longer.

Falt with them thanose me duck, ya cant build em very high.
  Until ya stick um wissum stuff, like mortar duzz when dry.

Luck thear; its shown nearer, as stronger walling cums this way.
  Just before them oder bricks, of terraced ommes stood today.

Clay was dug frum rearned here thanose, bricks wore made quite near.
  Furnaces dern New Kilns far end, fired sum bricks just theare.

Them bricks ave stones along their top, man made blocks bilt quicker.
  Yah still carnt beat natrull luck, ner costing extra nicker.

All newest ommes use big breeze blocks, shon t'this nearest end.
  Builds fast insulated airzing, inwhich buyers now depend.

Tha sees newer bricks atop, regular sized and light in weight.
  Well they face newest ommes round ere, still being bilt of late.

Why this wall was bilt? I carnt guess any great intention.
  To separate the land or give higher ground retention!

One man cud not av bilt it all, ner that wud seem rate odd.
  With changing skills and years it spans, he'd be a good ode sod.

Anyroad meduck good luck next time, this not win a prize.
  Just picture summut intresting next, moor pleasing ter eyes.

Written Year 2003 Revised 25 Feb 09 © by Gary Elliott