Personal Poetic Pauses

There may come times when it would just be healthy to express even deepest dark thoughts. Perhaps like loss of many prized digital images following failure of hard drives and so called lifetime CD backups.

Having dared to publish my attempts at verse left me wondering about expanding other exhibitional artwork, if realising this whole website design actually incorporates graphic and photographic abilities. So here allows potential artistic outlet, willingly recognising local artists capable in showing far greater talents.

Photograph by Bob Kemp 2003

Photograph above sent by Huthwaite resident Bob Kemp would in full size show panaramic detailing covering Brierley Forest Park, and perhaps how technology rapidly advances use into digital cameras.

My own camera use only began after missing demolition of the Portland Arms public house. Realising such a loss added historic interest, my Creative Web Cam allowed battery powered portability to start snapping more village changes. Investing in a costly Olympus C-300 Zoom 3.0 Megapixel came later in 2002, upon realising better detailing was becoming a must even displaying village web photos. You could get better quality from a mobile phone these days, but mine fulfilled basic purpose until expiring soon after publishing this page. Latest cameras half the size and price can now multiply resolution and abilities threefold. Seeing as the walks all around Huthwaite did do me good with time to admire and snap the changing scenery, I currently possess what was a remarkable Kodak Z885.

Written 25 May 07 Revised 25 Feb 09 © by Gary Elliott