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Frederick John Reiff Wilkinson

Boy 1st Class P/JX 181984
Royal Navy - HMS Hood


Killed in Action 24 May 1941 : Aged 17

Portsmouth Naval Memorial - Panel 52, Column 1

Huthwaite Online WW2 Remembrance

Boy 1st Class P/JX 181984 Frederick John Reiff Wilkinson was born 22nd January 1924 in Warsop, Nottinghamshire. Parents Mansfield 1923 Q3 registered marriage between Mr John G Wilkinson and Miss Elsie Guest recorded later next of kin Huthwaite addressing for son Frederick joining the Royal Navy. FJF Wilkinson was killed in action at sea aboard HMS Hood aged 17.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial offered Roll of Honour, plus Huthwaite cemetery cenotaph remembrance for Frederick Wilkinson.

HMS Hood

HMS Hood had a confirmed crew of 1,418 when dramatically sunk following pursuit of the Bismark in the Denmark Strait. Only 3 crew members survived quickest escape, witnessing ship and all aboard swiftly disappear without trace 24th May 1941.

Hood 1924

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