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Huthwaite War Memorial

John Wells

Private 956140 Infantry
Cheshire Regiment


Dated Death 14 April 1945 : Aged 28

Becklingen War Cemetery 1 H 10

Huthwaite Online WW2 Remembrance

Private 956140 John Wells was born 23rd November 1916 in Huthwaite. Father Mr John Joseph Wells from Blackwell worked as a coal miner when his family moved into Common Road Huthwaite. Marriage registered at Mansfield Q3 1913 with Miss Elizabeth Ball from Doe Lea, is another Derbyshire family earlier moving to Huthwaite into Barker Street. This couple were long remembered running a Main Street Fish Shop, as identified raising their family by next available 1939 census.

Mr John Wells was employed as a Silk Hosiery Frameworker when 1939 addressed 85 Main Street family home, headed by Fish Fryer Shop Keeper John Joseph Wells 51, with housewife Elizabeth 48, mothering John 23, Mary 20 and George 14.

Pte 956140 J Wells is acknowledged serving British Army infantry with the Cheshire Regiment. They were among allied forces closing in on Germany, when Private J Wells was killed 14th April 1945 aged 28, just two weeks before Hitler committed suicide.

23 Jul 06     by Gary Elliott       Updated 18 Dec 20