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Private John Henry Shaw

John Henry Shaw

Private 1114934 7th Battalion
Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment

Killed in Action 31 Oct 1944 : Aged 38

Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery - Ref: 6. C. 8.

War records identify Private Shaw as husband of Mary Ellen, and a son of John and Hannah all living in Huthwaite. His grandchild Chris Shaw provides photo with a Hucknall Huthwaite family history on which to extend proud memory of a soldier known to have been killed in action on the Belgian Dutch border.
  John Henry was born on Sutton Road in 1906, resulting from the marriage of Miss Hannah Dobb to a John Shaw senior. His mother was born at given past address Greenwood Falls Farm on Green Lane. His fathers occupation as a coal miner may have claimed one of the colliery built houses, but he's known to have also run a fish and chip shop. This newer trade would later became adopted by his son.
Mrs Mary Ellen Shaw   Master John Henry Shaw wed Miss Mary Ellen Fox. A daughter born 1906 in Sampson's Yard to Arthur and Emma, Mrs Shaw mothered two sons born at 21 Carnarvon Grove. Fondly called Nellie, she'd been assisting her husband who's found listed as Fried Fish Dealer at 149 Sutton Road in 1941. Year may not truly reflect date of this fathers call to arms, and Mary is shown sat fronting that shop which she continued running herself. Showing Private Shaw in uniform can read anti-tank to simply suggest his battalions regimental role when bravely serving abroad, where he was killed in the line of duty.
  Both sons decided to leave Huthwaite. Jack Shaw lived out his life in North London, whereas Lesley moved into Edwinstowe where he married and then fathered Chris. The donators grandmother had gone on running the family chip shop all way through the 1950's. But as a war widow she'd remarried another John in 1947. They'd lived across road from the Huthwaite cemetery where her own 1969 burial named Mrs Mary Ellen Cockayne. The war memorial nearby lists J. Shaw honouring name of her first husband.

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