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Huthwaite War Memorial

John Marriott

Trooper 7902030 R.A.C.
3rd Royal Tank Regiment


Killed in Action 27 Dec 1941 : Aged 24

Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery 4 B 10

Huthwaite Online WW2 Remembrance

Trooper 7902030 John Marriott was born 27th Apr 1917 in Huthwaite. Coal mining father Charles Francis Marriott married Miss Elizabeth Ann Cooper Q2 1896. They claimed their own family home after 1911 top of Columbia Street. Huthwaite 1917 census lists earliest Marriott household headed by Charles Francis 34, housewife Elizabeth Ann 35, mothering daughters Adelia 11, Gladys 5, Annie 3, Martha 1. Additional children are named from next available census, following fathers 1935 death.

Mr John Marriott appears from 1939 census addressing 5 Columbia Street for the remaining household headed by widowed Mrs Elizabeth A Marriott. Her wedded daughter appears taking over household duties as Mrs Grace Glover with husband Joseph. Son Charles Marriott bn 1915 is a bricklayer, whilst John Marriott was youngest sibling employed as a Motor Bus Conductor.

Trooper 7902030 John Marriott is acknowledged serving a Royal Armoured Corps. Their 3rd Royal Tank Regiment were based in Libya fighting a fierce desert war when J Marriott was killed aged 24 on 27th December 1941. Battlefield graves reinterred into Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery afforded this personalised inscription IN LOVING MEMORY OF JOHN. IN OUR HEARTS ARE MEMORIES OF ONE WE LOVED AND WILL NEVER FORGET

Huthwaite cemetery cenotaph also lists C. Marriott, who proves the elder of these two brothers named Charles Marriott.

23 Jul 06     by Gary Elliott       Updated 18 Dec 20