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Willoughby Fox

Willoughby Fox

Sergeant 955609 Air Gunner
RAF Volunteer Reserve 103 Squadron


Killed in Action 6 Jan 1944 : Aged 28

Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery Ref: 6. B. 9.

Huthwaite Online WW2 Remembrance

Sergeant 955609 Willoughby Fox was born 15th April 1915, the eldest son of Stephen and Evelyn Fox. Mr Graham Fox relates those Huthwaite grandparents, suggesting their son Willoughby deserves remembrance with other known family members.

W. Fox Mr Willoughby Fox had been employed as a Hosiery Warehouseman, when marriage with Jersey Machinist, Miss Margery Smith, born April 1917, lists this wedded couple addressed 1939 on Edwin Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Sgt 955609 W Fox entered the Second World War proudly joining the Royal Air Force as a Volunteer Reserve. His role of Air Gunner placed him in the rear gun turret of Avro Lancaster III Bombers based at North Lincolnshire.

The crew of 7 airmen from 103 Squadron flew their last raid in No. ND397. They took off at 2350 hours on 5th January 1944 from RAF Elsham Wolds heading for Poland operation Stettin.


The plane was shot down nearing its target, crashing in Poland. Sgt PMC Hicks was the only survivor, captured and held prisoner in Stalag 357.

Huthwaite was last address given for next of kin, before a war widowed Mrs Margery Fox seems to be a remarried Mrs M Morris 6th Nov 1945.

Son of Stephen and Evelyn Fox.
Husband of Margery Fox, of Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire.

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