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Huthwaite War Memorial

Annie Bailey

Assistant Stewardess
Merchant Navy, British.


Killed at Sea 18 Sep 1940 : Aged 36

London Tower Hill Memorial Panel 29

Huthwaite Online WW2 Remembrance

Miss Annie Bailey was born Q2 1904 in Hucknall Huthwaite. Parents 1890 marriage registered Q3 Mansfield between coal miner Mr Robert Bailey from Teversal, and Miss Wilhelmine Holland from Stanton Hill, retained both existing Huthwaite family ties housing their own children. They initially shared Roberts step fathers Station Road address until acquiring a New Hucknall Colliery tied home. Move from Newcastle Street into latest fashionable 11 King Street, is where 1911 lists entire household headed by Mr Robert Bailey 43. Mrs Wilhelmine Bailey 39, was then mothering Lois Martha 20, Bernard 16, Robert 14, George 10, Annie 7, John William 4, and Leonard 1.

Annie shared next family home at Huthwaite Cemetery Lodge, while father held Council employed tied occupancy. Robert and most of their extended family attended 1935 funeral of his own mother.   Mrs Charlotte Ann Thorpe outlived her second husband in Sherwood Street. Reported interment happened to find granddaughter Annie Bailey distantly located in Colwyn Bay.

Cemetery Lodge Annie Bailey

Miss Annie Bailey was fondly well known always being a very caring children's nurse. That voluntary duty might have realised full time work elsewhere, leading up to war efforts recognising titled role of Assistant Stewardess in the Merchant Navy.

Evacuating children overseas gives reason why Annie was listed among adult crew members, who assisted chaperoning 90 children aboard the 'SS City of Benares' destined for Canada. Sad death toll among all those killed at sea dates when tragically sunk by a u-boat torpedo.

Ten adults in care of 90 children under the Government Evacuation Scheme were among passengers plus crew totalling 406 who sailed from Liverpool on Friday 13th September 1940. Heading to Canada, and reaching about 600 miles out in the North Atlantic, the steamer was tragically hit by a u-boat torpedo around midnight on the 17th. Lifeboats were launched into the turbulent sea as the "Benares" quickly sank. Rescued survivors have recounted the dramatic episode, but a reported death toll of 121 crew plus 134 passengers did include 77 children, bringing an abrupt stop to that overseas evacuation scheme.

SS Belares SS Belares

Robert and Wilhelmine Bailey had earlier suffered sad loss of elder son Bernard during the First Great War. Lance Corporal Bernard Bailey is individually recognised on the original memorial plaque first placed upon the Huthwaite Cemetery Cenotaph.

Mrs Caroline Pearce shared her proudly kept Bailey family album. Mr Allan Jarvis adds related Huthwaite family memorial.

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