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Arthur Allsop

Gunner 1700400 - Royal Artillery
89 Bty., 35 Lt. A.A. Regt


Date of Death 12 May 1945 : Aged 24

Labuan War Cemetery - Ref: K.B.9.

Huthwaite Online WW2 Remembrance

Gunner Arthur Allsop is discovered deserving additional Roll of Honour, from Commonwealth War Grave Commission records basically identifying Son of Charles and Nora Allsop, of Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire .

Gunner 1700400 Arthur Allsop was born 27th June 1920 in Huthwaite. Father Mr Charles Allsop had been raised in Swan yard, where he started coal mining work underground as a Pit Pony Driver. His marriage at Huthwaite parish church on 3rd Sep 1910 to Miss Nora Holland from Skegby, finds this wedded couple homed 1911 in Market Street before starting their own family.

Mr Arthur Allsop was second of three sons named from next available 1939 census living with parents at 20 Swann Yard. Listed household is headed by Mr Charles Allsop 55, with housewife Mrs Norah Allsop 51, mothering Freeman J 24, Arthur 19, and Sidney 16. Brothers had typically followed fathers underground pit work, whereas Arthur being a then employed Grocery Shop Assistant would have immediately been qualified for World War Two conscription duties.

Gunner 1700400 A. Allsop is acknowledged serving a Royal Artillery 35th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment. September 1939 founding had firstly formed their 89th Battery into October. Eventual mobilisation abroad places them around Malaysia when 12th May 1945 dates A. Allsop being killed aged 24. Nearby Labuan War Cemetery had provided the locally unknown only Roll of Honour.

20 Nov 12     by Gary Elliott       Updated 21 Dec 20