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1914 - 1918 Remembrance

George Stubbins

George Stubbins

Private 305500 - Sherwood Foresters
Notts Derby Regiment 1st/8th Battalion

Enlisted: New Hucknall 1914

Killed in Action Leivin 21st April 1917 : Aged 23

Neuville-St. Vaast, Canadian Cemetery No2.

Huthwaite Online WW1 Remembrance

Private 305500 George Stubbins was born Q1 1894 in Hucknall Huthwaite, where recently married parents are identified in 1881 claiming to farm 32 acres at a past Longside address. The senior Mr George Stubbins from Blidworth was born abt 1857. Mrs Mary Ann Stubbins born 1857 was a native of Hucknall-under-Huthwaite, to best suggest a Sutton Parish Church wedding.

Bible Class

Pit Row bottom Blackwell Road next addressed this Stubbins 1891 family household, where father George gained employment as Pit Banksman. Wife Mary Anne is then mothering first 4 children. Most survived infancy naming all:- Eva E born abt 1882, Sarah E 1884, Gertrude 1886, William A 1890.   Mary Ann 1892, George 1894, Elsie 1897, Ernest 1899, Davis May 1903, Ernest 1909.

George Stubbins junior is obviously one of the younger additions identified throughout later census. Year 1901 did relocate this household back in Longside closer the New Hucknall Colliery.   Modern Common Road address was asserted by time 1911 identified 17 year old George employed as Pit Ganger joining his Banksman father working in same Huthwaite Pit Yard. And the nearby newly erected Parish church knew young George as a familiar regular member of its Young Mens Bible Classes.

Pte 305500 George Stubbins readily enlisted for soldier duty at New Hucknall in earliest months of warfare. Army recruitment officers were keen to swell ranks with young fit men driven by national hopes of securing a quick victory. Shell torn battlefields in Northern France is where this Sherwood Forester was killed in action aged 23.

Mansfield Reporter and Sutton Times – 4th. May, 1917.


  The following letter has been received by the family of Private G. Stubbins, 8th. Sherwood Foresters, from his Corporal:
It is with sincere regret I write. I am exceedingly sorry to inform you of your dear son's death in action. He was killed on the night of 21st. (April) by a German shell. He was killed instantaneously, so did not suffer any pain. He was a very good and willing young fellow, and we shall miss him very much. I do not know where he is buried, but when I get to know I will let you know. A parcel came for him this morning, and we shared the contents among the platoon, with the exception of the postal order, and the pair of leggings, which will be sent back along with his personal property. I have been asked to send our greatest sympathy from all his comrades, as they all feel they have lost one of their best and most cheerful chums. I again offer my deepest sympathy in the terrible blow which has overtaken you. Corporal T.E. Barsby, 4th. Platoon, "A" Company, 8th. Sherwood Foresters

This letter was received on Tuesday following the Official intimation of a few days earlier. Private Stubbins was very young and enlisted in the year the war broke out. He was a member of the Huthwaite Parish Bible Class.

Notts Free Press 29th June 1917

A memorial service was held to L/cpl E. Bower (N. Staffs) L/cpl A. Weston (KRR) and Privates George Stubbins (Sherwood Foresters) H. Burton and T. Phillips (both Canadian contingents) - Phillips was missing 12 months before he was reported as killed. - Burton had been confirmed in the Parish Church and attended its Sunday school before going out to Canada. Weston commenced his teaching career at Church Schools, and his love for his country was handed down unsullied from his forefathers. He was a promising youth.

Notts Free Press 19th April 1918
- In Memoriam -

Stubbins - In memory of our dearly beloved Son and Brother, Private George Stubbins (Huthwaite) 1/8th Notts and Derby, who was killed in action at Leivin April 21st 1917, in his 24th year. He is absent from those who love him, 'Twas Jesus who called him away; He has gone to the Lord who redeemed him, From night to the splendour of day. Too dearly loved to be forgotten. -
From his Parents, Sisters and Brother Private Ernest Stubbins (France).

War Gratuity

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