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1914 - 1918 Remembrance

Tom Newman

Tom Newman

Private 335645 - Royal Scots
Lothian Regiment 8th Battalion

Enlisted: Sutton-in-Ashfield

Killed in Action Flanders 22 March 1918 : Aged 25

Arras Memorial Bay 1 and 2

Huthwaite Online WW1 Remembrance

Private 335645 Tom Newman was born 1893 in Hucknall Huthwaite. Parents 1888 Worksop Q3 registered marriage between Mr Joseph Newman from Cheshire, and Miss Elizabeth Chadwick from Cuckney Notts, T Newman finds Huthwaite employment as a Colliery Banksman to father a family initially housed bottom end Main Street.Bible Class

Full household is thereafter next housed on Station Road. Listing all from 1901 census headed by father Joseph 36, is wife Mrs Elizabeth Newman 33, mothering Dick 12, Winifred 10, Tom 8 and Joseph 5.

Mr Tom Newman followed different career path to coal mining father and brothers. All siblings remained single at 61 Station Road, when 1911 census identified 18 year old Tom employed in Boot & Shoe Repairs before Sutton enlistment ended up realising a devout parish church member. Youngest brother later ran 18 Main Street shop.

Private Tom Newman is ultimately recognised serving the Royal Scots Lothian Regiment. Their 8th Battalion were deployed in France, taking part in several offensive battles. They held Cambria until 21st of March 1918. An overwhelming enemy offensive forced a fighting withdrawal to date when Pte 335645 Tom Taylor was killed in action aged 25. Names on the Arras Memorial added many other soldiers with no known graves throughout subsequent months. Tom Newman was also locally recognised as one lost member of the Young Mens Bible Classes. A reported 1933 Huthwaite Remembrance service noted Girl Guide Nancy Newman placed a wreath in his memory.

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